White Trash Wine Glasses AKA Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

Last year, I showed you how to make these white trash wine glasses and you loved them. In fact, it seems everybody loves white trash wine glasses because that post is one of my top searched posts on Google. Who knew people were so trashy?!

But these are pretty fancy-schmancy for everyday use. These glasses are like your good china that you only bust out when company comes over because you are worried that it will get broke if you use it all the time.

But what about everyday use? What about the white trash wine glasses that you want to use all the time?

You need something dependable but that you don’t have to worry about breaking. If the kids knock it over, you won’t care. If you need to buy make new ones, it’s no big deal.

And that’s where these new white trash wine glasses come in.Introducing the White Trash Wine Glasses AKA Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses for everyday use!


Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses


That’s right people! Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses. Or plastic wine glasses, red cup style. These are just as easy to make as the other white trash wine glasses. Use a hot glue gun to apply some glue to the bottom of the shot glass, and then attach the shot glass to the Red Solo Cup. I pressed on it for just long enough to make sure it was straight and centered (or pretty close…these are white trash glasses after all!) and then put something heavy on top of them and let them dry over night. That’s it!

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Now you need something to put in your new wine glasses. Check out my Peach and Orange Sangria recipe. It’s a cool, refreshing drink that you can enjoy sitting on the patio in the evening while the kids are playing outside. I made these glasses for my sister’s birthday and plan to pour all of that sangria into a large Mason jar to go along with them. I hope she enjoys them!

The beauty of using shot glasses for the “stem“ of the glass is that it’s multi-functional: you can drink wine in the cup or flip it over and do shots. Maybe try my Jolly Rancher infused vodka or my Chocolate Pudding Shots.

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