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I’m here, there, and everywhere! You can find me on Twitter: @mommyofamonster You can find me on Facebook: Mommy of a Monster and Twins Fan Page And if you still want more Mommy of a Monster… I write monthly at:

I’m a Community Leader in the Our Mommyhood Community at The Blog Frog

You can find me featured at:

Things I Can’t Say My Little Life After writing my first piece of fiction, The Window, I was featured at Pretty All True The Red Dress Club BlogHer Features include: My recipe for Jalapeno Creamed Corn A post I wrote about a bad relationship – Feeling Trapped

And I’ve guest posted for so many great blogs!

If you’re into books, check out my post at To Read, Or Not To Read about how to get super cheap or free books.

If you want to hear about how I get stopped everytime I go shopping because I have twins, you can read my humorous post at The Butler Way

I talk about my love of the ocean at Move Over Mary Poppins

I talk about the lasts of having infants at The Life of Ryley and Bryce Too

I wrote about friendship at Letters for Lucas…Tonya was the person who inspired me to start this blog!

I describe the time I almost killed my son’s fish at In Pursuit of Martha Points

A moment that literally took my breath away and will forever be a snapshot in my mind at In These Small Moments

And over at A Day In The Life of a Surferwife, I tell the story of a celebrity encounter and a party I attended in Las Vegas

At MommyPants, I discuss my battle with post partum depression.

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