You Know You’re a Mom When-sDaze

You know you’re a mom when you say things like….

  • “Mommy and Daddy don’t jump on the couch and neither can you”

  • “If I have to tell you one more time, I’m going to flip out”

  • “Do not tell Mommy ‘Don’t talk to me, Mommy’ ”

  • “Please keep your hands off your pee pee and out of your butt”

Note: All of these things were uttered on multiple occassions in my house over the past week. Who am I trying to kid….during the last month.

You also know you’re a mom when…

  • Since becoming a mother, you’ve never again uttered the phrase “My kid will never do that”

  • This is appropriate attire to wear to the grocery store:
  • Without hesitating, you’ll pick up an unidentified object from the floor (food? poop?) and take a whiff to see if you can determine what it is
  • You “wear” one baby, and have another one on your hip
  • You take picture of said babies and don’t even try to get them with their eyes open (see photo above)
  • You walk outside to get the mail, leaving your toddler throwing a fit and screaming in the house, and you seriously consider never walking back into the house
  • While shopping at Target (the happiest place on Earth), you are appalled by these shorts for two reasons: (1) they are a Size 1, and (2) they are only about six inches long (or short, depending on how you look at it!)

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And so it goes…


  1. O.K...seriously..the shorts! What's up with them?? I can never figure them out. They are so short. Seriously the zipper's in these babies are like 1/4 inch long. I'm with ya on these.

    Very cute post! You've definitely got your hands full!
  2. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    Bwahahahaha!! Great post. I'm with you on everything. And most esp. the picking up unidentified objects off the floor and smelling (and sometimes tasting?) them. Did I just say that? Yes, it's true. But wait. That's my kids not me.
  3. The Blue Zoo says:
    I think I have actually sad all those things too! lol

    And I know how it is to pack around 2 kids, and most likely have a 3rd attached to your leg!
  4. Yes, they really need to make shorts for moms. We (most of us) cannot wear the short ones! Please people! Make us some decent shorts that don't look like old lady shorts! LOL

    CUTE pics!
  5. Dude, I have underwear that covers as much area as those shorts!

    I LOVE the hands out of your underwear and butt thing! SO true!
  6. Paul and Kerry says:
    yea, you do catch yourself mid-sentence and think, "am I really saying this out loud?" and yes, yes you are. lol
  7. These are so funny!! Isn't it amazing the things that we say to our children! During a phone conversation with my sister one time, we joked about keeping a list of things we hear the other say because it's so funny!
  8. Melinda says:
    my newest one is "Don't kiss your brother's butt" UGH :) happy hump day
    stopping by from SITS
  9. In my house I may very well be the one wearing that outfit to the grocery store. Glad it's considered acceptable.
  10. Lula Lola says:
    I can so relate, I've gone to the store before and left the kids at home with their dad after a particularly hard day. And wondered which was the more sane descion, to keep driving or to go home. I've always come home, but still wonder at the sanity of that choice from time to time.
    (Inserting emoticons so that no one will think I'm serious)lol :) :p ;)
  11. Priceless.
  12. The JAMC Johnsons says:
    I find myself saying "I'm going to flip out..." or "I'm going to lose my mind..." quite a bit. Glad I'm not the only one!
  13. Mama (Heidi) says:
    There is an embarassing freedom in your child picking out their own clothes.
    I surely would have said at one time that my kid will NEVER wear mis-matched clothes or have bed hair, but now for my sanity and the safety of others all bets are off.
    The wearing and carrying method brings back memories, now they can walk and run, my back and shoulders are eternally grateful.
  14. Maureen says:
    Hahahaha love this! Ditto on stop touching your pee-pee part. That short reminds me of the one girl I 'captured' wearing one in a wedding! LOL
  15. Arizona Mamma says:
    You know that thread "banned" in my BF community? Those shorts should be listed! It's never the size 1 people you see wearing them anyway!!

    This was a great one, and the taking a whiff to figure out what something is....why do we do that? Who cares what it is? So funny!
  16. Michelle says:
    Ew, those shorts are ridiculous! Unfortunately, they would fit (and look great on) my long-legged 14 year old stepdaughter. Not fair! :

    I have totally said to my toddler (several times a week, actually)- "Have you ever seen DADDY jump on the couch?! Big boys DON'T jump on the couch!!!!"
  17. blueviolet says:
    Everything was the outfit for the store. I remember wondering how people could let their kids wear dirty shirts with spills and stains, etc. out in public. After kids, I wondered how people could bother changing their kids into clean clothes!
  18. Katie Lane says:
    I imagine that's exactly what my life will be like when I have kids. Love it!
  19. I love the attire picture to the grocery store! My son used to think that he could wear his cowboy boots during the summer with shorts! I can relate to all your Mommy moments, except the twins. I wish I had twins!
  20. I'm NOT a VOLCANO! says:
    I have done/said every single one of thsoe things!!! I can 100% identify- especially with the screaming toddler in the house when you go get the mail/take out the garbage. I swear, my neighbors must think I'm awful. LOL
  21. I don't know if those could be classified as shorts. Crazy! I love the one about wearing one baby while carrying the other one. I have so been there. Great list!
  22. You totally made me smile and chuckle. My daughter like to sleep in her clothes and wear her PJ's to the store...and I pretty much don't care it hurting anyone? Nope...good enough for me!
  23. debi9kids says:
    very cute list!

    ps I figured I would reply to you here, since I just posted that my guest posts are now full... (I was worried I'd get a hundred responses. LOL)
    I'd love to have you do a guest post, esp since you're a twin mama too ;)
    Please send me an email :)
  24. Heather says:
    Awesome! You should see some of our acceptable outfits for going out. We went to gymnastics in pj's yesterday! :)
  25. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    I swear to God that Baby E must think his name is "WHAT is in your mouth?" It seems like that's all I say to him lately.
  26. Shannon says:
    So funny! This post was just great! It really brightened my day and made me forget how crummy I feel for a bit. Oh and size 1, really? Hate those girls! Haha!
  27. OK....that is all funny stuff!! One of my boys had those frog boots....he also had a pait of bee boots. He wore one of each. Everywhere. For a year. :) New to your blog!
  28. NanaDiana says:
    Natalie- I LOVE your Motherhood stories...someday you will be writing these same things about your grandkids cuz that's the kind of person you are! I am so happy to see that my daughter, Mimi, followed me here to meet you-lol Did you notice the name of her blog? It's IF SHE CAN FIGURE IT OUT...that was in MY honor because I know nothing about computers and I got a blog up and running. Guess she thought if I could do it any dummy could...(compliment or jab, Mimi? You decide!)-lol
  29. WhisperingWriter says:
    This cracked me up.

    My daughter has worn rain boots out before. As well as snow boots in the summer.
  30. You know what I said to younger daughter (who is 8) earlier today?

    "If you jump on the bed and crash through the window and fall on the driveway in a crumpled heap? You are going to need to apologize for disobeying before I will call 911. And I am not even kidding, young lady!"

  31. Sushicookie says:
    LOL! I've said and done those too.
  32. Surviving Little People says:
    Awesome, love it. So so true!!