You Know You’re a Mom When-s Daze…

You know you’re a mom when…

Your kitchen island looks like this:

because your toddler continues to climb on to the wrought iron chairs and bangs them into the tiles. After being repeatedly told not to. And yes, we were dumb enough to leave them there knowing he could climb up on them, so it probably is our own fault!

You can read Goodnight Moon five more times, after already reading it twenty times, and never get tired of it

There is nothing better than the smell of your toddler freshly washed and snuggling with you in bed

You never tire of hearing the words “I love you to the stars, and the moon, and the sun and back”…his play on Guess How Much I Love You…from your normally monster-ish toddler

You finally break down and buy a mom style bathing suit…good bye bikini

You go to sit down on the toilet, and realize (after it’s too late of course) that your potty training 2 year old peed all over the seat

You kinda wish the fish that your son never pays attention to would die so you wouldn’t have to remember to feed it


This week, I also did a post for Wordful Wednesday at Seven Clown Circus. I did it on a whim, and I’m not sure if I will continue to do it or not. It’s all pictures of the twins snuggling…interested? Check it out here!
On another note…I have a post that I wrote that will be posted on Wednesday at Our Mommyhood. Some of you already know that I’m an Editor In Chief there along with three other fantastic moms. It’s a wonderful forum for moms…part of our mission reads:
We, the Editors of Our Mommyhood, strive to provide a forum for women writers to share their stories, while also addressing the needs for the “mommy blogger” in us all.

Please go check it out! Our Mommyhood is an amazing way to get to know other moms…but that’s not all! You can check out information about all the memes that are out there by day (if you notice any missing, please let me know!), there’s a page for you to post your giveaways for all to see, and there’s even a page of companies you can contact if you are interested in doing a product review-contact names and information included! Grab our new button while you are there!

And so it goes…


  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    I've been wanting to get a fish for my son since he is really into fish! :-)

    I'm embarrassed to say we don't own Goodnight Moon. I need to buy that stat!

    I loved your Wordful Wednesday! Your girls are so cute!

    And of course I love Our Mommyhood. I love the posts and all the resources. Thank you so much for everything you do!
  2. Natalie, we have about 4 spots on our kitchen tile that would look just like that if my husband wouldn't have glued them back on.. after the 4th time I threw the chairs away and bought non swivel wood ones!!
  3. I couldn't tell what was wrong in the kitchen til I looked longer. Then I laughed out loud. We used to read that Good Night Moon from memory- a fav here too. And you should totally do WW again. Loved the pics. I'll have to check out Our Mommyhood.
  4. Maureen says:
    Hahahaha I had a good laugh at the kitchen counter, it reminds me of my mom's table! Oh we are a huge fans of Good Night Moon & Guess How Much I Love You :D
  5. love the pictures of the sweetness!
    pee on the seat? i see that in my future..great!
    i am working on my mommyhood piece now. great community!
  6. The Mommyologist says:
    I've experienced the bathroom thing more than once! My favorite is when I sit down to go...and then he runs in and says that HE has to go, so I have to finish before I'm done. Ahh...the luxuries that I used to take for granted!
  7. I read Good Night Moom and Guess How Much I Love You every night for years and although my boys are almost 11 and 7 now, I could not bring myself to give those two away when I was gathering up books to donate a few months ago. I think I'm gonna cry now...
  8. Paul and Kerry says:
    Kyran has been exceptionally hard on this house. WE won't talk about my long gone 3 pendant lights over the island. they were fun to clank together and break...sigh.
  9. Courtney says:
    Girl, all three of our fish that we've had forever now died last night. Something in our tank went terribly wrong and we've been sneaking around this morning trying to clean up the crime scene. We've learned it's less drama that way. Not sure how it's all going to end, though. My poor babies are going to be devastated.
  10. I relate on ALL levels..(especially the fish!)
  11. Oh, Good Night Moon, I love you.

    Favorite line? Good Night Nobody. Could you have guessed that?

    And I hear you on the fish. That tantrum will be EPIC when that fish dies though. Be prepared.
  12. I love, love, love those books and though my babe owns over 200 those 2 are still my favorite.
  13. I love those books...and the tile is just classic!
  14. Allyson & Jere says:
    Bummer about your tile!

    WE used to have Goodnight Moon and the bunny book, and now I'm wondering where they went. Truth is, Maggie was gentle and NEVER destroyed a book. Max has found a way to pretty much rip apart every book we own. Boardbooks included! It's so irritating.
  15. I'm feeling the same ill will towards our hamster.
  16. Sluiter Nation says:
    Oh how I can relate! I bought the "mom" bathing suit this year. sigh....

    Ps. I LOVE your blog! :)
  17. Ok, the bathroom one is classic. I haven't gotten to experience that one yet, but I have two boys to potty train, so I am sure the opportunity will present itself.
    I loved your wordful wednesday. Those pictures are so wonderful and so sweet.
  18. oh, your poor counter! i love these posts...and love that book Guess How Much I Love You. can't wait to check out OMH!
  19. blueviolet says:
    I wouldn't have thought the tiles would break off like that! You have the same taste in bedtime tales as I do!
  20. Kristin Glasbergen says:
    I have yet to sit on the potty seat, but I know it's coming. The anticipation is almost worse.
  21. I am so with you on the last one.
  22. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    I've done the sit in pee thing very recently myself. And I love Our Mommyhood! Always great articles.
  23. Heather says:
    Oh, the bye bye bikini. It really stinks, doesn't it?
  24. Love those two books more than anything and in just one short year I've read them both dozens of times, but like you said, still not tired of them. Ask me again in three years. :)

    Bikini weather makes me want to hid under the covers. Blech!
  25. I like your list.

    Goodnight Moon. Wow that book will never fade away. That was my favorite nighttime book as a wee one.
  26. Oh my gosh!! We have those iron chairs too. Can we just say DAMAGE to the hard wood floors!! We have those pads on the bottom...but let me tell you...when one of those things gets knocked over...well, lets just add one more big scratch or gouge to that lovely wood. I'm not sure why we haven't got rid of them!!

    I love those books too. Have you ever read I love your through and through? Another classic!

    I'll be sure and check you out on our Mommyhood!
  27. Great Shout to OM!

    I gave an audible gasp at your photo. Do you think saying "little nut brown hare" and "big nut brown hare" is kind of a mouthful? :)

    i laughed at the fish one, and am so excited you got a mommy bathing suit! ha, ha!
  28. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    Okay, judging from that first photo, your toddler has some crazy strength. You should start signing up for sports now!
  29. Ha Ha your poor tile! We have barstools, too, but the very first time the boys climbed them they went ahead and climbed onto the counter top and started dragging dishes out of the cabinets which went crashing and shattering to the floor. They knew they would be in trouble so they were obviously a little on edge, and when I walked into the kitchen screaming it scared them so bad they won't go anywhere NEAR the barstools now. YAY for psycho mom tactics!

    Have you ever seen the Goodnight Moon HBO movie-type-thing? If you haven't, Google it. My boys LOVE it.
  30. I love Guess How Much I Love You too! When we gave away alot of the baby books, this is one that I kept (for my grandkids of course!) It is also one of my must-have baby gifts for others too. Love your posts Natalie!

  31. You know your a mom when... you can read Goodnight moon with your eyes closed. "Mommy... wake up!"
  32. The Paper Mama says:
    Oh no! The poor tile. :) I think I need to get the Goodnight Moon book.
  33. The broken up tile sucks...just another thing to add to an already over flowing to do list....

    Have you ever read Good Night Goon? It's cute too.
  34. Ms. Understood says:
    Oh wow . . . Sorry about your island's tile. The sweet times with your son sound wonderful. I need to email you back on Porgy and Bess. I was in training all day today.
  35. Christy says:
    I seen the pictures of your tiles on that AWESOME blog "Shit my kids ruined." I submitted a picture of my son's crib (which he chewed to hell and back), but it never made it onto the blog.

You Know You’re A Mom When-sDaze

You know you’re a mom when…

  •  You consider your day a success if you get to brush your teeth before noon
  • You are no longer grossed out by sniffing baby butts to determine who pooped
  • With no tissue handy, wiping the snot with your hand and then onto your jeans is an acceptable substitute
  • You rarely get to eat an uninterrupted meal
  • You have to ask if you can go to the bathroom/take a shower by yourself…please, please, please

You also know you’re a mom when…

Am I the only mom that deals with this? I think not!

And so it goes…


  1. Thank the Lord. I thought I was the only one who was wiping snot with her hand.

    Hey....I just noticed my name in your blog roll! Thanks!! I mean, I only noticed because it is literally right next to me. Apparently I'm dumb.

    Are you doing Mama Kat's Writing Workshop tomorrow? I'm having trouble with the prompts....
  2. TheNanaDiana says:
    Every door in your house is so covered with fingerprints, tongue prints & nose smears that the dog can't see outside....and that none of the above "designs" can be attributed to the dog.
  3. Arizona Mamma says:
    Oh my gosh! I have said the teeth brushing thing, word for word, to my husband! Also, you are not alone on the nose wiping with the hand...done it more times than I can count!

    Thanks for joining in, Natalie!
  4. I remember sniffing lots of bottoms -- though thankfully don't have to do that anymore.
  5. So, I've seen this one like 3 or 4 times and every single time I die laughing.

    Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad one of us loves to be in the kitchen. (lol)
  6. The Hill House says:
    LOL...Guilty of all of the above as well! :) At least us moms are all in good company!
  7. Amen on the shower or bathroom thing. If I ever get to go alone I almost don't know what to do with myself. The video is hilarious and so so true. My other favorite is when they say mom a million times and when you finally say what they go "uhhhh.....I forgot" Ahhhhhh!!! Makes me crazy.
  8. Sniffing bottoms!!! Isn't that phenomenon hilarious. I seriously tell my kids all the time..."could you smell his butt to see if he pooped!" The funny thing is, they do it instantly.
  9. When my kids get like that I say "mommy isn't here right now, please leave a message"
  10. alabaster cow says:
    hi from sits! :)

    i hardly ever brush my teeth before noon unless i'm going out. it's horrible!
  11. Michelle says:
    Oh, I am totally guilty of all of those! I've also stuck my hands out to catch spit up before it landed on someone else's clothes. :)

  12. Funky Mama Bird says:
    This post just very nicely summed up my life. Heh.
  13. WhisperingWriter says:
    I know how it goes....

    I miss peeing alone.
  14. The JAMC Johnsons says:
    Yep, I work in an infant room and sniff butts all day long. Never did that before I had my own kids.
  15. love it! I lock myself into the bathroom so i can read real simple magazine
  16. says:
    Love it I totally have kept rocking a baby that I could put down, just so I didn't have to help with whatever chore my husband was involved in. Nobody's going to call us stupid! lol
  17. Lula Lola says:
    Hey! You know you're a mom read two posts and leave the comment on the wrong one!
  18. Dania Padron says:
    Everyone is so funny! I lock myself in the bathroom to just breathe. Not only do I feel like Lois, but both my sons love that "Family Guy" bit and bug me several times a day re-enacting it. As if I wasn't annoyed enough! Hahaha...
  19. Thanks for the laugh... I can definitely identify with your list.

    I miss doing anything alone. Never thought I'd get used to having a permanent sidekick. :)


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