The Words…They Ain’t Comin’

The words. They’re gone.

Those beautiful words that allow me to say with my fingers what I can’t say with my mouth.

The writing process. At a standstill.

I start and stop.

My fingers glide over the keys, yet fail to form the right combinations to make words.

I’m happy. Life is good. Very busy. Kids are awesome.

But I can’t describe any of this.

The words have escaped me.

I start a thought, and stop it again.

I think of something to write about and then think it’s too boring or cheesy or has been already covered or who would even care.

I have so much to say, yet I can’t seem to say it. I’ve had this problem before, when I wrote I Can’t Find The Words, but that time it was for a different reason.

Do I keep blogging? Find something else to do with my time? Is this part of the natural rhythm of blogging that all long-term bloggers experience? Do I give it up or just take a break?

Or do I go back to the basics and start over…blogging as I did in the beginning – blogging just for me and not for numbers or money or to become the next Bloggess or Scary Mommy (both of whom I totally adore and if you don’t read them go check them out now because they are FUNNY!)? Side note: I have no desire, and probably lack the drive and energy, to become a “BIG” blogger.

One of my best blogging friends Tonya over at Letters for Lucas tagged me in a recent post about the writing process and her timing couldn’t be better. I’ve been wanting to write about not being able to write for awhile now, and I think Tonya’s tagging me is really making me think about writing in order to complete this post about writing. Thank you Tonya, I needed this.

Tonya and I this weekend at #GLOLunch

Tonya and I this weekend at #GLOLunch

So here it is. My writing process…or what’s left of it.

photo credit: Slaff via photopin cc

photo credit: Slaff via photopin cc

My Writing Process

1. What am I working on?

Well, nothing in particular. I have 60+ posts in draft that I want to write or have written and decided not to hit “Publish” on. In the last week, I’ve been working on a couple of posts in my head, too. You’ll see those soon, as they are almost done. In my head. The trick will be to see if I can actually write them down.

2. How does my writing differ from other’s of it’s genre?

I don’t consider myself a writer. I just write down my thoughts and ideas and experiences. Even when I do sponsored posts or reviews, I always try to weave a story into it…I don’t try to, I do. Because why in the heck else would someone want to read about a brand or product they aren’t interested in? Why would I want to write about it? So I only except those kinds of opportunities that fit into my “real” everyday life.

And I think almost everybody that I’ve met through blogging has told me that when they meet me in real life, I sound exactly the same way I do on my blog when I write. I don’t think there’s a bigger compliment than that.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I don’t know anymore. I write a journal of my children’s daily lives that I want them to have forever. I write because after I started blogging I realized that I LOVE to write and that I need to do it for me. I have been writing more about me lately and less about the kids. Why? Because my blog is evolving as my life changes. The question for me is do I want to keep writing and sharing it all publicly?

4. How does my writing process work?

My writing process is messy, which is why I love this question. I’ve actually written about this before when I wrote Anatomy of a Blog Post.


Usually, I sit down and write. It takes, a half hour or so – maybe an hour – to get it done because most of the time it’s already done in my head. But right now the.words.aren’ So I sit down to write, and….nothing. Right now, there is no writing process, only hope that it will come back to me.

So now I get to pick two bloggers whose writing process I want to know more about. So Poppy at Facing 40 and Katie at Sluiter Nation, let’s hear about your writing process!


  1. I think writing is hard because the story is in our heads already, and sometimes that's enough. When I'm stuck, just writing about not having anything to write about helps me unlock the door and the words come out. And then other times, like you have described, the words just aren't there. I think it will come around for you. I'm interested in what you have to say! Andrea recently posted..LiberationMy Profile
  2. I think that sometimes, we just need to step away and live life, in order to get the words back. I think you have a knack for writing, so I don't think you'll ever stop :) Alison recently posted..Good Enough? Good Enough.My Profile
  3. What did I tell you about tagging me in this shit? This actually may be the jump start I need since my blog has been silent for 3+ weeks. Sigh. Poppy recently posted..BB 010: Creating a Thriving Business Doing What You Love With Marlynn SchotlandMy Profile
  4. Not sure how I missed this. Thanks for the shout out and for sharing your process... I think it's a good thing that you/we take blogging/writing breaks. It only makes our words sweeter once we return to the keyboard. Thanks for playing along. xo Tonya recently posted..VacationMy Profile