Green Living: Where Do You Draw The Line? How About Washable Tampons?


Got your attention, didn’t I? Now let me start by saying this: there’s a line to be drawn when it comes to green living, organic living, all natural living…all the livings…and I think that washable tampons might be it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about green living. I’ve got a category on my blog devoted to it, I am big on organic gardening and teach the kids how important it is to grow our own fruits, veggies, and herbs. I even regrow green onions, garlic, and celery!

I used washable diapers when Ethan was a baby (didn’t even attempt that with the twins) and washable breast pads when I was breastfeeding.

We hand-me-down the clothes the kids grow out of and donate all the stuff that we outgrow or no longer want. I buy organically where it makes sense. We reuse and recycle regularly. I make my own cleaning products and compost what we can. We paid a ton of money for the solar panels on top of our roof. It even says on my blog’s “About Me” page that I’m “…trying to live a little more green everyday.”

I’m down with the green.

But then I found these little gems on Facebook yesterday:


Now you want to know more because you read that these are Washable Tampons, right? Weird? Maybe. Smart idea? Kinda, if you are worried about the bleach they use in the cotton they put in the tampons which may lead to cervical cancer. Would I use them? Hell no.

Washable Tampons

I know that like me, you so badly want to click on this to read more because it’s just crazy to think about reusing a tampon. So here you go, the link to Washable Tampons. Go ahead, click over. I’ll wait.


Neopolitian tri-colored washable tampon. This would be my color choice. How long do you really think that white would stay white though, even after washing?

Okay, so now you’re all caught up. What do you think about washable tampons? What color would you chose?

As you can imagine, this led to all sorts of hilarious conversations and shares on Facebook. It also led to me considering purchasing these because I cannot imagine what they must look or feel like. But alas, they were sold out once all the sharing of the post started making the rounds.

Insertion cannot be comfortable. They aren’t smooth and they don’t “glide” like a regular tampon casing does. How do you get them in? Well according to the Etsy post: “They can be inserted with the finger or a disposable lollipop stick available from the craft store, if desired.”

You must also know this: “To stuff the lining you fold the circle in half, over a chopstick, fold in half again, fold in half again and then twist to insert into shell and pull shell down over the insert. Use chopstick to tuck in the loose ends. REMEMBER the tampon is as large as it will get. It will not expand like disposable ones.” Yeah, that whole doesn’t expand thing wouldn’t work for my flow.

And what if you’re out and about? Do you carry a Ziploc to put it in to take home and wash? I just can’t get on board with that.

But I’m not the only one who feels that washable tampons are a bit over the line…just read the Facebook thread. Jokes about “stocking stuffers” and “why aren’t they just done in red.”

One friend in a private Facebook group I’m in said: “My head itches like crazy when I put something knit on it. I can’t imagine how my vagina would feel.”

Another friend said: “The description is killing me. “I finally perfected.” I can’t even begin to think of the vagina irritation and disastrous messes that accompanied the “non perfect” versions. 
Attempt 1 – Fishing twine is NOT absorbant
Attempt 2 – Fibers shredded from Brawny paper towel are NOT soft
Attempt 3 – Vagina too sore to notice what is being inserted. Success!”

While it’s funny to those of us who are like “HELL NO” to that mess/nonsense, she had many favorable reviews of her product. That’s great! For those of you who are thinking “well maybe…” if you try them out, please let me know what you think.

Look, you can buy all-natural, organic tampons. Seventh Generation organic tampons are great and I’ve also heard that Natracare tampons are great as well. If tampons are all natural and biodegradable, that’s good enough for me.

Where do you stand on washable tampons? Would you use them or stick to the good old throw away kind?


  1. Why am I surprised that these are out there? I'll stick with my Lunette cup thanks. :-) Ashley @ Forgetful Momma recently posted..What I Pinned this Week – PinterestMy Profile
  2. Wow, this definitely crosses the crunchy line over to the crazy line. No thank you. This article made me spit my iced coffee out of my nose when I read the chopstick part. WOW WOW WOW. Its funny, in my scratch pad of blog topics, tampons is next on the list. I will pin you when I post it. Good writing. Look forward to your next one! I am adding you to my list of blogs!!! UnPreggo Eggo recently posted..Doctors: Happy Or Mad At Informed Patients?My Profile
  3. I just...I can''t that...ouch. Arnebya recently posted..DevelopmentMy Profile
  4. This takes "Be careful what you put in your body" to a whole new level. I'm all for green, which is (one of the reasons) why I use the Diva Cup. But not these. Never these. Laura recently posted..Home for the HolidaysMy Profile
  5. I just cannot imagine. Green is great - but these just sound so impractical and uncomfortable. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Bringing Nice BackMy Profile
  6. You know what, not for me, but I use a cup and washable pads so this isn't that far a stretch. I had to try two cups before I found one that didn't hurt, maybe these don't hurt some people? Or maybe the cups do, and these don't? But washing out the pads is no big deal, so I can't see these being that big a deal either.
  7. Ewwww! I don't use chemicals in my home, I'm such a believer that I started selling Norwex on the side to promote green living to my friends. But this is just gross! And seriously who wants to wash them let alone reuse them? Picture it, "hey honey can you add my tampons to your work clothes load?" Ewwwww! Twingle Mommy recently posted..Stop Comparing Yourself to OthersMy Profile
  8. This post made me attain my daily Kegel recommendation. So much clenching. My vagina says "NO!!" Andrea recently posted..Halloween VisitsMy Profile
  9. That just seems really messy! Why not switch to menstrual cups for the same thing, just way less hassle. Jackie B recently posted..The Lena Cup Menstrual Cup Pros and ConsMy Profile