Would You Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

I was talking with my sisters the other day about a friend of ours who upgraded her engagement ring…before she even got married. We also know someone who upgrades her wedding ring as often as she can. She feels like “diamond rings are diamond rings” and apparently has no sentimental feelings towards her wedding ring.

Kate Hudson wedding ring I on the other hand, would NEVER upgrade my ring. I fell in love with Kate Hudson’s old wedding ring (from when she was married to her ex) right around the time Jason started looking around at rings. And while there are a few major differences (like the cut and size: hers was 5 carats), it looks very similar. I actually showed a picture of it to Jason and he ripped the picture out of the magazine (I didn’t ever know it), and he used that picture to have my ring made!

Yep, he went to downtown LA where the jewelry district is and bought the diamond and had the ring made. I only have the one band, I don’t have a separate engagement and wedding ring, but I wouldn’t “trade up” for something bigger or more expensive or different. Not for anything. It just means too much to me.

Now that’s not to say I wouldn’t like a new ring instead of upgrading my current ring! I don’t know how I found it, but there’s this cool site called Since19 10.com, and you can make your own engagement and wedding rings on it.

Which got me thinking…what would my wedding ring look like if I created it myself? I know it would be simple and not at all gawdy. I started playing around on the site and here’s what I realized:

1. My “simple” tastes are very expensive

2. There are so many diamond cuts I’ve never heard of!

3. I could play on that site all day

tacori-princess-cut-diamond-engagement-ring 4. I want this Tacori engagement ring that we could call my 10th anniversary present next year. Maybe without the big fat diamond and just the band? It’s like an eternity band, right?

So if you check out the site, let me know what you like. I swear I could stay on that site all damn day.

And also, I’m curious about how many of you would “upgrade” your current ring? And if you would, why would you do it?


  1. I've been looking to upgrade for years. We bought our rings at Walmart 2 nights before the ceremony! Yeah there's a story there but I'll save it. And yes, I've had my eye on an eternity band before I was even engaged!
  2. I would not upgrade although it is sometimes tough not to consider it seeing as I work at a jewellery store :) I would however, like to get a really nice band for my right hand on our tenth (which is only two years away!) It is a channel set crisscross band in yellow and white gold. And although not huge in carat weight, suits my taste perfectly.
  3. I'm with you... my wedding ring has too much sentimental value to upgrade. Although 10th anniversary ring? Yeah, I wrangled that one. Go you for dropping hints so far in advance! :)
  4. I would most certainly NOT upgrade. I love my ring, hugs picked it out himself and it means so much to me. I lost a small diamond from it a year or two ago, and it was going to be difficult to find a repacement stone...so there was the option to change the ring. I refused. But I love my 20th anniversary ring with three stones on it, that was a TOTAL surprise...
  5. I've talked about upgrading my ring for years, and my husband is totally willing to do it. And by upgrade, I mean use the existing diamond and just change the setting... adding some more bling. But... my husband took a lot of time with this ring. He had it brought in from Israel, his cousin there is a jeweler, and he designed the ring himself and had a jeweler (also downtown LA) make it in white gold and set the diamond. I've gotten so many compliments on it over the years it would be kind of sad to change it.
  6. I wouldn't..however I have. If that makes any sense? I have to explain (lol). My Engagement ring was purchased at a Pawn shop. My Husband was about to leave for Bootcamp and was flat broke. I didn't care, it meant everything to me. A week later we took it to a jewelry store to be cleaned before our engagement party. The sales person stuck it in the cleaner and the diamond fell out due to a broken prong and got stuck in part of the machine and he couldn't get it out. They gave my husband the amount he paid for the ring in store credit and he bought me another ring that day. It was a beautiful Solitaire. We couldn't afford a wedding band, so I didn't have one until our 2 year anniversary and for my Birthday he got me an "Enhancer" for the Solitaire. To me the ring you get is the one that is special. The man you married picked it out for you, and even though mine is small and was pieced together over the years I would NEVER dream of getting something else.
  7. I want one of those beautiful intricate bands from Tiffany, to wear on my right hand. Or another eternity band to wear above my ring (my wedding band is an eternity band). But my husband picked out this ring and I could never alter it.
  8. i would not ever upgrade my ring - hubby took it upon himself to look for it and buy it...and he did a bang-up job...it is exactly like the ring styles I had shown him. I opted to not get a wedding ring...and at the lats minute we got a small band (he wanted to get me two band for either side of the ring)...now I do want another band...but the actual ring cannot be replaced
  9. I'd like to say that I wouldn't because I do absolutely love my ring... But we've had to send it off to get stones replaced upwards of 10 times in the past almost 2 years. If this is an indication of what's to come... I'll take a new ring please. It's covered by insurance, so we never have to pay to get them replaced... But it's such a hassle and I'm left most of the time with no ring at all since it gets sent off. Very frustrating.
  10. No, I wouldn't exactly upgrade (although I would have loved a tacori band with my diamond!) However, we always planned on buying another band to wear on the other side of my engagement ring, so it was like a little ring sandwich :) I would still like to do that, although honestly I would probably just wear both bands most of the time. I mostly just wear my wedding band most days, because I feel like I'm constantly washing my hands, and it's easier to dry them with just one ring!
  11. I have a pretty simple ring, but I wouldn't upgrade or trade it for the world. It's so me. I do think that the ring-wearer should be part of the ring making/buying process. I totally picked my ring out. I wouldn't want to be surprised by something I have to wear every day for the rest of my life! :)
  12. Forgetful Momma says:
    I would never upgrade. He picked it out himself and totally surprised me. It has too much meaning. And I too have started hinting about an anniversary, and I have a lot of time to hint. ;-)
  13. Even though my wedding band is just a plain white gold band, I wouldn't upgrade it. It's just too special to me.
  14. No way...no upgrade! Now if he wants to get me some diamond earrings...I'm down!
  15. No upgrade for me. I love both my engagement ring (he picked it) and my wedding band (I picked it). They go well together and each has so many memories to it. Getting another ring though? Another story altogether :) I'm going to head to the site anyway and play around with it. A girl can dream right?
  16. Interestingly enough, my engagement ring isn't the one that my husband proposed to me with. It's the same style, but the smaller diamonds on either side of my center diamond kept coming lose and instead of fixing them all the time, the jewelry store suggested we just swap it out. My husband has more sentimental feelings about the ring than I do myself...but he has suggested increasing the center stone's size, if it would fit with the ring. I would definitely do that...and if it wouldn't fit, I would love a three stone diamond ring with oval shaped diamonds. Yes, I have definitely thought about this before! ;-)
  17. I would never upgrade my ring. For one thing, it was a gift, and I would hurt my husband's feelings to want something different. Second, it was his great-grandmother's. It's an heirloom. No amount of bling can upgrade it. Third, I love it - it's perfect for me.
  18. I would never upgrade my engagement ring but that's because hubs listened to what I dreamed of and then went and designed a custom ring. My wedding band I picked out and left it as "I want the same band on the other side at our 10year anniversary". I guess we will see if he remembers :)
  19. Since I LOST my sapphire from my engagement ring? Yes. I would upgrade. Right now I have a fake ring because my hubby doesn't seem to care about fixing my ring.
  20. I still have my original engagement ring and wedding band. I'm not sure how I would feel if my husband surprised me with an upgrade. I would never ask for one on my own. I would have loved an eternity band for our 10-year anniversary but we've never been able to justify spending money on jewelry. There's always something else the family needs. This summer we will celebrate 15 years of marriage. And we're getting landscaping done in our backyard. Not romantic, but practical. Then there will be driver's insurance for the kids and college and and and. I can't imagine using money for jewelry. But if my husband were to surprise me?... :-)
  21. Well, unfortunately I'm one of the statistics who got married WAY TOO YOUNG and ended up getting divorced two short years later. BUT, in my first marriage, I didn't like my ring and wanted to upgrade it immediately. Mostly because I didn't like my husband, was unhappy, and was trying to replace my unhappiness with material possessions. But, now I'm remarried to the love of my life and I would NEVER upgrade my ring. I am so attached to it, and it has so much sentimental value, that I could never alter it :)
  22. I sometimes gaze lustfully at some rings (Tacori rings are gorgeous!), but I wouldn't upgrade or change mine for anything. My husband didn't propose with it (long story) but I did receive it the day we got engaged. I could never change it. And I do absolutely love it. My husband did get me a right-hand ring for our 5 year together anniversary (we'd been married 2.5 years at that point) that I love - but I wouldn't change my ring.
  23. My husband lost his wedding ring while swimming on our honeymoon. We got quite waterlogged looking for it. I could never give up mine as it's both sentimental and, well, let's just say I'm not as svelte as I was 28 years ago when he bought it for me. It'd have to be cut off...
  24. Hubby and I did upgrade my ring last year, on our 10th anniversary. BUT we had decided to do that before we were even engaged. For our engagement, I got a sapphire and we used money for a down payment on a house. I told him, "If I still want a diamond in 10 years, we can do it then." I actually didn't care when the time came around. But he definitely wanted to make it happen. So a new GORGEOUS ring, that we could never afford 10 years ago, came my way. This year, I think I'll have my sapphire put into a different setting for my right hand. I do miss it.
  25. I'm with you, GF. That young and in love time is perfection. No trade-ups for me either! The more, please mantra though? That I could live with. XO
  26. I'd upgrade. Is that bad? I chipped my diamond shortly after we got engaged (yes, that's supposed to be impossible). I don't want a new setting, just the bigger rock. The ring isn't sentimental to me, the engagement was. I'd keep the diamond and make a pendant out of it. Yes, I have a plan...and no money for a new rock anyway.
  27. I don't think I could do it even though I've thought about it and talked to the hubs about it on numerous occasions. Any other ring could not possibly hold the same sentimental value to me. On the other hand, I can understand that to some people it might be that they're thinking "well, if the husband is buying it and giving it to me then it still has sentimental value and could represent a 'renewal' of sorts." For me? Couldn't do it. But a new one would be nice in addition to... Ahem.
  28. Hell yes, I'd upgrade.
  29. I never would have upgraded my ring. But shortly before the divorce, it was lost. So I don't even have it anymore. But it was beautiful. It was small and it was inexpensive (we were so poor when we got married), but it was the one he knew I liked and he bought it for me as a surprise. I tear up, knowing I'll never see it again. Even if the marriage is over, it could've been a reminder that there was once love there.
  30. My husband wanted to upgrade my ring for me and I was set against it. It hold too many memories and so much meaning to me. He did buy me an anniversary band to wear with my original wedding and engagement rings though. That? I love!! Heading to that site to play around and dream a bit!
  31. I'd settle for a ring from a cracker jack box... I'm HORRIBLY allergic to metal, any type (no, not just cheap jewelry... tried on a $140k ring on a whim and it gave me a rash) so no jewelry for me. Of course, we've been together for years, have 3 kids, and he still insists that "marriage is outdated and sexist. I respect you too much to marry you." Is it wrong to tell the man you love to STFU? :)
  32. hell to the yeah I'd upgrade! I'm actually going to for our 10 year in 2013... but I'm not going to get rid of my old ring, I'm planning on saving it for which ever one of my kids is planning on marrying first and giving it to them...it's a gorgeous ring, but I'm kind of a brat and I want something bigger...ha!
  33. What a fun site. I would upgrade only if I found something really cool to do with my old ring. Our VP's hubs upgrades hers every five years. They turn the old ring into a necklace. They have been married 30 yrs so that's becoming quite the necklace. The only thing I really want is another diamond band to go on top of my engagement ring. Very sweet story about how you got your ring!
  34. My hubby was a non-paid 19 year old intern when he proposed, so my diamond was small. At our 5th anniversary he replaced it with a new ring (bigger diamond). I had the old diamond made into a pendant. At 14 year anniversary he replaced ring #2 with a big honkin' ring of my dreams. I made it clear that there is no room to improve & I don't want any more replacements after this one, and I had diamond #2 remounted in a right hand ring. All three diamonds have sentimental value to me. Though I've never heard of someone trading up before the wedding!
  35. I would totally upgrade, but in a few years. After I have taken great vacations and have the spare change. We have friends who upgraded every time her husband got a promotion ...b/c it required her to move. Last ring was just over 4 carats. She decided that was big enough and moved on to her diamond stud earrings! No sentimental value at all. Whatever floats your boat:)
  36. Cort designed my ring on BlueNile.com. I LOVE it. It's very small since we had (have?) zero money, but it's different and awesome. now getting ANOTHER one besides this? yes, that should happen some day :)
  37. I don't really want to upgrade, my ring is the one I got married with, that makes it special. But our 9 year anniversary is next month, and the other day my husband randomly took me by a jewelry store to look at a ring (he said we have a year until the 10th anniversary to save up this way) to go with the one that I already have.
  38. I guess im alone in this but YES I would. We could only afford bands when we got married, things are better now and I would enjoy some diamonds!
  39. We got married young, no engagement ring and just a simple wedding band. I never asked, nor would I, but I've secretly wanted a diamond. For our 25th anniversary hubby bought me a beautiful bridal set, now I have an engagement ring and diamonds, LOL. A little sad to retire my band but I love my new rings. BTW, I made him put them on me ;)
  40. My husband and I are both trading up our rings currently. He is getting a new wedding band and I am getting a new solitare. I am keeping my wedding ring and anniversary band though. We were young when we got married and couldn't afford much. Things are different now and we want nicer/different rings. As long as you are still in love with the person, does it really matter. Purchase what you want to wear. I have been married 13 years. I love my new ring and I will definitely be wearing it for another 13 years.
  41. Yes, next time around I want to design my own ring, has anyone done that? I found a site that offers some awesome selections: http://www.brilliantearth.com/news/design-wedding-rings-2/ I just think that it would be so much more personal than walking in a store and buying a rings thousands of people already own. Been there, did that and want a customized symbol.
  42. Buying a ring is an investment for a lifetime especially when the same is your engagement ring. Hence you need to be careful while selecting the same. Diamond Engagement rings are one of the most popular engagement rings among the couple.
  43. Personally, I think upgrading one's wedding/engagement ring is predominantly an economic undertaking. I mean, really, where's the sentiment? But to each her own, I guess! If it's something that you agreed to together as a couple, then why not?
  44. Upgrading can be a great choice for someone and others may find it as a burden. The old one contains the exact memory you are holding. I have never thought of upgrading so far.


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