Word Up, YO! Week 7

This week’s WOW! led to a lot of activity. Several of our submissions were particularly rambunctious.

This week, we got our first poet entering. Confessions of a Dr. Mom penned an ode to her rambunctious boy.

We’d also like to thank our ever expanding Nerd Mafia for their continued participation. You’re all fantastic. We appreciate the Made Men showing up to represent week after week. And we simply love the rest of you putting your glasses on in an attempt to get “made”.

So, this week, we’ve got a very special word to celebrate your fantasticness. Hope you have fun with it.

Without further ado, this week’s newly crowned mafioso.

Alyson from Common Sense, Dancing had a stroke of brilliance and used the WOW! to forecast her children’s behavior.

Alyson, In the eyes of the Nerd Mafia, you are now a Made Man.

Please contact one of the Dons to received your code for the official Nerd Mafia button.

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Throw your pocket protector in the ring this week by following the rules below.
* Use the Word of the Week (WOW!) in a post as many times as you legitimately can.
* Use the WOW! correctly in your post, we’ve included a definition to guide you on this journey
* Include the Word Up, Yo! button somewhere in your post
* Write a post with the WOW! and link it up anytime during the week the linky is open (Sunday-Friday)
* Link up below to your relevant post, not your blog home page please
That’s it! No mandatory follows, no mandatory comments. Visit as many other linked blogs as you can.
At the end of the week, the Nerd Mafia will decide on a “winning” post. We’ll feature the winning posts with the new word. A new Word of the Week and featured post will be published every Sunday.
Now, without further ado the Word of the Week is a new slang classic: Hot Mess

Hot Mess
1. Someone or Something that is such a mess… the level of it, is off of the charts. It’s past pathetic, past pitiful.
2. a person who looks as if they’ve been to hell and back

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You can also play at my partners-in-crimes’ sites, the other two members of the Nerd Mafia:

Liz from a belle, a bean and a chicago dog

Kristin from Taming Insanity

And so it goes…


  1. Natalie - can you believe it!?! I actually ENTERED this week!!! Wahoo! (I've been trying and trying to do it in weeks past - but the creative brain was shut down!! This week - I GOT IT!!! Wahoooo!)
  2. Sluiter Nation says:
    Hot Mess? Oh my dear friend. I went camping this weekend. No one else's entries have a chance. Bwhahaha!
  3. blueviolet says:
    Hot mess is such a funny one to use!