Word Up, YO! Week 24

This week, we were boring people with our pedantic stories. Truly adhering to our Nerd status. It is the Nerd Mafia after all.

Mommy Lebron, from the Motherhood Umbrella, confessed that she loved Justin Bieber. Because she brought back some pedantic nostalgia, we couldn’t help but love her.

Mommy Lebron, in the eyes of the Nerd Mafia, you are now a Made Man.

Contact one of the Dons for your button code.

We’re taking a break this week to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re going to be busy giving thanks for you and your participation while we gobble up some turkey.

Gobble, gobble, Mafia associates. Enjoy the holiday and come back next Sunday to find out what the new word is.


  1. Big Fat Mama says:
    Justin Bieber? Ha! That's hiliarious!!
  2. You're taking the week off? Great, then I won't feel like such a Word Up, Yo! loser. :)
  3. mommylebron says:
    It's really not as bad as it sounds! I'm not cougar! And, yay me! xoxo