Word Up, YO! Week 16

This week’s WOW! proved there are a lot of asshats out there. People the world over seem to be wearing their asses for hats.

Which made this week’s decision tough. Ultimately Amanda’s well posed question “what situation, exactly?” got her promoted. Way to move up in the Nerd Mafia, Yo.

And Momma Kiss’s contempt for mom jeans and VPL (visible panty lines for you non-nerds) got her initiated into this fine posse of ours.

Congratulations Momma Kiss!

In the eyes of the Nerd Mafia, you are now a Made Man!

Please contact one of the Dons to received your code for the official Nerd Mafia button.

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Finally, we’re starting one more category for the jokesters out there. She Suggests made us laugh by poking fun at herself and whipping out her prom pictures. Congratulations! We’re recognizng you as a Wise Guy, an uncommon occurence to be sure.

Good luck to all! And maybe next week, you’ll be “made”, too!

Please follow the link for the rules of Word Up, YO!

Now, on to next week’s word, a favorite around here…
1. a general breakup or dispersion; sudden downfall or rout: The revolution ended in a debacle.
2. a complete collapse or failure.
3. a breaking up of ice in a river. Compare embacle.
4. a violent rush of waters or ice.

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You can also play at my partners-in-crimes’ sites, the other two members of the Nerd Mafia:

Liz from a belle, a bean and a chicago dog

Kristin from Taming Insanity

And so it goes…


  1. I reckon I might get a debacle in there somewhere... asshat (whilst utterly amusing and used as least 5 times this week in reference to my colleagues) didn't make it. x
  2. Yay MommaKiss!

    She's hot.
  3. VPL! Then again, I've seen way too many peek-a-boo thongs that cannot be unseen. *shudder*
  4. Soge shirts says:
    What a cool idea having a nerd mafia is. Someday I hope to be a made man.
  5. Awww YAH! I'm a nerdy-terd-terdy Made Man!!
  6. Laurie Wallin says:
    Hey girl! Love this week's word. Happy to be geek out on vocabulary with you :).

    Hope your week is wonderful (and not covered in spaghetti!)

  7. My whole week has been one BIG HUGE debacle! I know there's a post in there somewhere, but with another weekend away, I doubt I'll have tome to participate. Again!