Wonder Box Allows Your Child To Play & Learn At The Same Time!

Right now at our house, it’s all about the sight words that Ethan has to learn for kindergarten. There are 22 lists of 10 words each. 220 words he needs to know by the end of the school year. And he is the kid that has never liked reading or being read to. To say it’s difficult to get him to focus is an understatement. We’re trying to figure out how he learns best. It’s been tough. So when I received a Wonder Box full of fun ways to get the kids working on reading readiness skills, I was excited to check it out!

Each Wonder Box is geared towards kids aged 3-6. Within every box you get 3 hands-on projects the kids will want to do all at once, as well as extra treats that spark creativity and build essential skills for kindergarten.I loved the Wonder Box as much as the kids did. What I liked so much about it is that the kids think they’re playing and doing fun projects, but what they don’t realize is that they are also learning. We received the Wonder Box called Once Upon A Time. It had all kinds of goodies in it to get kids ready to read.

I think the think the kids enjoyed the most were the Story Cards. Each card provides the next twist in a story that the kids make up together by each picking a card. We play with it at least once a day, and Ethan has fun when he recognizes a sight word.

The kids loved the story book included, Stone Soup, and had fun following the recipe to make their own stone soup (even if it was just pretend). The girls still make Stone Soup all the time in their play kitchen!

And while Ethan was at school one day, I let the girls make a puppet. They had a blast! They made a cute little Halloween monster and they don’t like when their brother tries to play with it. They tell him it’s their monster, but they will tell him a story if he wants. He usually turns them down, but occasionally will listen to their stories (something I really should get on video!)

But by far, the biggest hit in the box was the Story Cape. The red cape, which comes with fabric crayons so they can make it their own, was transformed at our house into the Reading Cape. When Ethan is practicing his sight words or reading a story and looking for them, he wears his reading cape which gives him superhero reading powers. It has been a HUGE help in getting him excited to read!

Now you might be wondering how it works…it’s simple. You choose a plan (you can receive a box either monthly or every 3 months) and  then a Wonder Box will arrive in the mail. Kids love mail and are excited to get a box addressed to them. Inside you will find three creative projects and every supply you need to do them as well as access to an exclusive web page full of additional activity ideas. The materials you receive are made to last – they are quality materials and projects made for repeat play.  And believe me, there will be repeat play.

Now is your chance to get a Wonder Box for your little ones! Enter now to win!
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Can’t wait to win a box? You can order one now! Visit the Wonder Box site and use this coupon code: MONSTER10 to get $10 off their Wonder Box subscription!  

I received a Wonder Box to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I was surprised when you said there were 220 sight words that your Kindergartener needs to know by the end of the year. That is a LOT. I think my K list contains about 35. In 1st Grade, they add another 100. The standards certainly vary.
  2. 220 words????? When I taught Kinder it was 100 words and that seemed like too many for me. Twingle Mommy recently posted..Bloggy Boot Camp RecapMy Profile
  3. That's a ton of words! I hope the reading cape helps :) angela recently posted..Into the CloudsMy Profile
  4. Wow. My daughter is in 1st grade...she needed 60 words in Kindergarten, and this year adds 100. That's still only 160!
  5. It is interesting to know about the different education systems. Out here in India we have to teach our children sentences in the Sr. Kindergarten.
  6. Mason would totally love that cape, especially since I could convince him that that creature modeling it was Linny off the Wonder Pets LOL WeeMason's Mom recently posted..Books & Magazines, Oh My!My Profile
  7. I need this. When can you send?! lol oxoxox Sili recently posted..Bang the Drum: A Face of CourageMy Profile
  8. I would love this for my nephew! Anything educational like this can be passed down sibling to sibling. I love it.
  9. My son would love the Wonder Box! I think he finds school a little boring, so anything to make it more fun is a great idea!
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