Wishing For Just One More Afternoon At The Park

This morning, after dropping the girls off at kindergarten, I was driving to the grocery store and passed the park. The park where each of my babies sat in a swing for the first time. The park that has the slide that I have a picture of each of them sitting on with static hair. The park where I used to take them all for afternoon picnics, long before second grade and kindergarten and preschool.

I passed by that park, and longed for just one more afternoon with those toddlers that have since turned into children.

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I remember how much I hated having to push swings over and over again until I finally said no more, while they begged for just a little bit longer. I remember that I had other more “important” things to do rather than take them to the park (again). I used to prefer them to sit and watch TV or play outside instead of another afternoon at the park.

And now? I would do almost anything to have just one more afternoon with those babies that used to love the park.

I look back, and realize how much time I wasted with them as I wished time would hurry up and pass…wanting them to get bigger. Wanting them to get through the Terrible Twos stage and the cling-on-to-mommy-constantly stage. I wished all of that time away – I took it for granted. And now I regret it.

Because I would love to spend just one more afternoon at the park with those little people that Ethan, and Lila, and Mia were just a few years ago.

And I’ll use this as a reminder to enjoy them each day, even on the bad days, because time is passing much too quickly and before I know it, they’ll be all grown up.

Disclosure: Written with tears tumbling down my cheeks and full of regret for all of those times that I wished them big.


  1. I know this feeling well, Lucas has all but outgrown the park too. Luckily, I have Lola and she is just getting started. It has been so fun to experience this again with her and at the same parks that I enjoyed so much with him when he was her age. Hugs to you, my fellow mama friend! xoxo Tonya recently posted..In The MomentMy Profile
  2. I know this feeling too. Mainly I miss being able to just pick up and go to he park. Or plan a picnic lunch. We go sometimes after school if the weather is nice. But it's the lazy mornings and afternoons there that i miss. Leigh Ann recently posted..hey, you. wanna YOXO?My Profile
  3. Beautifully written! It seems like just yesterday the girls were babies and we'd tweet each other while I was hoping the triplets would nap...now so big! Cori recently posted..The Long Journey HomeMy Profile
  4. Ack! Now I want to take my son to the park right now. I am feeling ALL of these feelings as my son grows so fast. xo Kristin Shaw recently posted..Friday Favorites, April 17My Profile