Wine Smoothing Drops Will Take The Bitterness Out Of Your Wine!

Have you ever had a glass of red wine that is bitter? One that makes your mouth cringe in distaste? We’ve all been there before. I’ve opened up a bottle of wine that I remembered really liking the last time I had it, only to take a first sip and want to dump it. That’s why I want to introduce you to something that will help…something that will actually improve the taste of a wine that is bitter. Meet Wine Smoothing Drops.


Think about it: everybody’s taste is different. Maybe the last time I tasted that wine I had eaten something that complimented the wine or I had tried other wines before it, so it tasted different the next time I had it. Or maybe I didn’t aerate the wine or let it breath long enough. There are lots of reasons it could taste different…our tastes change all the time.

Wine Smoothing Drops uses all natural ingredients to remove bitterness by reducing tannins and improves the overall body, aroma, and taste of red wine. I know it sounds crazy, but they really work!

I was skeptical when I was given the opportunity to try it. Here’s what I did: I took a sip of a glass of wine that I knew always tasted bitter to me. Then, I put a few drops of Wine Smoothing Drops in the glass of wine, swirled it around, and took another sip. I was amazed at how smooth the wine tasted! The bitterness was gone, and it actually enhanced the wine’s flavor. I really didn’t think they would work, and the results blew me away.

wine_rescue_dropsI also got to try Wine Rescue Drops as well. They aren’t even on the website yet. These drops help remove not only the bitterness but also that stale taste that occurs after a bottle of wine has been left open for a few days.

I’ll admit, wine doesn’t usually stay open for several days at my house, but my mom does have this issue. I headed over to her house and tried it out on a bottle of red wine she had opened two days before. We did the same taste test that I did with the Wine Smoothing Drops, and these drops worked too! I was again pleasantly surprised by how well this product works!

You can buy Wine Smoothing Drops on their website for just $7.99 for a bottle. The bottle is small; however you only need a drop or two so it will last quite awhile.

Disclaimer: I received samples of both products to help facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.