Why I Love Playing Words With Friends

I admit it: I love playing Words With Friends. And Scramble with Friends. And Hanging With Friends. And Draw Something. They are fun games, right? But that’s not really what I love about them.

I play Words with Friends with my mom, with Jason’s best friend, with my Aunt Joyce, occasionally with my niece, one of my oldest (as in time, not age) friends Reyna and with Tonya from Letters for Lucas and Natalie from My Crazy Busy Life.

I play Scramble with Friends with my mom, one of my mom’s good friends Lynn, and Mellissa, an old co-worker/friend whom I never get a chance to talk to anymore. I also play with the wife of a friend of Jason’s who I would love to see.

I play Hanging with Friends with my mom, my brother Scotty, and Bridgette, an old co-worker/friend.

Draw Something is my new favorite because I’m a horrible artist (even with stick figures) and it’s hilarious to watch people try to draw the words out. I play with my mom and brother, with a couple of my nieces and my sister-in-law Sammy.

Aside from my mom and brother, I play all of these games with people I wouldn’t normally talk to in my day-to-day life. Heck, some of these people I wouldn’t even think about in my day-to-day life…not because they aren’t important to me, but because I just don’t see them very often (or ever) anymore.

The reason I love playing all of these games is because it reminds me how important these people really are to me. These games make me think about my friends and family every time I log on to play. I only see my aunt on holidays and family events, but now I think about her everyday. My old friends that I never have a chance to catch up with? It’s okay because they know they are in my thoughts.

I think about these people. I laugh at their words and pictures. I get frustrated when I can never beat them (both Tonya and Natalie are kick-ass Words with Friends opponents). They make me smile every time I get a notification that it’s my turn to play.

These games keep us in touch, much easier than other forms of social media. We play at our own pace. There are no expectations. It’s a way to keep our minds working and keep us close.

I am not looking for a million other friends to play with – that wasn’t the intent of this post – but I just wanted to let those people who take time out of their day to create words and pictures with me that I appreciate them. And I love that we stay connected without speaking a word.


  1. I feel the same. It is nice to have the game connection with those I don't otherwise connect with each day. Denise recently posted..Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Healthy FeelsMy Profile
  2. You are easily one of my favorite WWF opponents. And I agree. Tonya is brutal, but I still love playing her. Another who killed me every time was SurferWife. I'm pretty sure I never beat her. Natalie recently posted..Scream Queen & other weekend scenesMy Profile
  3. Aw, I love the reason that you love playing these games... that is so sweet. And hey, you should play with me. :-) (BuriedwithChildren if you wanna)
  4. I've had the same experience, although I've started slacking off a bit as of late. I played Words with Friends with a bunch of Facebook friends I almost never talk to in reality, and it was quite a bonding experience (and I so love the chat feature). Social networking moves in some odd directions sometimes ;-)
  5. Sounds like fun. I love to play Sudoku, but that's not social. I do like to keep in touch with people on Facebook, but only from my phone. I rarely look at Facebook on my computer.
  6. I agree! I should start playing more than just Draw Something.
  7. I love our games too! I'm really into Scramble and Draw Something too. I'll start a game for us there. :) Thanks for the shout out! Tonya recently posted..The Good StuffMy Profile
  8. I love Words with Friends!! It's great... I think that it's because I love Scrabble so much! I do like Draw Something but it's hard on an iPhone.... I need a stylus or something! My pictures look funny without it! Jackie recently posted..Brandcation ~ Yes! I want to go!My Profile
  9. The cool thing about Scramble with Friends is it's pretty dang hard to cheat on it due to the time limit and huge volume of words you need to crank out to win. It's a real test of skill... John recently posted..Fun Family Game NightsMy Profile
  10. I agree with John - Scramble with Friends is pretty much impossible to cheat at, which is a distraction in Words with Friends when people use words that are obviously not commonly known. I prefer the faster pace of Scramble with Friends too.
  11. I agree with John – Scramble with Friends is pretty much impossible to cheat at, which is a distraction in Words with Friends when people use words that are obviously not commonly known. I prefer the faster pace of Scramble with Friends too. Jason recently posted..Scramble with Friends ReviewedMy Profile


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