Why I Love The Tea Collection For My Girls

I’m gonna be honest with you…my kids are very similar to the Pig Pen character in the old Charlie Brown cartoons. No matter what I do, they always seem to look like they’re dirty. I comb their hair, they mess it up before we even get out the door. I put them in cute clothes and they pull them off. Those moms that have kids that always look well put together? That’s not us.

So I don’t normally spend a lot of money on their clothing. When I can get them to keep their clothes on, they end up staining them, getting holes in them, or worse. Which is why I don’t bother. When I was first contacted to review the Tea Collection, I laughed. Because really? My girls wearing boutique clothing? I didn’t see it. But I decided to give it a shot because the clothes are So.Darn.Cute.

Now it’s time to be honest again…I received these clothes a couple of months ago. They were a bit big for the girls, so I have been feeding them junk food trying to get them to grow enough to wear them. Kidding, people…I’m kidding! I was actually hoping that they’d grow enough to wear them for their Christmas pictures. But I screwed up on the timing of the pictures and we didn’t get our annual family pictures done yet, either. So you’ll see a couple of these dresses again in a few months when we get our picture taken.

Anyways, the girls LOVE these clothes almost as much as I do! It’s so funny…they put the clothes on and it’s like they know these are “nice” clothes! They model the outfits for me, as you’ll see in these pictures:

Now besides the fact that the clothes are super cute, they are also well made and durable. Meaning that the first time the girls wore them they didn’t destroy them! The girls tell me they look pretty and twirl in them. I love that the looks are unique; they don’t look like every other kid here in our city running around in clothes from Target (where I normally buy their clothes!). I got complimented on their outfits when we dropped Ethan off at school. While grocery shopping. In Kohl’s. I was delighted to tell people about the Tea Collection!

Now these cute dresses here…

…are still a bit too big for the girls, so for now, they hang in their closet, waiting for a few more months until the girls are big enough to fit into them. When we get to finally put the girls in them, it will be like Christmas all over again!

Now head over and check out the Tea Collection – they have clothing for both boys and girls from baby sizes up to kid size 12! While you’re there, you’ve gotta see the new Tea Collection arrivals for girls. I love the clothes so much that I’m also going to feature them at SmartMomStyle.com!

Oh, did I mention they sell women’s clothing as well? They do! This Corzo Chambray Tunic is on mommy’s wish list!

Disclosure: I received free clothing for the girls from the Tea Collection in order to write this review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I already have several items for myself, Ethan, and the girls added to my wish list…I will be buying from the Tea Collection again!

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  1. Stuff is gorgeous! And I love the posing - too cute. Betsy recently posted..Beaded OrnamentMy Profile
  2. Love the photos of the girls! Can't wait to see them in their dresses. :) Cindi recently posted..Spirit of Christmas: Grinch StyleMy Profile
  3. I love their clothes. I, too, don't spend a lot on the girls' clothes generally BUT--I did get them this little kimono onesie when they were little--so cute you could just die! We got SO many compliments on those!! The fabric is so soft, and durable--it was worth the splurge! LOVE that they have an adult line--I had no idea! Your Littles are adorable! Love those dresses. Love it when girls put on something that makes them want to twirl :) Julia recently posted..Mama Loves: TechnologyMy Profile
  4. My little girl loves to pick just what she wants to wear. This means, as I dress her, I approach her with what I think might be a cute outfit. And, every time, she shakes her head, shouts "no," and goes to play with something else. Sometimes, she'll be kind enough to pick something out (usually it's something from her brother's, or pajamas, or a tutu), but more often than not, I'm left trying to guess what she'll allow to be put on her that day. John recently posted..Where I am recruitedMy Profile
  5. Too friggen adorable. Sigh this makes me want to have a girl to get all dolled up like this!
  6. Very cute! The girls look like they have grown up so much! Where'd their toddler look go? Tayarra recently posted..WW: WaylonMy Profile
  7. I absolutely LOVE Tea Collection!! I just wish that they weren't so expensive. My daughter got a few pieces from there when I did a review for them and she loves them. And you're right... the quality is amazing! Jackie recently posted..One for every occasionMy Profile
  8. Your girls are adorable! And those are such cute outfits. And yea, I usually don't spend much on kids clothes either as they trash them :) Emmy recently posted..How and Why I decorate For ChristmasMy Profile


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