Why I Hate Spring

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Okay, so “hate spring” might not be exactly true…I love springtime, but HATE, I repeat, HATE what it does to my allergies. At the end of last summer, I thought I had pink eye when in fact it was allergy related. Awesome. So you can imagine how attractive I look with a runny/stuffy nose and eyes that look like I have pink eye. I swear, if I could stick a pencil up my nose to relieve the itching? I SO would.

Everyday, I have stuff that I spray into my nose to help with allergies, I take a Claritin pill, AND I use my neti pot which I couldn’t live without. If I don’t do these things, I am miserable. Even when I do them, I am sometimes still miserable. Sigh.

But there are several other tips for helping to make your home more allergy-friendly. Because of my allergies, I vacuum. A lot. We keep our dogs’ hair short to prevent a lot of hair all over the place, too.

And I would love to never open the doors so that stuff couldn’t sneak in, but unfortunately, our doors and windows are always open since I love the fresh (allergy-pot-stirring) air.

Since dust is such a trigger for me, I try to keep the house dust free, which is nearly impossible because the windows and doors are always open! But I dust all the blinds in our house (and we have them in every room) twice a month. It’s not fun, and it does take time, but if I don’t, I don’t even want to think about how bad my allergies would get!

The hill behind our house. It looks all green and pretty now, but by July it will be all dead weeds!

I also try to keep the outside friendly, although it will never be allergy friendly for us since we back up to a huge hill that is covered in all kinds of weeds and vegetation! I do keep the weeds in our yard to a minimum, and we also make sure to purchase plants and flowers that bees are attracted to (they get rid of the pollen for us!).What is your best tip to relieve allergy symptoms? I’d love to hear them because I can use all the tips I can get!

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  1. I'll never forget when I got tested for allergies. They said I was allergic to trees and grass. I was like— well what the hell am I supposed to do about that? Might be one reason why I live in the city.
  2. Spring is tough for us, too :( I agree that the neti pot is a life-saver, even though I have moved to the sinus rinse (from the same company/same idea), because it's a little easier to manuever. Do you use allergy covers on your pillows/mattresses? I haven't done that yet but thought about it this year.
  3. I never had allergies until after I had my son. Then I couldn't go outside without my face swelling shut... at least thats what it felt like. I have my drug cocktail that works for now! Thank God!!!!
  4. Our little guy has allergies too - it's brutal to watch him sniffle.
  5. I'm so happy I don't have allergies! People who have them seem to suffer awfully.
  6. Oh it's not just spring, I used to get Nov.-Feb. off from allergies and now, its every month, I do the Claritin, Allegra, Benadryl, Sudafed Sinus, Flonase, Nasonex.... none really make it go away. So now I just sprinkle pollen on the bees and did them in honey... so far, not really working either but onlookers seem to enjoy it and I'm allergic to dust and flowers and grass, sigh.
  7. Ugh, allergies are awful! Claritin works well for me here in Colorado thank goodness. When I was in Iowa, Claritin just wasn't enough. I had scripts and shots!
  8. I hate allergies. All three of us in my family have them. We all just take our meds and hope for the best!
  9. Oh man our allergies are all so bad. We have to replace all our ductwork and take out all the carpets. These allergies are EXPENSIVE. But I want my kids to be able to breathe and all.