Why 2 Year Olds Shouldn’t Wear Lipstick

A few weeks ago we were at my brother’s house for his son’s 1st birthday. There were a ton of kids running around, including the kids that live next door. One of the kids was a little girl, who brought over her hot pink Barbie lipstick, which she then left lying on the table.

I think we all know my girls love them some makeup. They eat Chapstick, put lotion in each other’s hair and create fine art using my mascara. So I’m sure that Barbie Lipstick was like hitting the lottery for them.

I don’t know where they went to put it on, and I haven’t heard from my brother that they painted his walls with it, but when we found them they looked like this:




Notice they are getting smarter about making a mess. This time they put the lipstick on, hid it and then went in two separate directions to avoid us finding them. When asked if they’d put on lipstick, the answer was no. Apparently they didn’t look at each other!

It is worth noting that Mia did a pretty damn good job putting the lipstick on. Or maybe, just maybe, somebody else put it on for her?


  1. OMG, I love it!!!!! Mia actually did do quite a nice job on her lipstick! You just wait...Bella is 7 years old and asks me every single day when she can wear makeup. BTW, love your new blog look! Helene recently posted..Supermom Fell in the ToiletMy Profile
  2. Oh, that's definitely not the work of a toddler. A big kid put it on for her. No doubt. Ali recently posted..The One Where We Dance Like MoronsMy Profile
  3. I noticed Mia's looked very well done immediately. I think an older kid did it too. Heather recently posted..Self PortraitsMy Profile
  4. Barbara says:
    Mia's looks very nice. Definitely not her handy work I'm sure. Barbara recently posted..First FlightMy Profile
  5. They already look like the Sweet Valley High twins. You are in so much trouble. So much. Poppy recently posted..Chicken Farming For DummiesMy Profile
  6. I suspect little Mia had some help with her lipstick as well. My girls only seem to eat chapstick so I can only imagine what would happen if they got a hold of lipstick. Twingle Mommy recently posted..I Can't Decide if my Idea was Genius or StupidMy Profile
  7. Ah yes, the love of make up and a good lip stick. It all starts so early. I also think Mia had some help. Paulette recently posted..The BeastMy Profile
  8. Oh I shouldn't laugh, but that is funny! Loved the mascara, too. My oldest got into my purse once in the backseat of a rental car. He covered himself and the car seat with my new tube of lipstick! At the time I could have killed him! Erin recently posted..What a WeekMy Profile
  9. That's awesome. They are getting pretty smart. Jessica recently posted..If Tomorrow Never ComesMy Profile
  10. That's the best and yep, I would say someone else did Mia's or she should be a make up artist some day. Jessica recently posted..Girl TalkMy Profile
  11. Ok, this was cute :) & expected at their age. My husband is FREAKING out because our 2 1/2 year old LOVES LOVES lipstick.
  12. Yes, Mia's looks a little too perfect. And those cheeks. Yum!! And ugh, what a mess. Tonya recently posted..Vacation HighlightsMy Profile
  13. Ah, to me this is just a warning of things yet to come with my 10 month old and my boyfriend's 18 month old. Better than the mascara mess at least. Nessa recently posted..6 of My Favorite Things About BoyfriendMy Profile