White Trash Party Ideas For Your White Trash Backyard Bash

Long ago, before kids and real responsibility and when I was still skinny enough to rock a real short denim mini skirt, my husband and I had a White Trash Party! This is TOTALLY my kind of party! So I thought I’d share my white trash party ideas with you.
Back in August 2006, hubby and I hosted a White Trash Backyard Bash. If you weren’t dressed to the nines in your best white trash gear, you couldn’t get through the door. And let me just say, people went all out. We served proper white trash food and drink like Twinkies, canned cheese, weenies in bbq sauce, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and wine in a box. And of course we had a keg in the back…because what kind of white trash party would it be without keg stands? A good time was had by all.

White Trash Party Ideas: Decor

I’ll start by showing you some pictures of our house trailer:

See the laundry hanging in the front of the house? The barbecue with the dead plant hanging from it? And yes, the yard did have pink flamingos and plastic sunflowers in it.
The front door, complete with Christmas lights (remember, the party was in August), a dead plant, and tin foil on the windows.
Our idea of a highfalutin’ flower arrangement
The living room couches we covered with sheets and towels to keep clean from the dirt the riff-raff might bring in with them.
And what white trash party would be complete without the Confederate Flag.

White Trash Party Ideas: Costumes

Some of the party goers, who shall remain nameless (for the most part):
And some of my personal favorites:
Hubby dressed to impress
Me making out with George Clooney…kinda, sorta, but not really at all. Do you know what my hubby said when he saw this picture? “You put your shoe on the wall?”!
Me and my brothers
My mom’s trashy tattoo of her nickname
Me and my brothers and sisters
But by far, the person who not only dressed up for the occasion, but also got into character 100% was my brother David, a.k.a. Snake. Snake talked like trash (complete with a gold tooth), acted like trash, wouldn’t acknowledge you if you called him by his real name, and cracked all of us up. Like roll-on-the-floor-with-tears-in-your-eyes cracking up. And we still ask my brother D to bring Snake to every family party we have. We haven’t seen Snake since our White Trash Backyard Bash, but each and everyone of us hopes to see him again someday soon. He must be back in jail.
Here’s my favorite picture from the whole party. This is Snake, freshly released from the joint:
Here’s a picture of what my brother D (holding Ms. M at Easter) looks like on a regular day, just so you can appreciate the transformation:
To this day, people still ask us when we’re going to have another White Trash Backyard Bash. Maybe it’s time…
And if you are looking for white trash gift ideas, I’ve got you covered! How about hillbilly wine glasses (also referred to as white trash wine glasses), Jolly Rancher vodka, Candy Cane Vodka and more!
If you have white trash party ideas for food, decor, costumes, or anything else, feel free to link it up!


  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    LOVE it! My friend is going to a White Trash party next week. After seeing your pictures, I want to host one! It sounds awesome!

    And your brother is a handsome dude! ;-)
  2. Dazee Dreamer says:
    awesome idea. I might have to try one of those
  3. Losing Brownies says:
    This is so fun! You're brother made quite the transformation! Its so much fun when everyone gets in the mood!
  4. Allyson & Jere says:
    Oh George Clooney. He is soooooo my boyfriend! Way to have a hot pic of him. Wait? That's white trash? Ah crap!!

    Looks like you all had fun.
  5. I wish that I couldn't relate to so many of those images from real life memories.

    Looks like a fun party. I think you should def. have another one
  6. Carolyn (temysmom) says:
    Love it! I'll be checking the mail for my invitation.
  7. Hysterical!! What a great idea!!!
  8. Megan @ Bug Creator-Crafts and Life says:
    looks like my ex husbands parents house! Minus the nice stuff thrown in... lol and I don't think they could afford sheets to keep the dirt off the dirt on the couches. hmm. :P
  9. Jules from A Little Bite of Life says:
    How fun, what a great idea!
  10. The pictures are damned hysterical, but I'm annoyed at how good you look even as white trash.

  11. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Ok, this is take two on the comments to see if I got the settings changed properly. Feel free to delete however many of these comments you like.
  12. LOL That's great! My sis had a white trash party a couple years ago and asked my husband and I what they should serve for food. Hmmm wait a minute?! Why would she think we would know. LOL Ok, well, we did mention pork rinds, RC Cola, and moonpies would be appropriate. hahaha
  13. This is such a great idea - I want to host a party now and get all 'gussied up' :)
  14. I love love love this party idea! It makes me get inspired to try to host one...
  15. Minivan Mommy says:
    Love it!
  16. It has become apparent to me that I've not really been livin... because I have no photos like this in my repetoire. That looks like a hoot and must be added to my bucket list.
  17. OMG, I love it!!! So freaking funny!! You gave me some good ideas for the Halloween party we were invited to this year.

    LOL at your hubby's remark about you putting your shoe on the wall.
  18. Lol, looks like everyone had a great time. But I have a question. We always have those Li'l Smokies in BBQ sauce for family get togethers, since they're not really weenies, that make it sophisticated, right??
  19. What a totally awesome party.

    And girl, you are a hottie!!! Rocking such a short skit. ;)
  20. That looks SO fun!!! And you reminded me to throw out my dead plant. lol. Greta job on the party!!
  21. that looks like so much fun! yeah, I have a dying plant on the front porch..must dispose of it now..!
  22. Mommy Wis(h)dom says:
    Great party! We went to one awhile back and they had a Spam carving contest. Just an idea for next time. : ) I feel inspired now....
  23. i give you so much credit for going the extra mile with all the decor. the clothesline, tin foil and christmas lights around the door are too much!
  24. That is sooo awesome, love it!
  25. Paul and Kerry says:
    HA! it should be an annual event. Snake is quite the transformation. A friend from HS and her husband do this at the end of every summer. They did WT Prom this year. 80s promwear = awesome
  26. Sharlene T. says:
    You gotta go with what you know (hee hee hee)... that decor is from the best of the white trash designers... you can't fool me... you, of course, are beautiful... now, get your heels off the wall and stay away from George or I'm going to have to post my picture with George's arm around me!...
  27. WTH am I Doing? says:
    OMG. This is fantastic! I'd love to do this...except that a few of my in-laws wouldn't have to dress up. Ahem.

    You put your shoe on the wall?!? I suppose that's ok since you clearly have great legs. (yes, I am jealous.)
  28. redriverpak says:
    I live in rural Texas....people like that are the norm around here! Most of your friends could pass for the Employees of the Month at our local Wal-Mart. :)
  29. Oh Natalie, this should be an annual event for sure! I laughed when you said hubby was concerned about the shoe on the wall....exactly what mine would have said, instead of "wow, you look hot and flexible!"

    You looked adorable, by the way! Maybe Tater's bday next year could be another White Trash Bash?
  30. Blogger ate my comment. It was funny and witty and complimented you. Blogger. Pshaw.
  31. Aging Mommy says:
    Looks like a whole lot of fun, love the washing hanging out front and your christmas lights, you went all out to get into the spirit of it!
  32. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    Oh, SO classy! That puts my Jersey Shore party to shame!
  33. The Empress says:
    How do you have the time to do this with 3 little kids??

    People just amaze me. I can barely get grocery shopping done.. Barely.
  34. Just Another Mom of 2 says:
    Oh my goodness, I love it!! How fun! What a great idea for a party, these pictures are hysterical!
  35. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli says:
    So. Much. Fun!! I'm flying in for the next one. I'm going to start scouting the value village for a good costume now. 'k?
  36. Gabriele Agustini says:
    I feel so deprived!! I've never even HEARD of a "White Trash Party"!
    Too much fun!! OMG!!
    The picture of you sorta making-out with the George-Man cracked me up!! Love what your husband said! HA!!
    As always, LOVE!! your blog!!
  37. I can't even comment I'm laughing so hard!
    Girl, you were smokin' hot there...and he noticed your shoe?????
  38. Great pics (especially the one of you climbing the wall to make out with GC) and such a fun idea for a party. Glad everyone was good sports about it. Can you believe that there are people that really live like this?
  39. Now that's the funniest "dang" thing "I done seen" in quite some time "young-un". Reminds me of the truck pulls last week
  40. Sue Campbell says:
    I went to a wedding on Saturday where the buffet featured Fritos. I kid you not.
  41. Oh, I love this one!!!! Besides Snake, there are many celebrities....Joe Dirt, Crabman (from My Name is Earl), even the Charlize Theron look alike from the movie "Monster". And George Clooney? Oh...and LOVE the Big Lin tatoo....AWESOME! And the lady in the pajamas, and the.....and the....
  42. hahaha I love the pictures of Crown Town's Finest!
  43. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    OMG. Can I be part of your family? No really. Please?
  44. That is hilarious!! Love it! That would be such a fun idea. Love that your parents even dressed up- mine never would
  45. THAT is an awesome party! I have attended an 80's party before but never a white trash party! I think that would be pretty fun.
  46. This really cracks me up!! I love how he didn't acknowledge anyone if they called him by his real name. I also love your Iron Maiden shirt. Ha! This is awesome!
  47. OMG. This is hilarious! Though I think people around here might think it was just a regular party. LOL


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