Where Oh Where Is Natalie?

You haven’t seen me on Twitter or Facebook. I haven’t been pinning or Skyping. I haven’t posted here on my blog in a week. Where have I been?

Living life.

I am kind of at a crossroads here. I have absolutely NO desire to be on the computer lately. I keep thinking I should post something and I should probably tweet something. But here’s the thing…at that point, to me it feels like work and not my passion anymore. And that scares me.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been burnt out before. I have taken blogging breaks. But I have been fighting with this one for months and I don’t know what’s changed.

I have talked to a couple of people who have suggested it’s the age of the kids and the fact that they are more active now and so we are out and about more. There are field trips and parties and play dates and fun activities we find in the city and through play groups. It keeps them busy, but it leaves me with less time to get chores and errands done…which of course means less computer time.

Or maybe it’s the time of the year – my favorite – so I want to be outside enjoying it.

Or maybe, and I really hate this thought, I have lost the fire that kept me blogging.

I don’t know what it is, but I do know this…I don’t want to give up on it all just yet. I will just have to make some changes. Post less. Be more selective about additional work I take on. Get back to posting about the kids and what we are up to. Get back to focusing on my “real” life and not the life I have on the computer.

I’ve blogged before, several times in fact, about how hard it is to balance it all. I’ve never found the balance in the 2-1/2 years I’ve been doing this. Maybe there is no balance. Maybe the kids getting older is making the balance even more elusive to find.

I know some of you have felt this way before and worked through it…I am wide open to any suggestions or words of encouragement!

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  1. natalie, i can totally relate to a lot of this. i am posting less for a lot of the same reasons. it's hard in summertime & with the kiddos. I want to write, but lately my time is not my own...it's rough! xoxox erin margolin recently posted..I am Worth Hearing.My Profile
  2. All I can tell you is embrace the fact that you are enjoying your kids now, because like blogging, there will be times you need a break from that, too. I know it's cliche, but I missed valuable time with my kids because I was too caught up with doing things to enhance my resume, promote by writing career, etc. etc. and it's time I can't get back. Good luck with your decisions and figuring how to balance it all, but it sounds like you've already begun to find a solution. Kelly recently posted..No time for bloggin’My Profile
  3. I was just thinking about you and hoping the reason you weren't updating is because you are busy with life. I have taken multiple loooong breaks. In fact, this is not my first blog (or my second, actually). My advice is just be patient - you'll find your passion again. It might just come in a very different form than what you are used to. Betsy recently posted..The FormMy Profile
    • Betsy - I really appreciate your advice and that you said it may come back in a different form. I've been really thinking of maybe (eventually) starting a food blog - cooking is a passion, something I have to do everyday and my recipe posts do well. Maybe this is just a branch in the road - a reason to take another path. xoxo Natalie recently posted..It’s All About Me (Or What You May Not Know About Me)My Profile
  4. I feel as if I've come full circle. I started blogging as a diary of our lives just for family. Then I got into the public side, the social media - I wanted to gain followers, build my brand, do product reviews, maybe make some money, too, And now I'm back to just wanting to do it for myself. I don't care if anyone reads it. (Ok, maybe I do a little.) Google updated Blogger about a month ago, and now my comment plugin is jacked up so no one can comment. But I haven't fixed it. At first, I didn't want to mess with it because I knew it would be a pain. But now, i just really don't care. I haven't been on Twitter/Pinterest much either. I have so little free time now that I'm working again, that I spend as much of it with the kids as I can, a little bit on chores, and the rest relaxing. Usually that means sitting on the patio with the neighbors and a glass of wine. Sometimes it's watching tv. And only occasionally do I spend it reading my fave blogs. Or even less often, writing a post. I was worried about it for awhile, but I feel like you do. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the kids' ages. I've decided not to worry about it though. Just going to let whatever happens, happen. Love ya! NotJustAnotherJennifer recently posted..Guest Post: Great ExpectationsMy Profile
  5. You have a whole big fan base who is here when you're ready to come back and a circle of friends if you decide to say screw it. Enjoy your kids and summer (but text a cute picture every once in a while!) Poppy recently posted..Get This Big Baby Out – The Tutorial at Aiming Low TodayMy Profile
  6. I know how you feel....I have totally gotten away from blogging. The desire left me and hasn't returned. I only update my family blog monthly (for the grandparents) and I closed my homeschool blog. I say follow your heart - maybe you need some time off to enjoy life without the pressure to blog. The kids grow soooo fast - enjoy every single moment :)
  7. Love that you wrote this. It's a tough thing to balance it all. I have no clue how to do it but I do know that I won't do what I don't enjoy and when I feel that way I tend to disappear from things. I do know that I intend to cherish this Summer with my kids though so if you do see me on The Twitter too much - tell me to log-off! xoxo tracy@sellabitmum recently posted..Better Than A Beaver StoryMy Profile
  8. I had to decide what was important to me and how to make it work. For example, my family needed me to not work on the weekends so I rearranged my writing time even though it seemed impossible to do and I'm so much happier and less burned out taking weekends off (well for me: Friday afternoon to Sunday evening). I never signed up for Pinterest because I knew I couldn't do it and have time for my top priorities (blogging/writing on Late Enough is #1 for me). Anyway, it's tough to say no and reorganize but has been worth it for me. Alex@LateEnough recently posted..What Did We Think Would Happen To The Doctor Who Helped Us Find Bin Ladin?My Profile
    • Thanks for your suggestions, and I am cutting WAY back on all the extra stuff. I want/need to get back to the basics. Blogging gave me the opportunity to freelance, and that has been a blessing, but then I started blogging about so much other stuff that I got away from why I started my blog in the first place - to have an online diary for the kids. I need to get back to that. Natalie recently posted..It’s All About Me (Or What You May Not Know About Me)My Profile
  9. Oh, sweet friend. I'm convinced that those who say they have found balance are big, fat liars! I'm no closer to finding balance than I was when I first started blogging. But, I'm always here. We could go old school and use the telephone. xoxo Nichole recently posted..5 Things: A birthday letter to my daughterMy Profile
  10. I have an identity crisis every few years- blogging has helped me find one, but as I look back I am trying to figure out if I made my own life or I molded to what others was doing. Change can be good! Megan recently posted..I’ve got this thing for unicornsMy Profile
  11. you have to be one of the busiest bloggers I know. You take as long as you want. And just like others said, even if you never blog again? you have a buttload of friends from it all! boom. Katie recently posted..coaster buddies…againMy Profile
  12. Totally understand! I've been feeling this way a lot lately. Love ya, girlie!! Chelle recently posted..Fun With Band-Aid and The MuppetsMy Profile
  13. First off, I LOVE your header! SO cute. Anyway, I get this. Some days, I just don't feel like blogging/being online at all. Some day, it's all I want to do. I do always want to keep a record of our lives for my family, though, so I'll always do that. Because I just don't have time for scrapbookin! Greta recently posted..Memorial Day (Mini) Road Trippin’My Profile
  14. You take on so much! Take a break and know that your readers (and friends!) will be here when you get back :) angela recently posted..Freedom, Stability, and Roman Holiday – The First Husband Book ReviewMy Profile
  15. I just posted about this very same thing - this general sense of apathy and ennui that's overtaken me and many of my blogging buds. I linked to several others who've also written about it this week alone - and then added yours to the list! I personally think it's a little bit of all of the above. For me, at least. Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Friday Non-Tapas: ‘Cuz Honey Badger Just Don’t CareMy Profile
  16. I am the same right now. So I have no advice :-(
  17. Try this: don't worry about NOT posting. Handle whatever obligations you have but past that, drop it. Leave the blog up, though (hello?! I need my boojahjah fix sometimes!). I think a lot of times that's what brings the anxiety and if you are focusing on that then you aren't really enjoying the present moment at hand, whatever that might be. So, free yourself from the guilt. Then one day, Mia will do something that will make you pee your pants a little and you'll want to write about it. It feels like work because of the schedules, the pressure of making sure you are "current" in this fast-paced social media world and let's be honest, aren't you a type A? ;-) Enjoy right now. Go read a book! I have several suggestions for you. Maybe when you do, you'll want to tell us about it. And if you don't, that's okay too, babes. oxoxox Sili recently posted..This Is Who I Am Volume VIIIMy Profile
  18. Make room sister... Same boat, Me, you, kids, summer. Same boat. Don't be a stranger, ok?
  19. Oh, I TOTALLY get this. I've felt this way for like a year. I just can NOT seem to get it together and get anything written. I had a baby for heavens sake and I can't get motivated to even write her birth story. Struggle! Anyway....hopefully I'll get back at it one day, and hopefully you'll get it figured out too.
  20. I think this is a tough time of year to blog b/c of the weather and summer activities. I don't have any stellar advice except to pay attention to how you feel, and if you are so moved to blog, then do so. It shouldn't feel like a chore or a responsibility. KeAnne recently posted..Off KilterMy Profile
  21. I'm with you! I had a busy Spring and got out of the habit. And now it's summer and it just seems fairly pointless. It takes so much time to keep up with everything and tweet and comment, etc. I need a break. Of course, here I am, reading and commenting. ; ) Occasionally the siren calls. Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Pinterest PornMy Profile
  22. We are in the same boat! Life is crazy with the kids and work I can barely keep up. Then when it comes time to write a post for my own personal blog, I have nothing. I'm putting less stress on myself. Work and family come first...and I'm ok with that. Take time for yourself, and don't stress. Live life :)
  23. I went through this last week when my kids found my blog. I quit my gig at In the Powder Room. I deactivated Twitter....and then within 2 days I was having the shakes. I reactivated Twitter and now I'm thinking of asking In the Powder Room to take me back. The realization that I wasn't going to be part of the community anymore scared me. I say take your much deserved break, but don't give up on us just yet. And hey, I'm totally waiting for a Brazilian Butt Lift update! Sandra recently posted..I didn’t cry until…My Profile
  24. Wish I had advice for you. I have been in my own blogging funk for more months than I care to admit yet I do not want to give it up. Need to somehow find my groove again. Nolie recently posted..Statistics Tell Me I Am NOT A Mommy BloggerMy Profile
  25. Taking breaks is IMPERATIVE!! We will all be waiting for you, when you're ready. xo Tonya recently posted..I’m Ready!My Profile
  26. It's perfectly normal, Natalie. That's one of the reasons I made the decision to only blog every 4 or 5 days. I love the followers but I can't live my life for them. And, no matter what anyone says, the minute you start blogging for any reason, other than recording your life for your family, it's a job. Plain and simple. Articles don't get written and pictures found/taken without using up precious time that can be used elsewhere. Just like a job, it has to be done.That's why corporations pay to have people handle their social media. I'm always stunned by the number of young mothers blogging -- on a daily! basis -- and how they manage to do it all. It has to burn you out. And, the more followers, the more the obligation. Do what you feel is right. I'm always delighted to see you show up in my Reader but I'm not chastising you, if you don't. Blogging should be fun. I know you'll find the balance. Come visit when you can. SharleneT recently posted..Solar Summer Squash Swiss Chard SoupMy Profile


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