Where In the World Is Natalie?

I know, I know…I just fell off the face of the earth! The last week was a rough one for us, starting last Saturday when our stairs construction was supposed to be completed. It isn’t. Still. And I am NOT happy about it!

I’m hoping to get back on track and caught up again this week…I miss the world of blogging and all of my friends! I didn’t get on the computer once this past week, except on Monday to post we were going to Disneyland.

We had a blast! We only live about an hour away from Disney, so we decided since it was Tater’s first time going, that we would only do a half a day. We left at 1:00 and were home by 10:00 pm. It was hot and crowded, but we didn’t wait very long (no more than half an hour or so) to get on rides. And because Tater, who is not even 3 yet, is a giant, he was able to get on all of the “big” rides! The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain…he LOVES the fast rides! He enjoyed his day, and has been asking to go back again.

Tater with Mickey
Tater on the Tea Cups
Me and my boy
Tater and Daddy
Tater waiting for Space Mountain with his R2D2 toy
And that was how our trip to Disneyland went. He got to go on all the fun rides, got a cool toy (didn’t want mouse ears), was the center of our attention all day, and got to run around and be crazy.
Tomorrow, maybe I’ll tell you about the construction nightmare that has become my life. And ants. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I hate those things. World War III is going on here at our house between “us” and “them”.
I’m going to try to make the blogging rounds this week and get caught up on reading and all the fun I’ve missed! I have over 300 emails in my inbox because I didn’t even check emails this week. I’m thinking about just deleting them all. If you sent me an email and haven’t heard back from me, please email me again!
And don’t forget to check out this week’s Word Up, YO! WOW!…it’s a good one and will be very fun to incorporate into a post!
And so it goes…


  1. glad to see you are back! looks like you had a fun day at disneyland :)
  2. So glad you are back, and that you guys had a great time at Disneyland! The pictures are great!
  3. You were missed! I am glad you, Tator, and Daddy had fun at Disney--Tator's smile is priceless!
  4. I was wondering about you this week! I'm glad you guys had fun - looks like Tater had a great time!
  5. Aging Mommy says:
    I wondered what had happened to you this week - glad you had fun at Disney, something we have yet to do and I am looking forward to going some day with my daughter.
  6. Welcome back! Glad you had fun...you know, my kids never wanted those ears, either for some reason.
  7. I've had a week where I wanted to fall off the face of the earth. However delayed I've been I'm still here. Glad you are back and that you had a fun day at Disneyland.
  8. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I'm glad you had such a good time! And even more glad (I'm selfish like that) that you're back!
  9. Awe...the photos are great! Tater is beautiful - and love how bright eyed he is being at Disney. We are heading there (my very first time EVER) in September - and are SO excited!!!

    Hope you returned home to find the stairs a little more settled! We've missed you!!!
  10. The Urban Cowboy says:
    Looks and sounds like the family had a fantastic time! Tater got to ride on the big kid rides...now how cool is that? Way cool!
  11. Karen Mortensen says:
    Glad you are back and glad you had such a wonderful time.
  12. Delete, delete, delete!!!

    tater looks remarkably like you, BTW.
  13. elizabeth @ twelvecrafts says:
    Definitely delete! It's so great to have a fresh clean start!!!!

    BTW - You have the cutest family! Looks like you had a blast!
  14. How cool for you to be able to just take Tater without the girls, I bet he loved that. You both look so happy. I love that picture on the teacups. What a fun day!
  15. Delete! If it's super important, they will e-mail you back. I can't wait to take my boys to Disneyland! We're thinking next year. looks like you had a great tim. And so sorry about you construction problems - hope it gets better!
  16. Sharlene T. says:
    We were here, all alone!, while you were off having fun at Disneyland... not even going to discuss contractor jobs... aarrggghhhh!... go ahead and delete the emails... no one's going to get a cauldron going... welcome back... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief
  17. Paul and Kerry says:
    We were just talking about you this morning! we have been missing our Natalie. I'm so glad Tater loved Dland! Our kids are giants too and can always get on the big rides too. When we took our daughter she was 6 and I went straight to space mountain. They loved it!

    talk soon!
  18. Thats so fun that you live that close to Disney and can experience that with the little one!! Glad you had a great time! Hope the construction gets done.
  19. Big Fat Mama says:
    How fun to live that close to Disney!! It looks like you had a great time. I know how hard construction going on in your home can be. We've done remodeling before and it can be a major inconvenience, but well worth it in the end. Hang in there!
  20. Nina @ Momma Go Round says:
    I missed you! So glad to hear you had such a blast at Disneyland...I can't wait to take LJ. We are only an hour away too, so maybe at Christmas time. Hope the ants don't kill you!
  21. Natalie...I knew you couldn't stay away!
  22. The Empress says:
    oh, does that little guy look like you or what???

    glad you're back, can't wait to hear about WallyWorld.
  23. You've been missed, lady! Looks like you guys had so much fun at Disney. Love the pictures :D
  24. blueviolet says:
    You've been understandably detained! A girl needs her stairs,you know.

    So glad to hear about the fun trip to Disney!
  25. Belle's Butterfly says:
    So glad you had fun at Disney. We decided last week that we are going to go down to Disney World in December. I can not wait. Your pictures are great. Looks like Tater had a fabulous time!
  26. We missed you! Delete those 300 and start fresh!
  27. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:

    I saw the Disneyland post and just figured you were on vacation the whole week. I didn't realize it was demo drama. ACK.

    I like my story better. Let's go with that one.
  28. Welcome back! I know I'm not the only one that missed you while you were gone, but I am so glad you had some fun one-on-one time with Tater. I can't wait to take LMW to Disneyland for the first time. I was almost 7 the first time I went and I remember being absolutely thrilled.

    As far as the 300 e-mails, even now and then, you need a blogging break, so I say delete 'em and start fresh.

    Good luck with the construction and ants.
  29. The Mommy says:
    Hi there!!
    I was on a little break myself but, I'm glad you are back the same time I am:)
    I'm glad you had a blast in Disneyland (why wouldn't you? Right!). Post more pictures!
    Sorry to hear about your construction nightmare. Will read up more on that in your next post.
  30. gringationcancun says:
    I wanna live close to Disneyland!!!!!!!
  31. Lula Lola says:
    Disneyland looked like a blast! Hope you get your ants under control. We're dealing with moths and my life feels like it's coming undone!
  32. That is so awesome that Tater got to go on all of the "cool" rides! When we took Rylie to Disney World for the first time (we are like 45 minutes away), she was still too little for a lot of stuff...which she probably still will be for a while. She still had a great time, but it will be even more fun when she gets to go on all of the bigger rides. I'm so glad you had a great time!

    My inbox is so ridiculously backed up that I may end up having to delete everything and start fresh like you. Great idea! :-)
  33. The Flying Chalupa says:
    I WAS wondering where you went! Glad you had fun at Disney. You look SO much like your son (I bet you hear that all the time).

    And just press the delete button. Stuff that happens when you're on vaca or super-busy doesn't count. :)
  34. Great pics. Your little man is a super cutie!