Where Have You Been?

Where are you? Is everything okay? I haven’t seen you on facebook or Twitter and your site is down…

Several of you contacted me this week to let me know my site might have been hacked, and that a trashy looking french maid hawking sex toys and fetishes had taken over my site. Thank you all for having my back, because I need all the looking after that I can get! I responded that yes, it was hacked, because it was easier to explain than what really happened.

Apparently my domain needed to be renewed and Google sent the notification to an email address I never use. Then the credit card they had on file had expired. I didn’t get either of these emails because, like I said, I never use the gmail account they sent the notices to.

So on Tuesday morning I woke up to find the french maid. I really wish I had a picture of her because she really was trashy and pretty worn out looking, not at all sexy. Google really should do a better job of trying to sell sex.

Anyways I immediately jumped on email and contacted Google who told me to check my emails…even though we were kind of past that point. It took me 3 days of running in circles trying to deal with Google to get my site back up and running. So long story short and moral of the story: do whatever you need to do to make sure your domain never expires!

Before Tuesday, I was up to my knees in paint, moving furniture and getting new carpet. We decided to have Ethan swap rooms with the girls because his room was bigger than theirs. So before the move I decided to repaint their rooms. This required me to remove wallpaper border that did NOT want to come off. This also required several coats of paint to cover up the colors that were in their rooms. I love to paint, but this time it was ridiculous.

We also had to move all the crap furniture and toys out of their rooms, and our room too since we decided to recarpet all three rooms. It was a lot of work.

Thank God it’s all done and the kids are happy with their new rooms. We even converted the girls’ cribs into regular beds and they’ve been sleeping in them all night!

You might have noticed that I updated my header! Thanks again to Kristi of Creative Kristi Designs, who has taken care of my blog now for the last year, who surprised me with it. Well, what actually happened was I wanted to do an entire blog makeover and then decided to hold off on it. So she said “Let’s just update the header” and I LOVE it! What do you think?

And since my blog has been down, you might have missed my latest Brazil Butt Lift update. Head over to see how many inches I’ve lost in just a month! Next week is the big before & after picture reveal and I really don’t want to show those before pics! But since I committed to it, I’m still going to do it. Gulp.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Ahh oh no! That's terrible. Now I'm nervous because I disabled auto renew! Glad you made it out of your renos alive! It sounds like you did a lot!
  2. I've just renewed my domain for 2 years. don't want to lose it. the work on the rooms, never easy - but hopefully it's worth it! and you're losing inches? damn, girl. MommaKiss recently posted..ExhaleMy Profile
  3. OH - love the new site!! MommaKiss recently posted..ExhaleMy Profile
  4. So glad you got your site back up! I'm so glad you love the header-I think it is just cute enough while still being professional ;) but I might be a bit biased hehe xoxo Kristi @ Creative Kristi recently posted..Tell Me About It Tuesday | {How to Shorten Jeans in 3 Easy Steps}My Profile
  5. Glad to hear everything is okay. You have been on my mind, but I wasn't one of those that reached out. I'm a bad friend. I love the new header! Very classy. I hope you r family treats you like a queen this Mother's Day weekend. xoxo Tonya recently posted..Fear & AnxietyMy Profile
  6. I am too tight with my money to go down that 'own domain' route. I missed the trashy French Maid though. I havent been able to see half the blogs I follow because my internet connection has been so hit and miss lately. Nice header,by the way. Sometimes less is more! Symdaddy recently posted..Secret Monologues!My Profile
  7. First of all, love the new header! It's very clean and fresh! And I totally know how you feel. I had the same thing happen last year with letting my domain expire by accident. My problem however was that some dirt bags had snatched it up and wanted exorbitant amounts of money to sell it back to me. So I had to go to a .co instead of a .com. Now I feel all cheap and violated. But glad you're back! Sandra recently posted..I’m a sore loser…so bite me!My Profile
  8. Happy Mother's Day! And I love the new header :) Perhaps the french maid will lend you her skirt for your before/after photos? angela recently posted..Take the Leap – Reviewing Parallel JumpMy Profile
  9. Totally love your new header, very sophisticated. And not renewing my domain? Definitely something I would do. LIfe gets int the way of this blogging stuff sometimes. Jessica recently posted..Becoming a MotherMy Profile
  10. Oooh, I love the new header. Very classy and elegant. I think the worst thing about being online is that there are so many things you have to keep track of that aren't at the front of your mind -- until, it happens! That's why I keep a tickler file now on domains and subscriptions. Too easy for a foul-up. Bet the rooms look great. We'll see pix, soon? SharleneT recently posted..Solar Indian Rice Roll-UpsMy Profile
  11. I LOVE the new header! Kristi is working on a redesign for my blog right now!! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done... I'm also hoping that I'm not to annoying with all my thoughts, ideas, and changes! Jackie recently posted..Nature’s Hand Granola Review & Giveaway!My Profile
  12. Glad to see you are back. The new lay out looks greats. Keep up the great writing because you have some powerful stuff