Where Are the Girls?

I’m in the kitchen doing dishes when I realize it’s absolutely silent. Silence, when you have three kids, is not good. I know Tater’s upstairs watching a cartoon. The girls are, or were, playing in the living room, which I can clearly see from the kitchen, except that they are nowhere to be seen. I  can see the tornado of toys that is also known as my living room, but no babies.

I see the TV is off, which is odd because it was on when I started the dishes.

I hear a weird rubbing/bumping sound…then giggling. I look at the space in between the TV and the wall and find this:

They have unplugged the TV and are taking turns eating the plug.

You Know You’re a Mom When…

  • You say things like “Get out from behind the TV”, “Don’t eat the plug”, and “Quit trying to poke your sister in the eye with the plug” and they don’t sound at all weird

  • Although you think your house is pretty well baby proofed, your year old twins will find and take delight in playing in the one area you never even thought needed to be baby proofed

  • Silence, when there are three kids in the house, is not necessarily golden

I am beyond excited to make this announcement: You Know You’re a Mom When-sDaze is now my meme! Arizona Mamma over at Our Daze in the Desert knows how much I love this meme. She asked me the other day if I would like to take it over…and of course I replied YES, YES, YES! So if your post describes the ways you know you’re a mom, please feel free to link up!

And, this is also for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday. Hope it made you crack a smile 🙂

And so it goes…


  1. Those were fantastic. Thanks for the laughs. I really needed that tonight. Happy WW!
  2. ♥Cari♥ says:
    Oh man, that was great! lol I read through every sentence just shaking my head in agreement :D

    Also, I totally feel you on the living room being a mess with toys. It never fails - people come over and as hard as I try to keep everything picked up, I always find random toys in places they should't be and where I swear I looked...
  3. Seriously, when you said 3 kids and silence I could see where this post was going. LOL They are adorable... good thing too, huh? I always tell my baby girl that she is lucky she is so cute because she is a handful!
  4. Mama Penguin says:
    Those girls are just too darn cute!!
  5. These days I'm just enjoying the silence and cleaning up the aftermath later. Adorable pictures, it's got to be harder now that they are mobile!
  6. WOW! Well at least they didn't knock the TV over. Oh and give it to me straight. We are going to be trying for another one soon. I am so darn scared of twins when I already have Little Man. Is it really as scary as I imagine it?
  7. I approach silence with mixed emotions...I love it but I know that something is absolutely wrong. And yet sometimes I just can't find the energy to research the situation!!

    Your girls are adorable.
  8. Allyson & Jere says:
    It is absolutely amazing and a bit terrifying where kids can wriggle their way in to. Seriuosly, it's a wonder they don't cause MORE damage than they already do.

    Cute pics, can't believe how old the girls are looking.
  9. Those are great! thanks for the laughs. I've had pneumonia for the last week and needed a good laugh.
  10. BAH! I should have read linky explanation. Thought it was to share this meme but says it's for Wordless Wednesday. I was too excited that I finally took part and that you are the new host.
  11. I have one...I have yet to post it...but I laughed so hard when the hubs said this.
    Okay you know you are a dad who is dealing with potty training when your neighbor's dog starts barking and your 3 year old son says "Daddy, the dog" and your husband says "Yep buddy and he's telling you he just pooped on the potty!"

    The girls looks adorable!
  12. Just Writing says:
    I'm still wondering how they managed to wiggle into that tiny space. Glad they did not topple the TV over. I agree, with kids, silence is not always golden, :)
  13. Owen's Mom says:
    Silence in my house is always a bad sign! I run faster when I don't hear things than when I hear something off.
  14. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    Lol! Silence is always worrying! Even though Piglet is only little I'm already learning that! The last time I was in the kitchen and heard silence, I went in to find her wedged between the bookcase and a chest, having got herself out of the supposedly safe area in which I'd left her!
  15. Laurie Wallin says:
    That is such a cute shot of them, despite their nefarious activities!

    As for me, "you know you're a mom when" you find your 2 year old in the laundry room "cleaning" the cat boxes by adding detergent to the litter by the cupful, and you go get your camera instead of yelling. (which is also why I loved your post last week with the baby jail... kindred spirit!! :)
  16. Too cute!!! I love how twins do everything together... even get in trouble :)

    I also have a little plug eating monster, but he's not clever enough to go behind stuff yet ;)
  17. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli says:
    Who us? We're not doing anything here. Just sitting together...
  18. That is adorable! At least they are sharing chewing on the cord! LOL!
  19. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Silence is never a good thing no matter how many kids there are!

    We frequently have to warn Gunne that "We do not unplug things!" And now he keeps trying to plug other random stuff in. *sigh*
  20. jillconyers says:
    That is hilarious! And too cute.
  21. blueviolet says:
    And you can't even get mad at them because they're too stinkin' cute!
  22. Doll Clothes Gal Pal says:
    Haha! What a really cute surprise! :)
  23. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
    They are beautiful but mischievous little girls ;)
  24. The Sharp's says:
    Absolutely! They are beautiful! Congrats on the new meme!
  25. Belle's Butterfly says:
    I can see Belle doing this by herself. I only have one and when ever she's quiet it's never a good thing. We have to have a power strip in her room for her monitor and humidifier. I hate it but we have no choice. Thankfully she rarely plays in her room so she has no clue it's there yet.
  26. I do believe that I have said something similar, which probably doesn't surprise you. :)
  27. thegreatmamaexperiment says:
    My first thought while reading this was, "How sweet! Her girls are sharing!"
  28. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    LOL...Now, I love the silence. It means there is no electric guitar, piano or drum set being played.

    But I do remember the days when silence was very, very bad.

    They are so cute back there!
  29. Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com says:
    Great pictures! Kids can find the craziest ways to amuse themselves...
  30. LOL I love that they were eating the plug. They are apparently very tasty! I'm so glad you are going to keep this meme going! It's one of my favorites!
  31. Yeah our weird saying involve a lot of inappropriateness with the cat. Motherhood is awesome.
  32. WeeMasonMan's Mom says:
    Note to self: Babyproof the area behind the entertainment center where Mason can crawl into, get stuck, and proceed to eat a variety of plugs! LOL

    I love that you got pictures of these escapades!
  33. Those two are definitely your daughters... as they get older, they look more and more like you every day.

    Silence is not always a good thing!

    Thanks for taking over this meme. I love it!
  34. beeka-beeka says:
    I too experience this OFTEN. I freak out every single time only to find the boy in the same exact spot - in the corner(between the wall and the dresser) just sitting there either going through my purse, reading a book, or holding his stuffed Elmo.
  35. Big Mama Cass says:
    Sweet!! Congrats!!

    Isn't it amazing how children find their way into the one spot you didn't babyproof???

    Monk still manages to find new things every day. Never a dull moment!! GRRR
  36. Silence is NOT always a good thing...usually they're up to something! So glad it wasn't that they had left home and joined the circus...and glad you are always ready with your camera!

    Congrats on your new meme...this is one of my favs, too!
  37. You know I love your lil ladies. So cute. Congrats on the new "ownership!" I tried for PINT but clearly my $5 wasn't getting me far w/ supah :p
  38. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    When I saw the first photo, I initially thought the girls had escaped. Better stuffed behind the tv than wandering the streets alone!

    Congrats on taking over the meme. That's very exciting!
  39. Silence is never good when you have kids! It's amazing the tiny spaces they can squeeze through. :) So cute!
  40. Its hard to be upset when they are so adorable!
  41. You are so right - silence is a BAD, BAD thing when little ones are involved!!
  42. Unplanned Cooking says:
    Ha ha, that is so funny! I always know to RUN when things get quiet :)
  43. Colleen (Shibley Smiles) says:
    So glad they unplugged it before they tried to put it in their mouth. What a great arrangement of photos to show us your journey to finding the reason for the quietness.

  44. too funny. and what's funnier is that you took pictures of it.
  45. So glad you picked up the meme! I so enjoy it too and would hate to see it fade away! The looks on their faces are PRICELESS. They are such smart little things, kids. Almost like, "I dare you to babyproof." Ha!
  46. LoL. I know what you mean. My twin boys are two and they still find things that I thought were toddler proof. At our house if it gets quite it diffidently means trouble.
  47. Aging Mommy says:
    GREAT post! Unplugging TV's at one, oh my, you are going to have your hands full for a very long time to come. I'm sensing preschool at 2 is on the cards :-)
  48. Natalie--this post nearly made me pee my pants.
    Your girls are so ridiculously cute...and far too smart! You are in so much trouble. :)
  49. That is so cute that they crawled back there!! LOL The kids just get everywhere, don't they??
  50. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    OMG that was fantastic!! (well for me anyway...hehehe.) I just love the idea that they were taking turns.
  51. Just Another Mom of 2 says:
    Oh this is great! How funny- I had a similar situation involving my daughter and the laptop cord.. ugh.

    Will have to join in soon, what a great meme!
  52. The Flying Chalupa says:
    HA! Nothing is EVER baby-proofed, as I'm learning. And silence is definitely the harbinger of no-good.
  53. They really are way to cute for words. And for some reason...why are they even cuter when they are doing something naughty??
  54. OMG!! They are too much! Silence is always the thing to fear most in the under-4 set!!!
  55. moveovermarypoppins says:

    Twins are awesome.
  56. Congratulations on your new hosting gig! I'm definitely joining in now. I find silence in my house terrifying... though not quite as terrifying as the clink of glass.
  57. Too much! Yep, you definitely know you're a mom when silence is NOT good. I have a feeling you have two little trouble makers on your hands. :-) The giggling part is what I was nodding in agreement with. When my daughter was a baby she and her partner in crime would tear things off the walls at school and giggle at their destructiveness. (Is that even a word??? LOL)

    Thanks for the linky! I linked up my WW post. :-)
  58. Sharlene T. says:
    My husband learned that lesson years ago, when I left him in charge while I went grocery shopping... he decided it was okay to take a nap because they were so quiet... no need to go into what the little dickens achieved... suffice to say, he never napped, again!... you've got some great days coming up, I can see that... come visit when you can...
  59. They always go for what you don't (or wouldn't think to) babyproof. My 1 year old? Loves the garbage can. Dumpster Dives on a daily basis. He also squeezes behind the TV to unplug it. Drives me bonkers.
  60. Oh my gosh that is hilarious! You are so right. Silence is really the worst possible thing!
  61. DIAPERS in the DESERT says:
    I was laughing so hard when I read that because it happened to me last week. Granted it was only one baby... Silence is soo not golden its scary.
  62. OMG! I laughed so hard! Natalie, your kids sure do keep you on your toes. Thanks for the laugh and hopefully the twins will be nice to you today.