What’s The Funniest Google Search You’ve Ever Gotten?

What’s the funniest Google search you’ve ever gotten?

Or the grossest?



If you pay attention to your stats, you can probably answer this one off the top of your head. It’s always fun to look and see how others end up on your blog. What sparked me asking this question was a tweet I read that my friend Nichole over at in these small moments had posted:

Weird and funny, right? The first thing I wondered was why was somebody Googling that? My second question was: are there really hairs in there?

This tweet sparked conversation of course, and it was funny to hear others’ Google searches. So I thought I would tell you a little about what I’ve learned about Google searches that land people on my blog.

1. People love the Brazil Butt Lift, white trash bashes, and tater tot casseroles.

2. People do a lot of searches on tattoos with kids names in them.

3. People are crazy about white trash gifts, costumes, dress, food, ideas, pictures, and music. I know a little about white trash, but not so much about white trash music. That one I’ll have to look into.

4. People confuse Mommy of a Monster with Monster Mommy (the lovely Lady Gaga), and if you do an image search for Monster Mommy, you’ll get this:

That picture second from last? That’s me! So technically I’m kinda-sorta-but-not-really totally connected to Lady Gaga.

5. Lots of people Google to find out who will play Christian Grey when the finally make 50 Shades of Grey a movie.

6. I am not the only person in Southern California who wants to kill a mockingbird.

7. There are lots of people out there who want to regrow celery.

8. Sadly, many people Google how to write a goodbye letter to a friend. I am guessing my post isn’t what they had in mind.

I’ve gotten some disturbing ones too, like “kids in bathtub” that went to a post I wrote for Mr. Bubble. The picture came down immediately. Or “boys with shaved legs” which led to a guest post KLZ from Taming Insanity wrote for me.

I’ve seen “I don’t like my kids” and “Is it okay to call my kids monsters”. I’ve written about the first one and say yes to the second.

What are some of your favorite Google searches that lead to your blog? Or the strangest? Most disturbing? I want to hear about them all!

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  1. Somehow I get a little traffic from the word "blunders". NICE! The look up this word and my blog pops up. Just what I need. LOL. ~Allie Allie recently posted..Attracting Visitors to Your Blog Does Not Equal a Thriving CommunityMy Profile
  2. Ah yes! Let's see: Hood girl panties (I come up #2 and now want to go see who beat me out for #1) and mamis naughty have hit my site this week. I've had weird searches regarding pee "pee hitting the diaper". Um, why? The search that I've seen the most has been "mother's day message in heaven" and mami swagger & baby swagger, I think. Lately I've gotten a lot of "football positions" searches as well. Don't you just love it? Um, FYI, that whole kid in the bath thing freaked me out. Sili recently posted..What Does Motherhood Mean to You?My Profile