Whatcha Reading?

It’s no secret that I’m a huge bookworm. I’ve written about my love for reading many times before. Now that the kids are going to be going to school in the next couple of weeks, I’ve already started my plan to devour books again at an alarming (but expensive!) rate. So I thought I’d send you over to read my post about where to find inexpensive or free books. Because as much as I’d like to pay $10 for books to go right to my Kindle, I just can’t afford it. So any tips you have on where to find cheap books would be appreciated.

I just realized I can “rent” downloadable books from our county library! So check with yours (I just did an online search) to see if your county offers the same. It’s much cheaper than buying them, and you don’t need a Kindle to do it. You can use your laptop or desktop computer!

And all of this brings me to this question: What are you reading right now? I just started On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves. It was recommended by a couple of friends, and when I checked it out on Goodreads.com, it had some great reviews. I stayed up until almost midnight last night reading it!

Are you on Goodreads? Check out my Goodreads profile and let me know yours…I’d love to connect and check out your recommendations!

And along with my love of reading comes a love of writing. In case you missed it yesterday, I gave fiction another stab and wrote a short story titled The Wall. I would love to get some feedback on it if you’ve got some!

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  1. Im just getting back into reading and loving that I've made time for it :) just an FYI- you can also "lend" some e books that you purchased through amazon, depending on if the author allows it or not. You would just go through your past digital orders to see if it was possible. Very cool that you started writing too-I will check out The Wall :) I'm a newbie to goodreads, but I'll follow you too :)
  2. I LOVE Goodreads! It's a great way to find new books and start the collection of I'm going to read them soon books! Jackie recently posted..The post with no point or me whining about BlogHerMy Profile
  3. I love reading too. I'm currently engrossed in the outlander series of books. Goodreads is an excellent website for finding good books. Corinne recently posted..37 weeksMy Profile
  4. Well, like every warm blooded American woman, I succumbed to the Fifty Shades trilogy. It was OK... Now I'm reading Sarah's Key - SO GOOD!!! Next on my list is some chick lit (Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer, Anywhere but Here by Marilyn Keyes), The Help, and The Girl who Played with Fire.
  5. I just finished The Night Circus and am almost done with The Paris Wife. Not original recommendations by any means, but I am so happy with both of them :) angela recently posted..Camping With Kids – Essence of NowMy Profile
  6. Our mutual love of reading is why you and I initially became friends I think. :) Tonya recently posted..This Time It’s PersonalMy Profile