What Is Klout? How Do I Find Out My Klout Score?

You know you have Klout, right? You might not know what it is yet, but you definitely have it if you have any social media addictions use social media. If you are addicted to social media, you are probably very familiar with your Klout score…but if you aren’t, here’s an overview of what Klout is all about!


What is Klout?

If you use Facebook or Twitter regularly, you’re going to want to head over to Klout.com right now and sign up to get your Klout Score. Your Klout Score measures your overall online influence. It ranges from 1 to 100, and the higher your score, the wider and stronger influence you have.

Basically, your Klout Score tells you what your influence is to drive people to action. Action can be a reply, a retweet, a comment, or a click.

So what do these things mean?

The score will also show you your True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

True Reach: This is the size of your engaged audience – the people that actually pay attention when you say something and react to your message. This could mean they respond, “like” something on Facebook, or “retweet” on Twitter.

True Reach is broken down into these categories:

Are your tweets interesting and informative enough to build an audience…do people listen to you?

How far has your content been spread across Twitter? Do you get retweeted regularly?

Are people adding you to lists and are those lists being followed?
How many people did you have to follow to build your count of followers?
How often are your follows reciprocated?
True Reach is Measured By: Followers, Mutual Follows, Friends, Total Retweets, Unique Commenters, Unique Likers, Follower/Follow Ratio, Followed Back %, @ Mention Count, List Count, List Followers Count.

Amplification Probability: Simply put, it’s the likelihood that people will respond to your messages by retweeting, @messgaing you back, liking, or commenting. This is also on a scale of 1 to 100.

Amplification  is broken down into these categories:

How diverse is the group that @ messages you? Is it the same few people all the time or do you get them from a variety of different people?

Do you start and/or participate in conversations? I know my Klout Score always goes up after the Friday night #WineParty on Twitter!

The chances of you being retweeted: do a lot of people retweet you or is it always the same few people?

How much do you tweet? Is it too much or too little?

Are your tweets effective? Do you get new followers, retweets and @ replies or are you ignored?

Amplification is Measured By: Unique Retweeters, Unique Messages Retweeted, Likes Per Post, Comments Per Post Follower Retweet %, Unique @ Senders, Follower Mention %, Inbound Messages Per Outbound Message, Update Count.

Network Score: This will tell you how influential your audience is on a scale from 1 to 100.

Network is determined by:

How influential are the people who @ message you?

How influential are the people who retweet you?

How influential are the people who follow you?

How influential are the people who list you?

How influential are the people who follow the lists you are on?

Network is Measured By: List inclusions, Follower/Follow Ratio, Followed Back %, Unique Senders, Unique Retweeters, Unique Commenters, Unique Likers, Influence of Followers, Influence of Retweeters and Mentioners, Influence of Friends, Influence of Likers and Commenters

Why should you care?

Understanding your influence within the world of social media is important to you and companies who work with you. If you don’t track how much influence you have, you will never be able to grow and change in a positive direction.

And Klout is important. In fact, BlogHer and Ketchum PR recently released a study showing that bloggers’ voices and opinions have replaced celebrity endorsements as reliable sources! If people want to know the truth, they seek it via social media, not through advertising. This is the influence that Klout is measuring.

So your Klout Score is low?

Of course it will take some time to increase your influence, and there are many ways to do it.

Here are a few suggestions:

Make sure that your content is top notch…I’m not only talking about on your blog, I’m also talking about on social media sites.

Initiate lots of chatter: Ask questions, ask for opinions, start a conversation, jump in on a discussion.

Reply to people who talk to you: Nothing is worse than trying to talk to somebody only to be ignored! Don’t be that tweep. Mind your manners and be sure to say please and thank you.

Acknowledge retweets, likes, and favorites: Let people know that you are paying attention and notice when they like what you have to say or share.

I know this was really long, and I apologize. But I hope that it helps you understand how important social media is and will be in the future!

Stay tuned because next week I’m going to tell you about Klout Perks – the free stuff you can get when your Klout Score is high! And by free stuff I mean free wine, free gift cards, free movie screenings, free weekend getaways and more!

Also, if you have any questions at all about Klout, leave them for me in the comments below and I’ll answer them next week as well. I’m in no way a Klout expert, but I will definitely do my best to answer them!


  1. Nathalie, this is highly interesting. Sometimes I feel like I'm living behind the moon here in paradise, concerning all the things that get registered by people or applications when you interact online. I need to look more into this. Very informative post. Thanks a lot. :-)
  2. I know you did this on purpose - right after I said I just cannot care about Klout or Alexa ... you did this to tease me a little more! The minute I meet you IRL, I will drag you to a corner,ply you with wine, and soak up your technical know how ... or just hold you hostage til you make right in my world ;) Last week my Klout went from 61 to 29 to 59, it hurts my feelings ...
  3. This is a great post with a ton of information. I thought I understood everything about Klout, but apparently there was more I needed to know! Thanks!
  4. this was very interesting....and packed with a lot of information. THANK YOU... and at 51, I feel like I'm HALFWAY THERE...which is good for today. thank you for introducing me to this!
  5. I love how everyone is all "My Klout score is ##, not that I caaaaare." Meanwhile, they're checking it obsessively. :) Thanks for the breakdown. Makes it much easier to understand.
  6. AWesome post Nat! If only I was on Twitter enough anymore to even have my Klout score keep going up!
  7. TheNextMartha says:
    Klout is interesting to me. I recently found out about Empire Avenue and can't even wrap my head around what it is. Klout is much easier to understand.
  8. Thanks for breaking it down. You're helpful as always Gigi!
  9. I have never heard of this before, things just keep on changing and changing!
  10. Just another reminder why I need to get my tush in gear when it comes to social media! Great information...I'm tweeting it on!
  11. I love this! thank you for all the information, I knew what Klout was but I didn't about the facts about it :)
  12. Wow - amazing - this whole social networking is taking off - klout - great info! How bad is one's klout if they don't have a facebook and/or twitter account? Now that is a question...
  13. This is why I asked my daughter to be my personal social media assistant. And why the Middle Aged Mormon Man had to send me the blog etiquette book...I'd be lost without them. Sandy
  14. Love this. Thank you for such an informative post. We heard at BBC, however, that it's not a global ranking, just North America...for whatever it's worth. I'm still trying to figure out how to add the widget to my Home Page.
  15. Great post! I must say that as my followers have increased and people have responded more to my tweets, it has been harder to respond back to everyone and my score has started to decrease. Which makes it seems like it is easier to have more klout if you are engaged in a smaller circle. Interesting stuff.
  16. YAY yet another "number" we need to be worried about. UGH
  17. This is so helpful! Stumbled :-)
  18. I just discovered Klout a couple of weeks ago and was trying to explain it to my mostly-offline husband. Thank you for this post, I think you broke it down in a much clearer way than this newbie could have ever done - I will show him this when he gets home :)
  19. Thanks for letting me know about another rating I need to work on! stumbled!
  20. thanks for this post, this is the first I am hearing about klout. I'm not doing too shabby, considering I really haven't been pushing anything lately! stumbled!
  21. Love this!!
  22. i had no idea what Klout was until a conversation on twitter not so long ago. I checked and apparently my score isn't too shabby. This sheds TONS more light on why it's important. Love this. It's good to know how influential you are if you are trying get sponsors so that you can go on to bigger and better things with the blog. Good stuff here, my friend. Way good stuff.
  23. This is a great post, how did I miss this last week? Looking forward to your Klout perks post.
  24. Really informative post! I already knew my Klout score, but checked in on some of the other stuff as well. Turns out Klout thinks I'm influential about vegetables, cats, and shoes, among other things. Very random, but OK!
  25. Wow. Just wow. As soon as I thought my fingertips had grasped the ledge... I need a few semester to digest and apply all of this. :) Thanks for the fast follow-up.
  26. Just when I finally thought I got Twitter all figured out, now there's another social media outlet? I can't keep up...LOL!! This site looks interesting and I love the way you gave detailed information how it all works!!
  27. My Klout score got me free wine and Subway. And now? I'm slightly obsessed with it! (I would totally strike through the word "slightly" if I knew the html to do that. Because truly? I'm obsessed.)
  28. Thanks for the awesome breakdown of Klout! I'm starting to understand it more but this post REALLY helped!
  29. Great info sweet friend! XO
  30. Thanks for this! I've been slowly figuring this site out. And now I'm trying to have klout for unicorns (and so is Danielle Liss. Haven't figured out how exactly to do it yet.
  31. Hi there - I know we frequent the same circles, but this is the first time I'm visiting your blog. I saw the post on blogher and had been meaning to find out more. This is so so helpful - thank you. I'm waiting for my slow computer to let me register.
  32. I ignored Klout until just yesterday when I read a post about Klout giving stuff away. My Klout always lingers between 48-52. So I guess I I should start joining in twitter parties. I love them but forget to participate. So thanks for that tip. Great post. BTW, I'll be at Blogher '11 too! Maybe we will run into each other! ~Allie
  33. I actually cannot stand Klout, because it's just one more metric for people to become obsessed with. The bottom line is, be yourself and interact with people. Have fun! That's what social media is supposed to be all about. Don't do things simply to try to increase some "score."
  34. I *think* I registered, but how do i give Klout to other people?!?! thanks for sending me this link to your post!
  35. I've seen klout mentioned often on twitter, but I was kind of ignoring it. I don't need another online social 'thing', but your article helped me see why I need it. Thanks, I'll scoot over and check it out.
  36. I do know my Klout score, but have been told by social media professionals time and again that no one "important" puts any emphasis on how much clout you have. Perhaps if you're job-hunting, it might matter that you have great reach and amplification and velocity, and so on ...
  37. i was just talking about klout the other day and no one could fully explain anything! thank you. great info.
  38. Great info. I'm not on Twitter much but I think I have realized that Twitter is a great way to get traffic and new readers to my blog. Something that I'm always trying to work on. I'll have to check out this Klout thingy.
  39. Great post! I feel like I understand how Klout works, but was having a hard time explaining it to others. Now I can direct them here!
  40. I wish there was a way to connect your FB page as opposed to your FB profile, since I keep my profile pretty private and do all of my networking via my page. I'm interested to hear about these Klout perks! ;)
  41. This is a great post. I learned a lot. I joined Klout only few days ago and it still frustrates me, but now I know more about it.
  42. Great post. I think klout is fine and use it some, just not enough perhaps. I am still trying to decide what the value is really, but I can see some usefulness.
  43. Thank you so much for this insightful blog, I found the link through a new friend of mine Susan Klopfer's Facebook page. I just joined Klout today and was disappointed to see I only scored a 41, but thanks to you, that number will be going up soon. Have a great evening!!!
  44. Great post..I have been "stuck" at 49 for weeks now. Any advice on how to get a jump up in Klout?


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