What Is Klout All About?

Well, I’ll tell you…but not here. I’m over at Kristin’s place Only Parent Chronicles so you can read my post What is Klout All About over there! Thank you so much Kristin for asking me to share my love of Klout with you!

I also now know from my recent post that I wrote about Guest Posting Etiquette that many bloggers use this kind of post…one that is just telling their readers that they have a guest post elsewhere…to introduce people new to their blog to their favorite posts so that the new readers can get a feel for their writing style and who they are. So if you are new to Mommy of a Monster, hello! Nice to meet you and glad you are here!

If you want to read some of my favorite posts, definitely check out my series called Lila and Mia Host The Bidness.The posts are all “written” by my two year old twin girls.

My post called White Trash Backyard Bash is one of my most popular posts from Google hits — I guess people love white trash party ideas!

And of course, The Window was my first attempt at writing fiction, and I immediately fell in love with writing the moment I hit publish.

What is your favorite post? I’d love to read it!


  1. Off to check out your post about Klout, because I know nothing about it!