Corked Wine: What Does It Mean?

Corked Wine: What Does It Mean?

Years ago, a friend and I started a wine blog for wine newbies. It’s no longer around, but I do still try to keep up its Facebook page, Have Wine, Will Drink. We answered all kinds of questions about wine, and we wrote our wine reviews in layman’s terms. Wine doesn’t have to be snobby – it should be fun and approachable, and it should be shared!

If you’re new to wine, you probably have lots of questions about it, and so I’d like to answer some common ones here. One question we never answered that’s a pretty common you you might hear is about corked wine. Maybe you’ve heard someone say “Yuck! This wine is corked!” Do you know what it means?

What does it mean when someone talks about corked wine? It doesn't mean that there's cork pieces in the wine! Get the answer this & other common wine questions.

Corked Wine: What Does It Mean?

Now you might think that “a corked wine” means that there’s cork floating around in the wine, but that’s not the right answer. When someone talks about a corked wine, what they mean is that the wine has become contaminated because of cork taint. Cork taint has a very distinct taste and smell, and if you ever taste corked wine, you will know it immediately!

According to VinePairCork is a natural substance, little microorganisms often like to eat it, either while it’s still part of the tree or after it’s been turned into a wine cork. In small instances, these airborne fungi come in contact with the cork and create a substance known as TCA. As soon as wine comes in contact with the TCA, it immediately spoils the wine. To me, corked wine tastes very acidy and sharp and you may even taste cork. It smells weird too – something similar to old, wet paper.

So what do you do if you get a corked wine? Put the cork back in and take it back to where you bought it. Most places will refund your money or replace the bottle for you.

Wine Tip: If you buy wines with a screw cap or synthetic cork, you never have to worry about your wine being corked!

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