What are Tannins?

I love wine. I love talking about wine. And I love teaching others about wine! Here’s a question that a lot of people ask: What are tannins?

What Are Tannins?

Love wine but don't know much about it? Here's a question that's asked often: What are tannins? I have the answer for you! What are tannins? Well, you don’t actually taste tannins – they are responsible for mouthfeel, or the way your mouth feels when you drink wine. Tannins contribute two characteristics to red wine’s flavor, astringency and bitterness. You know what bitter is since it’s one of our five tastes.

But when we talk about tannins and astringency, what we mean is that tannins may taste astringent because they bind with salivary proline-rich proteins and precipitate them out. So if tannins are very astrigent, you may feel a sense of roughness or dryness in your mouth. Think about it like this: if you allow a teabag to steep in a cup of water for 30 seconds and taste it, it will taste much different than if you let it steep for 5 minutes because of astringency.

If your mouth puckers or your tongue curls when you taste a particular wine, that’s the tannins! I’ve now answered the question what are tannins, and I hope it makes sense!

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