What Are Google Keywords and Why Are They Important? (Part 2)

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Okay, so if you were here on Tuesday, then you probably caught the Twitter-famous Tim’s (@sogeshirts) post all about using Google keywords and why they are so important for bloggers and SEO. Google keywords are a blogger’s lifeline. If you missed it, head over and read it now. Go ahead…we’ll wait.

You’re back? Great! So now you understand why it’s important for us to use specific Google keywords in our posts and titles and all of that fun stuff, right?

Now, I’m handing the floor back over to Tim so he can explain anchor text links…don’t worry, though. It’s not as scary as it sounds!

What Are Google Keywords and Why They Are Important

Now that we know how to do some keyword research we need to learn how to get onto the front page for a keyword in Google and Bing. How do we move up? We need to build anchor text links for our keyword back to our website! Anchor text is the text that’s used to create a link. Don’t worry I will show you an example of what an anchor text is in a second.

In our last example we saw that the keyword parenting styles had 8,100 monthly searches and low competition. We want to build links so that we rank for the keyword parenting styles. To do this we need links with the anchor text parenting styles linking back to our blog or website. To use anchor text we need to know a little html but it is pretty simple.

Let’s say our website’s domain is crazyparents.com. To create the anchor text to parenting styles copy parenting styles with your mouse and if you have gmail or wordpress scroll up till you see the link button which looks like a little chain. Click on it. On blogger click on html and after you highlight parenting styles click on link. It will then ask which domain you wan to link to. We want to link to crazyparents.com so type that in. The link will look like this parenting styles in html form. The anchor text on the website itself will look like parenting styles and will be highlighted in blue. This means when the search engines see the link of parenting styles they will give credit to crazyparents.com for that link. One more example. For me I want to rank for the keywords funny tshirts so I highlight funny tshirts and click on the link button and it points to the website Sogeshirts.com that I want to rank funny tshirts for.

Now how do we get links? The best way to get links is to ask some of your friends if you can write a guest blog for them. If your friends blog has page rank, which is how Google ranks which websites are important, then the higher page rank of the blog the better. If you can write 10 original blogs about parenting styles on websites that have a page rank of three or higher you will have a good chance of being in the top ten for that keyword, as long as your friend allows you to link to the anchor text parenting styles on their website. If 10 blogs isn’t enough keep finding blogs into you are in the top ten. After that find some other keywords that you want to rank for. There are other ways to get links besides guest posting but guest posting right now may be the strongest way to get links because google loves content!


Tim, thanks again for making these Google keywords and this SEO nonsense so simple to understand! And thank you so much for agreeing to let me host your brains here 🙂

And if you want even MORE information about anchor text, Tim wrote a post full of anchor text tips that you can check out!


  1. Now that's a great tip, and relatively easy to do. Must remember to do that all the time. Thanks Tim!
  2. Okay, I know I am really slow at techie things so I still don't understand how to do this. :(( I am sorry.
  3. Thanks a lot! I just stumbled onto your site and I'm glad today was the day! As a new blogger, these tips were great, but previously unknown to me. Thanks again!
  4. Tried to post a long response earlier but it didn't go through for whatever reason. @Alison thank you so much. @Tracy happy I could help. If any of you have any further questions about anchor text I am happy to send you info on it using your own blog as an example like I did with Tracy's blog. @Catherine glad you liked the tips.
  5. Here is what I wrote Tracy about Anchor text links if you all want more info about it. http://www.sogeshirts.com/Entertainment_Blog/anchor-text-tips-for-mommyofmonster-guest-post/
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