We’ve Got A Graduate In The House!

Okay, it’s not me if that’s what you are thinking. It’s Ethan!

He graduated from preschool this morning and is officially a Kindergartner now!

We watched as Ethan got his official diploma stating that he has graduated from preschool. They called his name and he proudly walked up to pick up his diploma. After all the graduates had their diplomas, they all let go of balloons to mark their accomplishment. Then we had breakfast, he said goodbye to his friends and teachers, and we walked out of the school for the last time.

How is he already almost five? How did this last year pass so quickly? How are the girls already old enough to be starting preschool in August?

Back in September, my boy went to school for the first time. And I took a picture of him holding that first day of preschool photo today. I’m starting a tradition that I’ll be doing for many more years. Every first day of school, I’ll take a picture. Every last day of school, I’ll take a picture of the kids holding their first day of school pictures. I know this will be something that they’ll treasure when their kids start school.

OH MY GOD! Someday they’ll have kids of their own!

I’m feeling elated and happy and excited and sad all at the same time thinking about how fast these last five years have passed.

The days are long but the years are short. I am feeling and appreciating those words more and more recently. It seems the girls are getting so big, so fast. They are getting more independent. I don’t have babies anymore, I have little kids running around. Very busy little people.

It takes me back to my feelings of when I wrote An Epiphany. So many firsts have passed and we’ll never experience them again. It’s so very bittersweet.

On another note, my sister and I are taking all of the kids to the beach for a couple of days…a sort of mini vacation. The kids are excited and I’m looking forward to the sand between my toes. Summer here we come!

I also have huge holes in my house right now. You read that right, huge holes. We are having a couple of new windows and doors put in later this week, but to save a ton of money, we are having a friend (he’s a licensed contractor) knock out the walls where the windows and door will go. I can’t wait to show you the final product!


  1. Yay, Ethan!! What an exciting accomplishment. Great pictures too. :) Tonya recently posted..I Never Knew…My Profile
  2. Congratulations! We have a beginning of the school year tradition of taking a photo by the steps in the house and out at the front door. I hope as she's getting older and getting into sixth grade next year, she doesn't think it's too silly to do. Heather recently posted..3 Year Checkup Picture and Sleeping UpdateMy Profile
  3. I need to remember the picture of the kid holding the picture of them when they started something . . . I can't believe how big he's getting. You must be a very proud mama :-) But, it seems that I just started following this blog, and he was just a toddler when I started . . . how the heck has that much time passed? John recently posted..Where I reflect on health and weight, yet againMy Profile
  4. The bigger question: Do you have full day or half day kindergarten? What a cutie! Poppy recently posted..40 Things Before 40My Profile
  5. He is so sweet! (I did the picture thing, too, and I just love it.) angela recently posted..In My CornerMy Profile
  6. It really does go by so fast, doesn't it? You look fab, btw! Shell recently posted..Things They Can’t Say: Where is the Me in Mommy?My Profile