The Weekend’s Gone Already?!

People, I am tired! That birthday party on Saturday wore me out! Not only was it Africa hot, but there were a gazillion kids running around and it’s hard to play hostess with the mostess when you are trying to keep an all on all those kids! And I guess I should mention we decided to hang out with some of the neighbors after the party ended, and ended up staying up until 1 am! I know, stupid move.

Anyways, I’m working on the birthday party post and let me say that we had a FANTASTIC time and it was a lot of fun! I can’t wait to share it with you! It will be up tomorrow, promise.

Sunday, we did nothing all day. But we did get all the presents open for the kids. It took an hour. More on that tomorrow…

Today, my sweet boy Tater turns three years old! I can’t believe how big he is! He’s not a baby anymore, he’s a little boy.

Tater’s 1st Birthday
Tater’s 2nd Birthday (2 weeks before I had the twins)
Tater’s 3rd Birthday

If you stopped by from Shell’s place, Things I Can’t Say, where I’m her BFF this week (yay!), or if you’re new here, I want to say hello! Nice to meet ya! Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

And to everyone who left me a comment on Friday or over the weekend, I’m trying to get caught up on responding – I got behind because I haven’t been on the computer since Thursday. Thanks for your comments and I hope to get caught back up in a few days!

And so it goes…


  1. So glad the party went well! Happy Birthday lil'Tater!! He is a heart breaker! I've got a 3 1/2 year old who will be looking for a prom date in in about 13 years - so I'll keep in touch, ok? ;) She's my little hot mess, but oh-they would be aDORable together!!! SO SO cute!
  2. Ms. Understood says:
    Wow . . . just look at Tater grow . . . his face hasn't changed a bit though, LOL. Happy birthday to all your little ones. I never checked back in on that blog where there were questions posted to you and you were gonna answer them. Email me the link when you get a chance. It just popped in my head.
  3. Nina @ Momma Go Round says:
    Dang girl, you looked AWESOME for being two weeks away from the twins. Can I sign up for that pregnancy club?

    It looks like Tater had a blast! Good luck recovering and I can't wait to see party pics!
  4. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    You just REST.

    We'll be here.

    Go. Rest. Now. Rest.
  5. Allyson & Jere says:
    You looked amazing for being 8 1/2 months pregnant with twins. WOWZA!

    Tater looks just like you. He's adorable. Happy Birthday to him.

    So glad the party went well, can't wait to see pics. But in the meantime, try and take a moment to just REST!!
  6. The Empress says:
    I'll bet you feel relieved that it's over. You had a wonderful time, you done good. Now relax and enjoy being done with the prep.

  7. The Drama Mama says:
    He's such a cutie! Happy Birthday. And congrats on being the BFF of the week. Shell's got an awesome blog. It's been awhile since I've been here. I need to stop in more often.
  8. The pictures are so cute! I am glad you had a great time, I can't wait to see all the pictures!
  9. Maureen @Tatter Scoops says:
    Those pictures makes me goes awwww and oooh! :D Precious but I bet it must be tiring to fit two birthday parties for 3 kiddos in one :D Hope you'll get to relax a bit.
  10. The Urban Cowboy says:
    Happy Birthday to your little man! I think you need to post about the 'after hours' party.
  11. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    Happy Birthday Tater!! Glad the party went well and looking forward to hearing all about it :D
  12. Sharlene T. says:
    My girls were two years apart but had the SAME birthday! As babies, you could give them a group party, but then they got to where they wanted their own friends at their party and I would have to do separate parties at opposite sides of the house! It was the most wonderful mayhem I've ever experienced and would love to do it all over again... and, yes, we were pooped by the close of day... Today, I would just send them to the Riviera with $1000 each and let them go crazy (Yeah, right, sure, uh-huh)... Can't wait for the party pix and post... now, go to bed! Then, come visit...

    Twitter: SolarChief
  13. Belle's Butterfly says:
    So glad the party was a great time. I am emerged in 1st birthday planning. I can't believe it is a little less then 6 weeks away. Can't wait to see the post on the party and all the pictures!!!!
  14. I can't imagine doing a birthday party for THREE kids on one day...we had a 1st birthday party for just one on Saturday and that was enough to exhaust me (or maybe it was the bottom of the wine bottle I thought I needed to search for later that evening..?). Happy Birthday to your little ones!
  15. YAY for a great birthday weekend!
  16. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    Can't wait to see more pics! Happy Birthday Tater!
  17. Aging Mommy says:
    Glad you had a fabulous birthday weekend - no wonder you are tired, a party for three children on one day makes me tired just thinking about it!
  18. How did you look so amazing when you were 18 months pregnant with twins and co-ordinating a 2 year old's party? You need to hand me some style tips.
  19. Awww, happy birthday Tater, love the cake.
  20. Sounds like an eventful weekend! You definitely don't look almost full-term pregnant with twins in that picture! Wow! Happy birthday to Tater!
  21. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    Happy birthday to Tater!
  22. Happy Birthday Tater! 3 is so much fun!!
  23. Happy birthday to Tater! I'm glad it was a good weekend. It is amazing how fast they grow up. We had a crazy birthday weekend too with the boys turning one. Your twins will be one shortly too! Congratulations!
  24. Happy Birthday Tater! How cool your kids all have birthdays close together :) Makes it easier, and harder in other ways!!

    BTW: I'm not below brown-nosing, so I have a couple of awards for you, from my mediocre blog! Check it out -
  25. The Sweetest says:
    He looks adorable! And what a cake- I'm impressed!
  26. Glad the party was fun! Love the progression of Tater and his cakes..
  27. Miel Abeille says:
    It looks like Tater LOVED his cake! Congrats to him! 3 seems like it's a great age. Lucky you survived the weekend!
  28. MommaKiss says:
    3. Sigh. What a cutie. I am SO with ya re: staying up late. It's way harder since kids came along. They never seem to get the memo that I was partying all night.
  29. The Flying Chalupa says:
    Happy b-day, little man! Natalie, sounds like we had similar weekends. Ug. I'm so tired. But now the husband's out of town, so at least I have time for blogging! :)
  30. moveovermarypoppins says:
    So cute! So, so cute! Happy birthday, Tater!
  31. blueviolet says:
    I'm really glad the party went so well, but I can see why you'd be so exhausted!!!!
  32. Can't wait to go read the party post...just catching up after my self imposed blog moratorium :) Glad you had a fun weekend! Hopefully you're all recovered now!
  33. You may be exhausted, but hopefully you can pull off a 3 fer 1 birthday party for many years to come.
  34. I love jam packed weekends, but they definitely take their toll, don't they?

    I also have to say that I love your hair in a bob. So cute. Tater is too... Happy Birthday, to him. xoxo