Ways to Go Green Without Breaking the Bank

Happy Earth Day!

About 2 years ago, I was watching Oprah one day and her guests that day were Julia Roberts and Sophie Uliano, the author of Gorgeously Green. I was hooked from the minute the show started! Prior to watching the show, we never recycled or really did anything ‘green’. I used the most convenient, time saving items I could find and never considered the consequences of doing so. I thought ‘going green’ was for granola-eating, long-hair-wearing, Kumbaya-singing, tree-hugging hippies. I know, I know…I was wrong and politically incorrect!!

Thank God I saw the show! I immediately bought the book (one of my favorites, by the  way), and started going green. It was SO much easier than I thought. I’m not 100% green, and never will be. I know every single thing, no matter how big or small, helps. I was going to give you a big list of very simple, inexpensive suggestions, but Simplemom did it so well that I thought I’d just send you over there to see her suggestions! She wrote a post titled 40 Ways to Go Greener at Home (Besides Recycling)check it out!

And so it goes…


  1. i like all her tips and am glad to see i do many of them. eating less meat is 'green' too, even if you do one meatless meal a week.
  2. MommyNeedsCake says:
    Have you tried the Gorgeously Green All Purpose Cleaner? I LOVE it - except the scent mine created was lacking that certain, umm, stomachable-ness, but once I get done gagging on it, it works like a charm! (FYI - peppermint & tea tree oils don't play nicely together, in my opinion).
  3. MommyNeedsCake!! I LOVE the all purpose cleaner and make it all the time. I now make it for my mom too. Who knew such easy ingredients could work so good?! And it's SO cheap! BTW - I use tea trea oil and lemongrass mixed and it does smell good :)


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