Waterpik Easy Select Shower Head Review

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it or not, but I’m a survey junkie. I love completing online surveys. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, and I don’t know why it makes me happy to know that somebody actually values my opinion, but there it is. Have you ever checked out ModernMom.com? It’s a cool blogging forum for, well, modern moms! I’ve met a lot of great bloggers through the site, and enjoy the variety of topics there. It’s got a cool, hip feel, and they’ve got some amazing contests so check it out!

I got an email from ModernMom requesting that I complete a brief survey. And because I love surveys, I did. The survey was related to showerheads and features that are considered important when purchasing one. At the end, I was asked if I’d like to be considered to try out a new showerhead and I said yes. I was informed by email that I actually qualified to receive a free Waterpik Easy Select showerhead to try out. I love free stuff!

The day it arrived in the mail, it didn’t get installed. Hubby was leery that it was going to be a piece of crap for some reason. He didn’t want to install it and have a bad shower. I finally talked him into installing it a couple of days later. It took a whole five minutes to install, and it was very easy. I could’ve done it myself.

The Easy Select is a hand held shower head, so you can take it off of the mount. That’s a pretty cool feature for me because you all know that my newest really bad idea is throwing all three kids in the shower with me to save time. This really doesn’t save any time, but I’m a glutton for punishment and keep doing it anyways. Being able to take the showerhead off of the mount makes bathing the babies a lot easier than holding them up to the nozzle like I was doing before. (Extra bonus: cleaning the shower is easier now, too!). Another cool thing about it is that it has five spray modes: center spray, circular massage, power spray/pulsating massage, misting, and water saver. And the selector is right on the handle, which makes changing modes really easy. It also has great water pressure. Did I mention it looks nice as well?


  1. O.K....You totally crack me up!! SURVEYS????? I HATE surveys!! That being said..I wouldn't mind a waterpik! So here's to hoping I win! ha ha
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    I need one of these SOOOOOOOO bad!!! Our shower head is aweful!
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  7. I am a survey junkie too! love it. congrats on the first giveaway!
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  13. Woohoo!! Go Natalie, excellent product to review. I love a good shower.
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    We love waterpik. Both our full bath's have waterpik showerheads. We have the two-head shower head which has a sationary shower head and a handheld on a hose, which makes taking a shower with the hubby great because no one gets cold (standing outside the water flow), LOL. The other one we have is the giant showerhead that makes you feel like you're standing in the rain. Awesome brand. Good luck to everyone.
  15. Look at you, rockin' the review and giveaway!
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  20. I'd love this. Yes I would use up all the hot water and not feel guilty.
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  27. Now that my computer is up again I totally have to sign up. It sounds nice.
  28. What a fun giveaway! Glad I stopped by today! I too love doing surveys!
  29. Looks like a pretty sweet shower head to me. I want it! :)
  30. Sounds pretty impressive... hope I win so I can give it a try =)
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  32. cool! I love the hand held shower heads! We have one in our master bath, but could definitely use one in our guest bath. They are SO convenient for bathing your dog and kids!
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    You've been pimped out by the shower people. Shame on you (i wish there was a font for sarcasm)........but I could really use a new shower head, so sign me up!
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    YAY on your first giveaway! :D i do that too grab the lil man to take a shower with me hahaha now darn I wish we're still in the States ;)
  35. Your Mama better win!
  36. awesome! we're house hunting so this could come in handy!!
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  43. Well I already do half of those things anyway and I'm leaving you one comment because I only need one entry because I am one lucky bitch and I'm sure that I will win.

    When I win my water bill is going to skyrocket, but on a positive note, I am sure I won't be going through the double A batteries quite so fast.
  44. Who left that stupid comment? Oops it was me, I should have proofread!
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  46. I so NEED a new shower head. I have a wash cloth over mine because it leaks. It's sad really.
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