What’s Better Than My iPad? The VTech InnoTab 2

A few weeks ago, I told you how much my kids love their VTech MobiGo 2. At the same time I received the MobiGo 2, I also received the VTech InnoTab 2 tablet for kids. What’s cool about the InnoTab 2 is that it is so similar to an iPad, but it’s for kids.

The InnoTab 2 comes ready to go with learning games and creative apps. It also has a rotating camera, that rotates from back to front so kids can take pictures of themselves and their friends. My iPad doesn’t even have a camera it’s so old! The camera takes really great pictures, and the kids can even save and edit the photos. They can add special effects, stamps and more. This is by far the kids’ favorite part of the InnoTab 2.

It even has a video player that allows the kids to record themselves or anything else they want to record (we have lots of video of feet, legs, and the couch as they try to figure out how to use it). This has not been as interesting to the kids yet, which surprised me because I thought they’d like this feature.

Since Ethan is learning to read, one of my favorite features is the E-Reader. There are interactive, animated e-books that offer story narration, character voices, animation, vivid graphics, sounds and music. These stories help with reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, word building, and interact with animated characters. I really like that as the kids read the stories, they watch the words highlight and can touch individual words to hear them pronounced. And every e-book comes with a story dictionary offering word definitions that are easy for kids to comprehend and helps with the context of the story.

All the kids on their electronic devices: Ethan and my niece on iPads, Lila playing with the MobiGo 2 and Mia playing with the InnoTab 2.

And of course there are games. Like the MobiGo 2, the kids touch the screen and use a motion sensor to play. They tap, flick, and drag-and-drop, just as they do when they are  on my iPad. And games require that they turn, tilt, and move the tablet in different directions.

While the InnoTab 2 does come with a selection of games, you can also purchase additional cartridges. Each cartridge comes with learning games and creative apps, an interactive e-book, bonus activities and more and feature favorite characters like Dora, princesses, and SpongeBob.

Sounds awesome, right? I was really surprised that the kids prefer the MobiGo 2 to the InnoTab 2. I’m guessing that one of the reason is it loads very slowly…very slowly… so the kids get impatient with it and start pushing buttons which of course makes it take even more time to load.

It also seems to use batteries much more quickly than the MobiGo 2. I am disappointed that these electronic game devices don’t come standard with an AC Adaptor, you have to buy it separately. For as much as the kids are on these devices, you would think it would just be part of the package.

For me, the best part of the InnoTab 2 is the e-reader, and even if the kids don’t continue to play with it, we will continue to use the e-reader.

Both the MobiGo 2 and the InnoTab 2 would make great Christmas gifts, and they are really affordable considering how many awesome features they have. Make sure to visit the VTech website and check them out!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.


  1. Good to know. Vtech products have been a staple for us ever since my daughter first showed interest in something other than her binky! Now that the Dude is walking around like he owns the place it might be time to invest in something that can handle his rough and tumble ways.


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