The Usual Suspects

The Crime Scene:

It’s not blood on the floor! I’ll explain in just a minute…
I’m pretty sure their conversation went something like this:

Ms. L: Psst! Mia!
Ms. M, minding her own business and trying to eat a toy: Hmmm?
Ms. L: Mom’s not paying attention and the door to her bedroom is open! You know what that means, right?
Ms. M: No?
Ms. L: We can get into stuff! Whatever we want! That cabinet that she always tells us “NO! NO!” when we try to open it? We can get in there and eat those white things she sticks in our ears and rip open those little packages Tater always wants mom to put on his toes! Hurry up…
More Crime Scene Photos:
That’s betadine, people…in the grout. Betadine isn’t easy to clean up, I’m speaking from experience.
Yep. All 500+ Q-Tips and probably 100+ Band Aids. And more betadine. On the rugs too. All sorts of awesome.
Cleaning Up The Crime Scene:
It only took a half an hour, 2 pissed off parents, and a lot of 409 to clean up their mess.
The Usual Suspects:
Note the “child proof” latch flipped up on the cabinet door and the devious look on Ms. L’s face (left).
Ms.M still looks like “Huh?”.

No, this is not the first time that they’ve made a huge mess when mom was blogging busy working. Want to see their last mess? It involved a can of Comet and another one of those damned “child proof” latches. Or the time I fed them spaghettimaybe?

I really need to start paying more attention.
If you think this is bad, go check out what Tonya’s son Lucas left her over at Letters for Lucas!
And so it goes…

Mama's Losin' It
I wrote this post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to Prompt #2: What did they get into now? Describe a time your toddler got into something that they shouldn’t have.

Blogmas Worthy


  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:

    But they are so adorable! Look at those faces!
  2. The Empress says:
    Oh, you know how I feel about my girls.

    CAN NEVER get enough of them.

    Thank you, NAT. I adore these posts.
  3. Ahhh...the joys of little ones. My toddler is always into everything.
  4. tooclosetogether says:
    Just found your blog through I'm Living Proof God Has A Sense of Humor! I can totally relate! Ms. M makes the same face my son does when he gets into things and has been caught. And, also? Those child safety latches do jack squat I tell you!!! JACK SQUAT!
  5. Oh my goodness. They look so cute though. :)

    I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award you can claim it here

  6. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Do yourself a favor and invest in some oxygen bleach. It cleans grout really well with no scrubbing - I think you may need some in the future!
  7. Doll Clothes Gal Pal says:
    Uh oh! Little ones are in trouble!
  8. myevil3yearold says:
    Evil tried to make snow angels using an entire 5lb bag of flour. Oh yeah, she was naked as she rolled in the flour. Good times.
  9. And that is why your life will never be boring! I can't imagine if Dylan had a twin; he gets into so much mischief on his own, he would be an absolute tornado with a sidekick :)
  10. Those childproof locks don't work with monsters. And I'm speaking from experience.
  11. Oh dear!!! Glad you were able to get the Betadine out though! Yikes!

    But those ARE some sweet faces.....
  12. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    They have mastered making a mess! They do look like they are very innocent.
  13. Mama Jules says:
    This reminds me to be thankful that my son isn't a twin!

    Ms. L looks like she's trying to explain it all away while Ms. M just goes with it. Cute!
  14. I tried not to laugh...I really did. Having 6 kids, I feel your pain. I remember when mine spilled oil based wood stain all over the bedroom carpet of a house that we were renting once. He has never forgotten my meltdown either! Keep smiling!
  15. Karen Mortensen says:
    I love it. Hope that is okay to say. Glad it got all cleaned up. At least it wasn't butter crisco. One of my friends kids did that once.
  16. Oh my God. My stress level just went thru the roof looking at the crime scene. Good job on cleaning it up...that was a doozy.

    You've got some clever gals there....they'll keep you on your toes!
  17. The Sharp's says:
    Ha! It looks like she is stomping her foot and stiffening her arms demanding that she has RIGHTS!!! What Cuties! I love how you can see so much personality in your pics! Sorry about that mess!! Giddy up 409!
  18. Twingle Mommy says:
    I'm convinced that child proof locks only keep out adults. My kids have made similar messes behind my back as well. My three year old loves to get into the pantry and get out all the sprinkles.
  19. Oh this is SO my life, my Wordful Wednesday late week showed a crime scene and mug shots of my son. They can get into so much more trouble when there is two of them, can't they? Our whole house is locked down too. May we both make it out of this with our sanity.
  20. Miranda & Derek says:
    They are so cute!!! Mine make similar messes only the age gap between them always gives one or two of them who knew better but thought it would be a funny mess.
  21. Sluiter Nation says:
    pay-ing at-ten-shon? what? I do not understand. Is this English?

    Thank sweet baby Jebus that Eddie has not figured out the childproof stuff yet. He just yells. LOUDLY.
  22. WTH am I Doing? says:
    Wow. They really have a gift! Betadine. In the grout. Nice. They are thorough. ;)
  23. criminals in the making, those two.
  24. Wow. Those two do not mess around when it comes to making a mess!
  25. see, now I have always wanted twins because I thought it meant they would always have a buddy to play with. what it really means is that they will always have a partner in crime! That's a pretty good mess...and that truly does look like blood. I'd have freaked out right away...probably ranted and raved...and then cleaned it up just the same. Just wait unitl they are teenagers!!! Whew...there will never be a dull moment at your house!!
  26. I
  27. Stupid iPhone. Sorry! I am
    Super impressed with your 409 skillz! They are so cute. How could you get mad at them?! :)
  28. Makes me feel even worse for all the times I got into mommy's makeup...
  29. They are so creative though! The betadine was a genius color addition contrast. To everything.
    You have so much to look forward to.
  30. The mad woman behind the blog says:
    I'm so glad the toddler doesn't do this. Her worst: spreading dinner all over the table, if left alone.
    But I'm sure this just means The Dude will be the child from hell.

    And yes, I too am impressed w/ the mad 409 skills. May we always have 409!
  31. Yeah that sounds about right. One is trouble, but two 18 month olds really can come up with some creative stuff. They are awfully cute though!
  32. Ha! That really did look like a crime scene. My 18 month old son gets into everything but we haven't had any incidents such as this one... yet. I'm due again in June with a little girl. I'm guessing that the really BIG messes will begin once she's old enough to help her big brother out.

  33. purseblogger says:
    While I so feel for you having to clean that up I still am chuckling at their "convo" and their picture. Too cute!
  34. Even still, I want my turn with them when Empress sends them back to you.

    But Betadine? That takes me back to MY childhood! The Red Medicine, we called it! I thought it was banned in 48 states by now.

    Nat, they are crazy but SO cute...
  35. Who says that BOYS are the ones to cause all the messes! Our 4 girls could take any gang of boys down!
  36. It's amazing how quickly they can get into things!
  37. They are adorable, but evil little buggers, aren't they? I have a similar post for Mama Kat's. I am going to reference this one. :)
  38. If you paid more attention, they what in the world would you have to blog about?
  39. Not a Perfect Mom says:
    Hope-mascara&lipstick-carpet and walls...
    parenthood is grand, eh?
  40. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    That is some mess! It really does look like a crime scene photos, with the betadine splattered on the floor. Too funny!
  41. KristeenieB says:
    How much fun, right!
    I feel your pain, T's new favorite is my makeup. The second that he sees any weakness on my part he rushes into my room opens the "locked" drawer and starts dumping and mixing and mascaraing. The other day I didn't notice that he had mixed my fav blush with some dark eyeshadow until it was on my face and I looked like I had been in a bad bar-fight.
  42. OH MY!! The look on those two little faces. Priceless!!
  43. Bitter Betty says:
    It's like you almost can't be mad because it's so funny. But it's a pain in the butt to clean up. Kids are GREAT at making grand messes. It has to be built into their little toddler brains!
  44. Life Without Pink says:
    OMG I can't imagine...I would of cried!
  45. Evil twins. I have evil twins, too. Mostly they are cute and kind and loving and OH MY GOD WHERE DID YOU FIND THE STEAK KNIVES!?

    I feel you. Fun post!
  46. Oh, no! Nice clean up job though!
  47. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Oh heavens...heavens heavens.


    Ok, if I did Saturday faves? THIS one would totally be there.
  48. Samantha @ Becoming Me says:
    Pissed off parents? But they're soooooo cute! LOL

    Oh wow ... that IS a big mess. And here I thought the big mess my son made was bad (it's my post for today).
  49. So I saw the photos of the mess and was freaking out. Then I saw the photos of the sweet girls and all was forgotten! They are so cute!

    Great post! Visiting from Mama Kat's.
  50. The Sweetest says:
    Honestly, I thought that betadine was blood. Good to know the 409 does the trick, though!
  51. They're too cute to stay mad at! I'm just impressed that someone actually has beta-dine!
  52. says:
    OH. MY. GOSH!

    But those faces...

    Yeah, they know. Too cute to be pissed off for long.
  53. Soge shirts says:
    lol oh they are going to able to get away with everything. Look at their faces.
  54. I so wish that I had taken pics when my youngest decided that our bathroom needed to be repainted in all my fingernail polish colors... and I had a lot, of really wacky colors. To top it off we have this awful pitted vinyl flooring, which I just can't get all the paint out of. So right in front of the toilet is a rainbow of tiny dots, and I hate to get a rug because I'm afaid of what possible future messes will be made (considering she's not yet potty trained). So I can relate, totally.
  55. That's fantastic! I wish I could go into my cabinets make a huge mess and have someone clean up for me!
  56. says:
    My daughter's favorite thing to play with is my tampons. Which would be fine (they don't stain or anything) except when I need one and there aren't any left. You're suspects are very cute by the way.
  57. BalancingMama (Julie) says:
    Woah! That is frightening.

    (I forgot betadyne existed!)
  58. Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds says:
    So much for child proof. Do they at least give YOU a hard time opening the cabinet?
  59. Hi there. I found you blog through a comment you left on BlogHer for Chole's post today. I have added you to my reader. I am a single mom of twin boys (13 months).

    I have been so angry with my self because I couldn't get the damn locks to screw into the hard wood of the dresser and cabinets. I guess it doesn't matter if they are so easy to get in to ! I gave up and taped the drawers and cabinets closed with clear packing tape. It annoys the hell out of them because they can't figure out why it won't open ! Then again, I lost the use of three drawers and a cabinet ! The only thing that dresser does is hold the TV and diapers !
  60. Bwhahah...wait...bahahahah! Ok I shouldn't laugh cause I got enough bad karma right now. Don't need my little turd drawing egyptian heiroglyphics on my carpet or walls.
  61. Melanie McFadden @ The McMommy Diaries says:
    That is absolutely hilarious!! My son has a weird facination with the Qtips too! I can't tell you how many times I've picked up, accidentally vacuumed up or thrown away the box of Qtips, lol.

    On a side note, I was just dropping in to let you know I chose you for the Stylish Blogger Award!! Visit my post for details here: You're a Stylish Blogger Award Winner! :)
  62. Oh, this is too cute. We have "The Business" look in our home too and it began as yours did, a funny joke we would ask them to do. (my little girls are 2.75) One does "The Business" and one has a look that says "What?" or "Who Me?". My oldest (6) just plays dumb and blames stuff on the twins.

    As for messes you referred back to, I wish for comet explosions or messy spaghetti faces. One of my little girls, Ms. D, has become quite fond of poop - she pulls it out of her night time diaper and depending on the consistency, throws it around the room as if it were balls or smears it like paint all over every inch of their room. She also likes to eat it. Yeah. Disgusting. And this happens a couple of times a week.
  63. I absolutely ADORE the look on their faces. That is too cute and I can't tell you how many awful messes we've had here with 3 wee ones each approx 14 months apart. SIGH! Now ages 10, 6, 5, and 4. Yowsers! 409 is the bomb!
  64. I swear I commented on this before because I remember reading it...don't you just love the messes they leave for us!
  65. Oh, those faces are great! What a mess, but yay for 409! Congrats on the Blogmas award! Jana A (@jana0926) recently posted..Thorns, Roses and Rosebuds 2011My Profile
  66. Oh girl, I've lived that one. Thank goodness we don't have any betadine in the house or I can only imagine the chaos! Lindsay recently posted..My Favorite Posts of 2011My Profile


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