True Confession: I Hate My iPad


Confession Time: I hate my iPad.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. Wait…that’s not true at all, really. I do have a love/hate relationship with my iPad, but not because I don’t love it. I do love it. I couldn’t imagine life without it.

But what I hate about it is that I can’t type on it for shit.

I don’t know if I have too fat fingers or maybe I just click on the keys too quickly or don’t press hard enough on them. But I end up sending emails, responding to tweets and Facebook posts, and trying to write status updates that either: (a) sound ridiculous and make absolutely no sense, or (b) make people think that I can’t spell, and/or probably (c) make people assume that I must be drunk.

I know what you’re thinking…why not just proofread before I hit enter or send? Why not pay closer attention and slow down?

I don’t know. I don’t have a good answer to those questions. I can tell you I’m tired of apologizing for my horrible grammar and emails/posts/tweets that make no sense.

And what makes this worse is that Jason bought me an iPad case with a keyboard attached. I just don’t ever think to charge it. So you see, I have no good reason to be typing like I’m drunk!

I belong to a Facebook group, and I posted something yesterday that made absolutely no sense and then posted this:



Which is how I got here, complaining about how much I hate typing on the iPad. Notice there are no mistakes in that post or this post? That’s because I actually proofread it first and was on a desktop computer. Sometimes, I sit down on our old-dinosaur desktop just to use the keyboard.

Speaking of Facebook, I hate that I lose so much functionality there when I am working from my iPad. Tagging people or organizations is a pain and so is sharing. Or maybe it’s just me.

And don’t even get me started on how much I hate texting on the iPhone…

What technology drives you nuts?


  1. I can't stand typing on my phone. I am the worst thumber. The iPad isn't has bad. Denise recently posted..Revolt Now Fitness: Week 5 UpdateMy Profile
  2. I actually don't do any social media/ blogging things on my very old Android (other than Instagram, but even so, very rarely - and I always have typos in my captions there!). The camera is crap, my battery is shot and it's just bruised and battered. Our iPad is cracked from having been dropped by the kids one too many times, and sometimes it doesn't turn on. So the kids are no longer using it, hah! For the record, I've never ever thought that you can't spell or that you were drunk ;) Alison recently posted..Old School Blogging: The Fridge Edition aka ACK!My Profile
  3. I feel the same. Especially on my kindle. Which is why I bought a keyboard for it, but it's the same width as my kindle which I'm back to hating typing on. I need a full sized, easily portable, bluetooth keyboard. laura recently posted..#5Things4Me – week 2My Profile
  4. I bought a keyboard for mine, and it has changed my life. Almost as much as the original purchase of the iPad did. Jennifer recently posted..Organizing a Lunch Station for Easy Meal PreprationMy Profile
  5. I hate my PC computer with the squishy keyboard. I usually use a MacBook air but I need the PC because it's attached to the printer, and has my Quickbooks and other docs. Hate it though. Pragmaticmom recently posted..Dinosaur T Rex : Not the Fiercest!My Profile
  6. I feel like 90% of my not at work internet usage is on my iphone. I write emails, texts, comments, status updates. I've even written blog posts on it. I do however HATE that facebook cannot get its app together. As in, I often have to log into facebook thru safari in order to set custom privacy settings on an update because the app can't handle that. Oy. I hate commenting on people's blogs too because you'd be surprised how few are mobile optimized and if comment verification is annoying on a desktop imagine on your phone! Marta recently posted..What?! School Time Already?My Profile


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