Trucker Mouths & Flip Offs

Yep, this lil’ guy’s got a mouth that would make a trucker blush…that’s probably a bit dramatic, but not much

So I thought I’d give you an update on Tater, my two year old with the mouth like a long haul trucker. I know you’re looking at that picture and thinking how could that little angel have a mouth like a trucker? Well, I’m gonna tell you. 

Last time I discussed this, it caused a lot of ruckus. A month ago, I posted this post: That Kid’s Got A Mouth Like A Long Haul Trucker. I talked all about the problem with Tater’s potty mouth, and while I’m being honest here, my potty mouth, and hubby’s potty mouth. Apparently, we’re all a bunch of foul mouthed hooligans (does the term “foul mouthed hooligan” remind everybody else of the movie Sixteen Candles?).

Anyways, the post caused a lot of ruckus because it landed me my first negative comment. From “anonymous”. You can read all about that here. These two posts together brought me a ton of support from all of you, as well as a lot of comments. The comments reminded me to remember that I’m blogging for myself and for my children; NOT for anybody else.

Disclaimer: If you have a problem with parents that cuss or children that cuss, do not continue reading this.

How many of you did I lose? Probably not a one of yous!

Tater is not getting better, he is getting worse. Everybody around us cusses. Even when the kids are around and we try to be careful, somebody always drops an F bomb. Cussing is like an addiction; it’s almost impossible to stop. And believe me, I’ve really tried.

I try to say “darn” or “shoot” or “oh man!”…but when you walk into a room and find that your kid has dumped his plate on the floor and both babies are playing in it, well, “shoot” really doesn’t cut it. The stand-in words just don’t pack the same punch.

Tater’s vocabulary has expanded. “Hell”, “Crap”, “Dammit” (sometimes with God in front of it, and that one he doesn’t hear that from me), and now, the F word used are all used in context. If you remember from my first post about this, Tater only said the F word in lieu of the word “fork”. Now he uses it a lot. In context. And I gotta be honest, it’s kinda funny. He was outside the other day, and dropped his little toolbox and everything fell out. “Oh f*ck” he says. And I heard him, but ignored it. Because I was too busy trying not to laugh out loud!

Everybody’s pretty much told me that he’ll grow out of it. I hope so. I just am dreading the day he says something in public – at the grocery store or something!

Also, my friend Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess introduced me to Flip Off Fridays, which is the most awesomest idea EVER! Gigi from kludgymom put this meme together, and as big of a complainer as I am, how could I not participate in it??!

  • To Gerber, maker of the spill-proof cups that do nothing but spill….DOUBLE FLIP OFF! I hate those damn cups! But what choice do I have? I’ve tried a bunch of different ones, and these are the least messy.

  • To laundry…you can kiss my lily-white arse! I hate you, and I bet everybody reading this does, too. FLIP OFFS from all of us!!

  • To our insurance company, who is making us jump through hoops to get work done to repair the damage from our indoor flood in March….flippity flip FLIP OFF!!

  • To Time Warner Cable, whose DVR is the worst functioning DVR program ever, FLIP OFF.

  • To whatever the hell is eating all my newly planted seedlings – FLIP OFF.

  • And last but not least, to having to lose weight so that you can feel somewhat okay with yourself while taking your kids to the river on vacation next month…a FLIP OFF to myself for caring what anybody else thinks!

And so it goes…


  1. Hi Natalie! Thanks for partaking in FFO!!! I love your FFOs this week..I SO hate TW DVR. But, they've upgraded our interface this week and it's actually tons better. We were thisclose to going back to Tivo! And I do NOT miss those sippy cups...and cleaning all those rubber parts :) come back next week!
  2. Ok, acouple things.

    First, great flips. I especially can relate to the laundry one which I also used last week. It doesn't stop unless I die! Sorry about the rest and I say find a great minimizing tankini and don't worry about the rest. Second, I had some less than nice ANONYMOUS comments today too in response to my sweet pokey post. Seriously? I used it in my flip offs tonight. Coward.

    Oh, and you MUST come over and link up with me & Gigi!!
  3. Your post made me laugh. The other day I said SHIT and my stepson said SHIT. And I told him not to say SHIT because it's a bad word. Oops.

    I hate insurance companies. They might as well be spawns of the devil himself.

    And I hate trying to lose weight too. It's so easy to gain and so hard to lose.
  4. Love it, love it, love it... Especially the Flip Offs! I might have to adopt that.

    BTW, we are all a lot harder on ourselves than neccessary. It's a stupid world.
  5. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    We're going to have the exact same problem in a couple of years, both hubby and I swear. I'm trying to reign it in but, like you say, there are times when 'shoot' just doesn't cover it! Luckily I've got some time to work on it! Great flip off's!
  6. Maureen says:
    Love it, Natalie! My son is not cussing but he did said "Jesus!" a lot like me hahahaha. I tried to keep the swearing to minimum sometimes it slips tho' and I said "Dammit". You're an honest blogger don't ever change that :D
  7. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I'm trying soooo hard to curb my sailor mouth now that Gunne is repeating a lot of what I say. It is so hard. I've taken to mouthing it, rather than saying it out loud. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one working on it!
  8. The Sharp's says:
    I think I will be joining in on the flip offs today too! I also have a son that lets a few choice words fly. It is the funniest when he uses them correctly. He has gotten a lot better though. He gets it from his dad of course!
  9. I love you anew! Again and again!

    For one, because try as we might cussing is so ingrained in our vocabulary we often don't know we're doing it. Our child is going to know some swear words. Or, a lot of them. I'm trying but....yeah.

    And a big old flip off to laundry. What IS it with that crap?
  10. Ahahahaha....I knew there was more out there just not this close to me.....My five year old swore up until just recently...she has grown out of it but slips now and again....They do realize they are bad words and even though us parents say them repeatedly, they learn to stop saying them (eventually)....Funny because my hubs brother used to say Fire Fuck all the fire tttttruck.....they can't help it sometimes....hahaha.....I have my fair share of anonymous comments...just shows that we're someone special if they waste their time on our blogs trying to bash us! I would personally leave if I didn't like what I saw but that's just me...I don't have time to waste on bashing someone under anonymous...I'll do it under my own name if I have a problem with someone. And I have...just not to that extent. It's pointless.

    Wow! Before I post a whole blog on your comment I should Congratulate you on being today's feature!:) xoxo
  11. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    I guess we can't be friends. I NeVeR swear......oh fu*^k, the cat's shitting on the floor. gotta run.
  12. Bloggin in PA says:
    Hilarious! Love the story about your kid saying the F word when he dropped his toys! I would die laughing if I hear a 2 year old say that!

    Stopped by from The Bloggers Club :-)
  13. flippity flip FLIP OFF!! I LOVE IT. These are all fantastic and you have inspired me.

    BTW, where did Tater get those beads?
  14. Melissa says:
    Good Morning! Here, have a cupcake. Screw other people. We will have cupcakes together. And we will be happy.

    Flip off to my belt for always resisting change and not joining me on my journey of personal growth and making me feel bad about it.
  15. OMG laundry... double round-off back handspring to a triple FLIP OFF!!!!!! At least you have a washer and dryer in house. I'm still doing the quarters/laundry mat bull$#&!.

    Love ya, Nat!
  16. you're right, he looks so sweet and innocent :) my kids were telling me, 'we know the a word, the b word, the c word...'. i got a bit concerned until i found out the c word is 'crap', whew. they also said they know the f word...frickin. whew again ;) and they said they learned them from dad!
  17. Heather says:
    Your so funny! Good luck on the cursing kids! :)
  18. Angela Giles Klocke says:
    I've known plenty of cussing kiddos. They do grow out of it. Right about the time they hit school and get in trouble for it. LOL! But seriously, they do, and then the teen years hit and who knows!
  19. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    LOVE your post!

    I'm the same way! I said "BS" a couple days ago and my son has been walking around saying that now. And he's so proud!
  20. Stopping by from SITS...
    We don't cuss that much, but one time I was on the phone with a friend of mine, and my hubby was teasing my....I said, "You can kiss my a$$!" My 3 1/2 year old, whom I thought was completely engrossed in his playing, looked up at my hubby, pointed the finger at him like he was going to poke him in the chest and said, "Daddy, you can kiss Mommy's a$$!"

    I am a God-fearing woman, but you have to admit, that is hilarious. Taught ME a lesson, that's for sure!
  21. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    Totally love you. And I'm sorry that you had a nasty comment. The internets can be a mean and surly place. Did I ever mention the time that my 1 year old said, "Shit" in the middle of story time at the library? Yeah. That went over well.
  22. Ugh, laundry, another day that ends in 'y'. We're sailors at this house so keep up the good work.
  23. I think that infamous day was the first day I happened upon your blog. And a friendship was born. :)

    I hate laundry (well, the folding part), and 'm currently in a war against Playtex over their craptastic sippy cups.
  24. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    My husband is completely foul-mouthed, but he's mostly trained the kids that those are words for adults.

    Except the couple of times my youngest has said "crap" at preschool.
  25. Mama Kat says:
    I'm glad you're relaxed about it...otherwise it would be a huge issue. If my little guy said a cuss work I would feel SO guilty!
  26. tater is totally a cutie even if he does have a "slight" potty anonymous, who are you??? that's right.

    sippy cups suck! i think we need to come up with a new one and then we will be millionare blogger moms!
  27. My 2 year old is a trucker mouth in mom never cussed...I fell very far from the tree. My son who is 8 used to think our dogs name was "Dammit Dog."

    As for the anonymous comment...I feel that if you are going to make a negative comment, at least have the guts to take credit for it.

    I will join you in a flip off to losing weight. We are going to the lake with my tae-bo barre method working out little teeny tiny friend...UGH!

    Happy Friday!
  28. Dania Padron says:
    I flipped myself off last week for cursing in front of my son only to have him drop an F bomb in traffic. I felt horrible for days until I related the tale to my BFF, and she nearly peed her pants laughing.
  29. Oh, but what a cute little "trucker mouth" he is.

    Oh..and I feel the exact same way about laundry!
  30. I'm extremely guilty of having a potty mouth. And like you said sometimes it is just so much more necessary to use those words and the polite ones!! They just make you feel better!!!

    As for the laundry...I don't mind doing it so much but I f'ing hate putting it away!!!
  31. ModernMom says:
    I seem to have mastered the cussing under th breath thing....just waiting for the day I get cussed out in whispers!
  32. Heather says:
    Hey! Just found your site on tip junkie. Love Flip off fridays! Here's a heartening thought, Tater could be a twin!! Then they'd be cussing out each other LOL I have twin 2 year old boys :p - Enjoy yours!
  33. Christine says:
    I'm a swearer, I totally get how sometimes the substitute words just don't cut it. Especially when you slam your barenaked baby toe into the leg of the kitchen table whilst running through the kitchen to grab the phone. Yeah, 'dang it' doesn't even begin to describe it.

    Your little dude in his Mardi Gras beads is capital A-dorable!
  34. Mommytries says:
    Flip off Fridays ROCKED! I needed that!
    I want to proudly flip off clients who make appointments then decide they wont be home, as I stand on their doorstep! AYAYAYAYAYAY!! SMH!!!! Like I had nothing better to do on a beautiful warm Friday than to drive to your home and pretend to believe you had an "emergency"...Yeah, because suntanning cannot wait!
  35. MrsJenB says:
    Oh, amen on the laundry flip off. I hate laundry. It's like it never, ever ends. Gross. In fact, as I type this I have sheets in the wash which need to go in the dryer. Good times.

    As for a sailor mouth, I've been known to let my sailor flag fly. My husband and I both know were going to have to at least try to clean it up when we have kids! We'll see how that goes...!
  36. Christy says:
    I curse like a sailor too. However, I have managed to teach my kids which words are "bad" words. They thoroughly enjoy reprimanding me when I let the F bomb fly.
  37. Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year says:
    Flip off Friday?!?! I LOVE THAT!

    Mine is too young to talk but I'm sure when she begins me trying to hide my potty mouth will be lots of blog fodder. I should be ashamed.
  38. TornadoTwos says:
    I LOVE your flip off's, especially the one to Gerber since I just made a fool of myself in the sippy cup aisle at Target this week. I didn't realize I was talking outloud, thought I was just thinking in my head, about how every darn one of these stupid cups leaks and I told my baby that when he grows up if he could invent an actual spill-proof cup he'd be a very rich man. Visiting from SITS.
  39. I'm a big time cusser. You're right about it being an addiction cuz I just can't stop. Sometiems its the only thing that works. My hubby has militarymouthitis, so theres no hope for him either. As far as the kiddo, I've just told him that it's like cigarettes that once you start it's hard to quit and hopefully he will grow to be better than us and not start in the first place. Doing pretty well so far. He's 12. Good luck! Love the flip offs BTW, I need to start.
  40. WTH am I Doing? says:
    Ok, I'm late to the party, but just because I'm reading your current flip off Friday that referenced me here.

    I'm surprised at how much my son (4) doesn't cuss based on how much he's heard from us. He has let a few Godd****ts slip, but not often. No F bombs, S words, or anything else. I don't see "crap" as a bad word, so I don't count that. He also says "sucks" for things that, well, suck. I'm fine with that (actually, I taught him that).
  41. You should meet my 4 year old nephew, whose been cursing since he started talking. He knows pretty much every word and knows when to use it to. He will tell you he will beat your ass, or eff you up. And he's been taught to use it for if a stranger ever approaches him he's supposed to scream out "YOU'RE NOT MY DAD/MOM ASSHOLE!" Because what doesn't get a persons attention like a 4 year old screaming out asshole?