To Read, Or Not To Read…THAT Is The Question

I am so, so, SO excited to announce….drum roll please…I am doing my first guest post today on another blog!!

Mandy, a fellow reading addict bookworm over at To Read, Or Not To Read recently read a post that I wrote here on my blog about how much I love reading (yes, I am a total dork, I know. If you are not a reading fanatic like Mandy and I, you just won’t understand!). As you can imagine, I was thrilled when she asked if she could feature it on her book review site. Thanks again, Mandy đź™‚

Mandy has a fantastic way of expressing her thoughts and opinions about all of the books she gets to review, and she clearly gives all of the positive, and sometimes negative, aspects of the book. Not only does she put her reviews on her site, but also on and as well.

And let me just say how very envious I am of Mandy! Mandy gets a chance to read a lot of books! She must be a speed reader or something because there’s no way I could ever read as much as she does. And yes, Mandy is a wife, a stay at home mom with three children, and she also likes to bake, cook, clean, organize, scrapbook, and mommy-blog, too. I know! Can you believe how busy she is?! You can visit her everyday blog at And yet she still finds time to read and review books everyday of the week!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit To Read, Or Not To Read, please do it today because I am over there for a guest post!! And while you are there, poke around and check out some of her reviews…you just might find a book that you want to read!

So, that’s it….click here and go check to Mandy’s site.

Okay, last chance…go check me out at To Read, Or Not To Read…and let me know what you think!!

And so it goes…


  1. Trench Mommy (Mandy) says:
    Oh my're way too kind! I'm not that good! Thanks for the feature practically wrote a book about me! :-) Thanks for the it!
  2. Maureen says:
    Congrats! On my way to check your post now :D I love books too but lately I've fall asleep with them on my lap at night the only time I'm free to read hahaha.
  3. Paul and Kerry says:
    very cool. guest posting is so fun. I love to read as well. but sleep or writing usually wins. I am one of those readers that once I start a book, it consumes me. I can't put it down until it is over.
  4. Dr. Heckle says:
    I love to read. I just wish I knew how...
  5. Super cool. Congrats.
  6. Krysten @ After 'I Do' says:
    Very fun! I am a fellow reading addict so I totally understand =-) Off to check out Mandy's blog!
  7. Mama Hen says:
    Thank you for visiting me back at Mama's Little Chick! You have a new follower in me. It is hard to go through fertility challenges, but it sure does make us appreciate everything a whole lot!! Hope to see you back at the Hen House. I marked you in favorites.

    Mama Hen
  8. Ok, haven't gone over there yet, but congrats. You're pretty awesome. I was asked to be in a book club this summer and I told her I had to think about it because I wasn't sure there would be time to read. And somehow you find time. I feel like I'm already reading blogs, what more do I need? Haha.
  9. beingzaraandzidan says:
    hey, i like ur blog. Its very nice
    Do visit me if u get a chance!
  10. Go you! I left you a comment there. I'm impressed you find the time to read!
  11. NanaDiana says:
    I think I can hold my head up long enough to go read another blog-Your own-over at To Read or Not To Read. I am also an avid reader and even read the back of the wrapper on toilet paper (if there's nothing else avaiable). You know, I think I read more when my kids were little and escape, maybe?
  12. Oh I LOVE to read, but I rarely find the time. I also love movies and I haven't watched a movie from start to finish in months. Oh well. Being a mommy is better anyways...but come to think of it, I AM determined to start reading more. Maybe Mandy has some good book recommendations for me! Congrats on the guest post.
  13. i'm always looking for a good read...thanks for featuring the blog.