Tips For How To Cut An Onion Without Crying

I cut onions daily, so I do a lot of crying. Or, I did a lot of crying. I tried several of the methods out that friends have recommended or that I’ve read about, and I wanted to share with you some of the tips on how to cut an onion without crying.

How To Cut An Onion Without Crying

Tried and true tips for how to cut an onion without crying. I've tried lots of different ways, and these are the top 5 that work for me. Includes links to other kitchen tips & tricks.Breathe In And Out Of Your Mouth – How to cut an onion without crying? Don’t breathe through your nose. I know it sounds weird, but this one works…if you can remember to keep breathing the whole time through your mouth instead of your nose.

Turn On Your Oven’s Vent – Turn on the vent, put your cutting board and onion on top of the stove, and cut the onions there. No tears at all! The vent sucks up all of the onion fumes. You might feel a bit of stinging, but there won’t be any tears.

Put The Onion In The Freezer – Put the onion in the freezer for no more than 15 minutes. Then peel and cut it as normal with no tears. But set your timer so you don’t forget the onion – if you leave it in there too long it’ll be harder to peel and cut through. It also may not taste very onion-y.

Wear Goggles – If you don’t mind looking like a complete goofball, you can wear goggles while you chop. Do you know they actually make onion cutting goggles? I’m not kidding. But save your $20 and try some of these other tips. Or buy a mini chopper (you’ll read about that in a sec) instead. You can use it for more than just cutting onions.

Don’t Do It Buy Hand – When all else fails, don’t cut up onions by hand. There are lots of easy to use choppers out there that you can use that require little clean up. I love both my one-touch mini chopper and my Vidalia Chopper. Both do the job WAY faster than I can. You can also just buy the pre-cut onions in your grocery store’s produce department or frozen section.

And here’s a tip for after you finish: Wash your hands in warm, soapy water immediately. If you don’t and then you touch your eyes or rub your nose, you’re gonna cry.

All of these methods (with the exception of the googles, which actually got great reviews on Amazon) have worked for me. You may have your own tips for how to cut on onion without crying to share, and I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I will definitely have to try the breathing and freezer tricks. Thanks for sharing! Kate recently posted..My workday uniformMy Profile
  2. I breathed through my mouth this afternoon while cutting an onion, and it totally worked! Thanks so much for the tip. :) Kate @ Mom's Radius recently posted..Month in review: JuneMy Profile