Time Flies (It Really Does)

I just got off of the phone with the school. It’s already time for me to be schedule an appointment to register Lila and Mia for Kindergarten for next year. How is that possible?


How did this happen so quickly? Didn’t we just bring them home from the hospital?


Didn’t Lila just learn to say Daddy?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that they figured out how to crawl through the doggy door?

doggy dorr

It seems like it was just last week that they were locked down in baby jail.


 Didn’t we just celebrate their first birthday?


No, kindergarten isn’t possible yet. They just started preschool!

It’s really a weird feeling. I mean let’s be honest, raising three little ones so close in age ain’t no joke. It’s HARD. And since I’m being honest, I’ll also tell you that I’ve been dreaming about all the kids being in school all day since they were just babies!

But now that time is almost here, and believe it or not, I’m kinda wanting to reverse time. To have them little for just a bit longer. Ethan is only in first grade, and I see his independence coming through. He loves his mommy, but he also is becoming his own little person.

And I think it scares me that as they grow they’ll need me less and less. That I won’t be the center of their world. That someday, OH MY GOD, someday they’ll be out of the house starting their own lives.

Now I’m crying. I don’t think I’m ready for this whole no-more-babies-now-I-have-big-kids stage.

Time flies, it really does. It is going too, too fast. I want it to slow down, throw time in reverse, and enjoy my babies being babies for just a little bit longer…



  1. I have loved watching your girls grow up on your blog. I cried my eyes out when my baby went to school (for like 5 minutes). And then I danced around the house naked.
  2. My big kid is going to TK in the fall and I'm DYING. Of course, his sister is giving me a run for my money, so I'm sure I'll have even less time than before. ermergerd. Ashley @ It's Fitting recently posted..Triple Chocolate Quickbread Cookies | The Perfect Valentine’s Day CookieMy Profile
  3. Oh my goodness, kindergarten is hard. I just teared up FOR you, and mine have been in school forever. Being a mom is the worst/best. Those pictures. ::swooning:: Andrea recently posted..Old School Blogging: Valentine’s Day EditionMy Profile
  4. I really love these pictures of your girls. School starts earlier here - at age 3 so my youngest (who was actually 2 since his birthday is right before Dec 31) is in his 3d year. And he's only 5! But it means getting used to it more quickly. Lady Jennie recently posted..Saint ValentinMy Profile