ThisLife Is Keeping My Magic Moments Safe Forever

Everybody has a possession that means the world to them…that is priceless. I’m talking about photographs. Photographs are magical – they can take you immediately back to another place and time. They can also help you “meet” family that you would never have otherwise been able to meet. Photographs are history. And they are invaluable…especially if you’ve ever lost a bunch of them.

Remember I told you in the past that Jason and I were lucky enough to take a trip to Fiji before we had the kids? It was in a post called The Wedding of My Dreams. What I didn’t tell you was how I freaked out in Fiji because Jason deleted all of our pictures for the first 4 days of our trip.

Sunset in Fiji

Yep. The private lunch at a secluded waterfall we were surprised with on our anniversary. Those pictures are gone. The incredible sunsets, sights that we weren’t able to go back to recapture on film again. Pictures of the two of us together having dinner on the night of our anniversary. All of those gone and more.

Fiji at sunset

Yep. I was ready to kill him.

And of course I’ve also lost day-to-day photos that I’ve taken of the kids on two different computers. Computers that I thought I’d safely be able to store those photos on, even them I was stupid enough to NOT back the photos up just in case.

Then I have some that are just on my smart phone. Some on Facebook, a ton on Shutterfly and Kodak. More now on my computer. And that’s not even mentioning all of the pictures Jason has on his phone, Facebook, and on and on…

Those memories that we hope to pass on to our kids who will pass them along to their kids, all recklessly saved here and there.

But I won’t have to worry about losing my favorite photos ever again! I have a miracle to share with you that you are going to want to immediately check out…a way to get all of those moments, ones that you catch on the fly and ones of places and people you may never see again, all stored safely in one place. I’m talking about ThisLife.

ThisLife is an online service that allows you to gather and organize your digital photos in one place (the cloud), where they are safely stored and arranged in your family’s chronological timeline.

ThisLife will pull your photos and notes from your computer/laptop/tablet, Shutterfly, Facebook, your smart phone and more. It uses a “magic box” technology to organize them, conduct facial recognition and auto-tagging, and you are presented with a step by step photo or video story.

When I first tried ThisLife, I was thinking it would be more work than it was worth. I imported a bunch of pictures from our home computer and was immediately excited about the magic that is ThisLife. You start tagging people in pictures, and ThisLife magically auto tags other photos that the person is in! It was AMAZING! And what a time saver! I don’t have to tag each picture and the photos are automatically in chronological order.

I’m still getting pictures moved over, and it is so fun to go back through all of those magical firsts: first baby being born, the kids’ first steps, mine and Jason’s wedding, first anniversary, and on and on.

And guess what? You get to try it out yourself for FREE! ThisLife is letting me offer you 6 months of Adventure Box service, which allows you to store up to 20,000 photos, and you don’t have to pay a thing!

What are you waiting for? Click over to check out ThisLife’s exclusive offer. And while you’re at it, you are definitely going to want to like ThisLife on Facebook and follow ThisLife on Twitter. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

And if you are around on Wednesday, August 24th at 6PT/9ET, please join ThisLife and Clickin Moms as they host a Twitter Party! Come join us for fun, photo tips & prizes (like an Epiphanie Bag!)…follow the hashtag #ThisLifeMagic!


  1. This sounds amazing! I am heading over right now!!
  2. Very cool! I'm making a note to go check it out.
  3. Very cool! I have pictures scattered all over the place too!
  4. I would be SO sad if I lost the pics. I'm getting used to this life :)
  5. Definitely checking this out!!
  6. Thanks for the tip. Sorry about your photos.
  7. what happens to them after 6 months? do you have to start paying? my husband deleted 2 days worth of photos from our camera on our 1st anniversary from Yucatan, Mexico.. gorgeous ruins... amazing views.. sigh... we were able to go back to 1 place and get photos but never to the other off the beaten path ruins again... maybe one day we'll go back... after the kids are grown and gone.
  8. Love this idea! I definitely have pictures scattered everywhere on my computer.
  9. AS SOON as I read this I headed over to ThisLife. I'm in the process of uploading photos now! This is fabulous. Thank you, thank you for introducing me to this. I have photos everywhere and I use facebook as my photo album (bad momma). I, too, have lost photos on bunk computers :( and I'm an offender of not backing up. Thanks again, I'm super excited!
  10. I have awarded you with "The Versatile Blogger Award"!!
  11. Sold. I'm checking it out. I pretty much lost Hank's birth-4 month photos and still don't back up.
  12. This sounds amazing! I can't tell you how many boxes upon boxes I have of pictures and the ones that are in the computer are all over the place. Definitely going to have to check this out! Right after the kiddos go to bed!
  13. Losing those pictures??!?! SUCH a bummer! ThisLife rocks!
  14. Oh I would have been so mad about the pictures too! And it was a great party- I definitely enjoyed it :)