This and That…

Well, so much for a well written, meaningful post today! I’m just too tired!

As you can tell from my last couple of posts…specifically this one and this one, the last few days have been rough ones for all of us. On top of me thinking that poor Ms. L was just plain rotten because she was teething, I had the pleasure of her “in your face” moment when both Tater and Ms. M also woke up yesterday morning with snotty noses and bad attitudes. Apparently, Ms. L was just the first to show symptoms of a spring cold. So yeah, yesterday was a real treat, too. And the fun didn’t stop with the three snotty nosed, bad attituded (that’s not a word, is it?) children; the repair work started on our house that was caused by the damage left behind by the Great Flood of 2010.

Yes, it really took two months for our insurance company to pay out, and for us to line up a drywall contractor to start the job. We still have to get new stair banisters built, as well as painting and baseboards. I heart construction and the hoops that we have to jump through to get it done.

Anyways…the whole point of telling you this was actually to apologize. I missed reading a lot of my favorite blogs yesterday, and I missed responding to a lot of your thoughtful comments. Sometimes not-so-thoughtful comments, just funny ones, or harassing ones, but comments nonetheless (and I love them ALL)!

And to all my new friends that are following my blog, THANK YOU!! I have 101 people now that think I’m pretty cool! And that makes me feel pretty cool! I may have not made it to your blog to say hello, but I will, I promise.

And thanks to everybody for sticking with me and my bad attitude these last few days. I’m feeling much better and see the sunshine through the clouds! I am back on track now! Hopefully, my blog “construction” will be back to normal soon and I can get on with my normal life!

And so it goes…


  1. Just thinking of your construction makes me don't worry about it.

    And have I mentioned I love your quote? Because I do.
  2. NanaDiana says:
    OHHHH- I SOOOOO remember being in that whole constuction mess with little kids! My life was not my own. One day my son's teacher called me-laughing- (he was in 2nd grade) and he said his homework disappeared because we lived like NOMADS! (whaver THAT meant-& where he heard the word is beyond me). Guess what? We all lived through all those messes and came out sane...well...SOME of us came out sane. Reading your blog is like re-living young motherhood. NanaDiana
  3. One Love Mama says:
    I can't believe it took the insurance 2 months to pay you!! Hang in there, it will look beautiful when it's done.
  4. construction sucks..plain and simple. sorry about the teething/bad attituded(i like your non word)children...hope this weekend is better for you...happy mothers day!
  5. alicia says:
    Nothing quite like the contruction and sick kid combo to make a sane woman go nuts!

    Hang in there. And Happy Mother's Day!

    Alicia @ a beautiful mess
  6. Ah..totally know what construction in the home is like. I'm married to a builder! Sorry about the kiddos! I hope this is just a quick round of it! You can only hope!

    Have a wonderful Mother's day!
  7. bbcd mama says:
    I can't wait to see the progress! We did total remodel to NH. I keep thinking I'll post some before and afters sometime.
  8. I've been kinda MIA lately too. It happens to the best of us! Plus you have some great excuses. Hope your mother's day is happy and your kiddies feel better soon.