They’re Done

From This
Stairs days after the flood – white, wooden handrails and banisters and carpet on first two steps already removed due to water damage

To This
In only 5 short months (ha ha)! We survived through all of my whining, complaining, and tantrum throwing, and are thrilled with the results! The house isn’t all back to normal and in order, but we’re getting there! And the stairs look beautiful!! 
You Know You’re A Mom Who’s Survived Construction When…
Your first question isn’t how much it will cost, but how long it will take
You are more concerned about the noise and work affecting naptime than anything else
You don’t want the kids climbing up and down your new wooden stairs with toys, juice cups, or anything else that could potentially damage the stairs no matter how ridiculous the idea may be
You wonder why you never noticed before how loud men talk, even when they’re trying to be quiet
You wonder if you might be a little crazy for considering to continue the remodeling into the kitchen…
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  1. oh...those are lovely. so jealous. Our house stairway has pickled oak. looks fab, nat!
  2. MommaKiss says:
    "and they're fabulous"

    know what that's from? :p

    seriously gorgeous.
  3. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    Those are some pretty stairs! congratulations on finally being done! I'm so happy for you! You deserve a treat!
  4. They are gorgeous!
  5. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud says:
    Natalie, that staircase is gorgeous! I'm just curious... Do you stand around staring at it at least twice a day? Because I totally would. lol
    Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud
  6. congrats!!
  7. A very elegant makeover!
  8. Wow...what an absolutely breathtaking staircase!
    What a relief it must be to finally have that behind you.
  9. Arizona Mamma says:
    They look amazing!

    I can so relate to your concern over the constructin interrupting naptime. I was the same way when we were doing some remodeling. I know we asked to have it done, but isn't there some way they can do it silently? ;)
  10. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    Oh wow! They look fab! I'm so glad for you that they are finally finished, must be a good feeling :D
  11. They turned out great! And I don't think it's at all unreasonable to not want your kids to bring anything on the stairs. I tell my kids not to bring anything into the living room all the time. They just don't listen.
  12. So I want to come and live at your house. That looks amazing!!!!
  13. Danielle says:
    Great rennovation! I love those stairs. Beautiful!
  14. Dysfunctional Mom says:
    Wow, they are beautiful!
  15. Ooooh it looks so beautiful, Natalie! :D
  16. And Miles To Go... says:
    gorgeous! I like it better than before.
  17. They look great! We are trying to re-paint our family room and can't even find a good time to do it and wow, you had your stairs done!
  18. cooperl788 says:
    The stairs look absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad for you that they're done and life can start to get back to normal!
  19. Belle's Butterfly says:
    They look great! So happy for you that they are finally done with and you can enjoy them! Congrats!
  20. Oh yes! I have lived through this! I completely relate to the not "how much" but "how long" thing. It looks phenomenal! (And it still will even if some juice spills on it, I promise!)
  21. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
    Beautiful stairs.
  22. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Those stairs are FABULOUS. So happy for you that they're finally done!
  23. oh wow!! Absolutely stunning! I'm surprised it took so long to have it done especially since the construction business is not really busy during this economy...but the end result is what counts and it's beautiful! Yeah! Congrats!
  24. Those are gorgeous!! I *love* stairs, but I don't think Mommy would let anyone walk on those if they were hers...
  25. Courtney says:
    WOW! Looks awesome! Really nice!
  26. Sluiter Nation says:
    Those stairs are more gorgeous than anything in my house! I am totally jealous! And very happy for you that they are done! :)
  27. The steps look beautiful! I loved your description of the construction era, too. Come visit me sometime.
  28. The stairs are gorgeous. I love them. That's a long wait but at least they turned out lovely.
  29. Hallelujah! They do look gorgeous, and I'm so like you with noise and naptime.
  30. Elizabeth says:
    Stunning, but don't you sometimes sit back and think, "This can not be all it's come to?" Recently my husband carried in a package at the front door and I said, "Oh, good! The dishtowels from Crate and Barrel!" "Really?" he said, "That's what gets you excited now?"

    The mothering, taking care of the house - it's all the most important work in the world, to me, and to the main character in the story I'm posting at She, however, is beginning to wonder "What if", as in what if she pursued the young guys or had married "him" (You know who your "Him" is - we all have one). We live a contented life but she gets to live what we all imagine sometimes. I hope you will take a peek. It's fun and a little alluring!

    Great job as general contractor...the many hats we wear!!

  31. Sharlene T. says:
    The stairs are gorgeous! Well worth the wait (that's because I didn't have to do the waiting)... that said, I really do some serious thinking about having things done and when the next holiday is coming up!... you had no choice and the end result is, as I said, gorgeous... and I wouldn't let me kids anywhere near it! heehee...

    Twitter: SolarChief
  32. Joann Mannix says:
    The stairs look fabulous! And you won't believe this, but my staircase looks almost exactly like that, except mine curves.

    We built the house and the week after we moved in, I watched a friend's children for them for a few days. They had this one 9 year old daughter who was just always into trouble. It was a school day and I had everyone up and getting ready when all of a sudden I heard a series of thuds and crashes. I went running to the foyer to see what the noise was. That little 9 year old *#@* had taken her large wheelie suitcase type backpack and thrown it down my stairs. She wanted to "see if it would go down the stairs by itself." Almost every step had a ding in it. 4 years later, every time I clean that staircase I get myself worked up over those dings.
  33. Holy gorgeousness Batman!
  34. Preeeeeeeetty! Well worth the 5 month wait.
  35. Colleen (Shibley Smiles) says:
    It turned out absolutely beautiful!
  36. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    Whoa - okay, it was totally worth it, because those stairs are beyond gorgeous.



    And I'd teach you how to sew through the internet, but you should probably learn from someone who actually knows what she's doing.
  37. Gringation Cancun says:
    So beautiful!! Definitely worth the headache :)

    I say go for the kitchen revamp. You know you want to!
  38. Seriously, I'd sleep on those amazing stairs every night. That would be my home. I'd live like a homeless person, eating there, reading there and sleeping there. They are that beautiful! So happy thats over for you!
  39. Aging Mommy says:
    Congratulations! Those new stairs look fabulous!
  40. The stairs look amazing!
  41. The Stairs look great and I will say that the only thing worse that having construction going on in your home is having your husband doing it only on weekends and drag on for a year!!!! We added on a bedroom, and bathroom and added to our living room and new siding and roof and my hubby and his buddy from work did it all a Saturday at a time...took about a year and 1/2!!!
  42. The Empress says:
    Oh, I never would have thought of black. NEVER. They look gorgeous....what an idea.

    Absolutely elegant with a capital E!
  43. Those are gorgeous! There are so many things I'd like to remodel here but I've decided there's no use with these boys tearing everything up.
  44. moveovermarypoppins says:
    They're beautiful! And I totally understand about the toys, shoes, sippy cups, etc.
  45. Natalie, they came out amazing! I wouldn't want the sippy cups, toys, or even slobbery kids on them either!! Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy something grown-up for a while!
  46. Absolutely beautiful, Natalie!!! Just beautiful! I can imagine how happy you are to have that part of life return to normal - enjoy them!!! (They really are gorgeous!)
  47. All I can picture is a wild toddler sliding down that banister. So glad you don't have to flip those off tomorrow!
  48. WTH am I Doing? says:
    Stairs are gorgeous! :)

    And men? I think are incapable of being quiet. They stomp when they walk, they are loud when they talk, and the seem to be unable to grasp the concept of "turn the knob, close the door, gently release the knob" instead of ka-CHUNK the door is closed. Sigh.

    Congrats on the stairs! :)
  49. Touch and go there for a while, eh? It was all worth it in the end, right? :) Beautiful make-over.


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