1. I wish I knew those ocean smells! Love the smell of wet concrete, fresh cut grass, and the smell in the air right before rain and right after a warm summer downpour when the sun comes back out. Gas grills are ruining my love of the Charcoal bbq smells. You just don't get to smell it as much and I love that smell. My other one is the smell of an all weather track. I spent a lot of time on that thing as the weather got warm and I love it. btw... I thought of you a couple of weeks ago as I swiped my card as soon as I emptied my cart on the belt. You would have been so proud. Tayarra recently posted..A REAL look - The boys at it againMy Profile
  2. The smell of fresh cut grass sends me into dreaded allergy nightmares. (LoL) Can't believe they sell a candle with that. (LoL)
  3. Mesquite on the grill, the smell of a quickly-passing rainshower evaporating against hot pavement, chlorine from a family pool, freshly cut grass (and the smell of liquid benadryl), the first whiff of salt-air as you approach the beach, the whiff of a Corona after a long run, the smell of a swimsuit that wasn't washed but simply put up to dry. John recently posted..Where I sit back and let the crazy flyMy Profile
  4. Honeysuckle, the beach, fresh cut grass & the air when it's about to rain/ And who doesn't love the smell of coconut in their beverage? Yum.


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