The Scents of Spring

Four years ago, I wrote a post called the Scents of Summer and it’s still one of my favorites. You know how sometimes you smell or see or hear something and it just takes you straight back to your childhood? That’s what the post is about.

Last night, it rained. I walked outside to see how hard it was raining and I could smell the rain and for some reason it took me right back to being a kid for some reason. So I thought it would be fun to write about the scents that remind me of spring.

The Scents of Spring For Me Are:

The rain

Warm wind that blows the scent of Italian Cypresses around (we had about 40 of them around our pool at the house I grew up in and so it always smelled like them)

photo source

photo source

Jasmine and magnolia trees

Soil and freshly cut grass

Wet cement


But so many other things remind me of spring, too. Warm, windy days. Eating dinner outside. Working in the yard with the radio playing. Digging in the soil and planting seeds. Warm days and cool nights. The feeling of excitement because summer’s right around the corner. Playing outside from the time we got home from school until it was time for dinner.

I absolutely LOVE summer, but as I get older, I find that I prefer spring more. The weather is milder and not just hot, hot, hot for months at a time. The time changes so the evenings stay lighter longer. The excitement of school ending and the lazy days ahead. Everything blooming. The excitement of the baby birds hatching (the same nest above our front door has had babies every year for the last 5 years!) Just the fact that everything seems to be coming alive after a long winter.

What sights, scents, and sounds remind you of your childhood springs?