The Engagement Story

Nope, not my engagement story…it’s somebody else’s!

Last week, I wrote a post titled Would You Upgrade Your Wedding Ring? and got a TON of feedback from people on it! One comment I got was from Mad Woman, one of my favorite bloggers. She blogs at A Diary of a Mad Woman and let me tell you, she can tell a story and has plenty of them to tell! This isn’t the first time she’s guest posted here…remember her story about her last Christmas being single?

Here’s the comment she left me:
I’ve been looking to upgrade for years. We bought our rings at Walmart 2 nights before the ceremony! Yeah there’s a story there but I’ll save it.

So of course I emailed her and told her I wanted to hear the story! I even told her I’d post it for her at my place. And she took the bait and is sharing the story of her engagement…enjoy!

Mama Needs A New Ring

Hi, I’m the Mad Woman behind the Blog. If we haven’t met, Yo, how’s it hangin?


Okay, that was just to demonstrate what those who already know me, know about me: I’m a little unorthodox.

Do you like eccentric better? I do too, so lets go with that. Hi, I’m the Mad Woman behind the blog, I’m eccentric. Would you like an illustration? Thought so.

Being that it’s June, I thought it I’d get all romantic on you and share a wedding story (Lets just forget the part that this story actually takes place in September.) Plus, Natalie had been talking about rings and well, of COURSE I had a story to tell.

Flashback to 2005, Adonis and I had been dating for four years and we had been getting pressure from both of our families to get married.Tired of all the subtle and not so subtle hints, I finally gave up my dream of living out eternity in sin and picked a date. I mentioned to Adonis’ parents that Labor Day was a nice time to visit Northern California and asked if they would be free to visit and that maybe it would be a nice weekend to get married.

Yeah, you read that correctly. I proposed to my in laws.

They didn’t mind.

Adonis didn’t seem to either and went along with my plan.

“Plan” is a bit of a stretch. I don’t really PLAN anything. I had my wedding dress made two weeks before the date. I found a chocolate fountain and margarita/pina colada machine one week before the big day. We spread the word to our friends and I crossed my fingers we remembered everything.

Two days before our appointment at the Justice of the Peace and the night before our family descended upon us, about 8 pm, Adonis realized he needed a couple of things from the store. As we wandered around Walmart, it occurred to me that we didn’t have rings for our ceremony.

Yup, we bought our wedding bands at Walmart. They were $10 each. Another fun little detail: since neither of us had been married before we really weren’t paying attention to the fact that Adonis had chosen to fit the WRONG finger for his band.

We are the consummate romantics aren’t we?


So maybe I should share one more tiny detail. There in that Walmart parking lot, sitting in my beat up little 1998 Civic, I turned to Adonis and mentioned to him that we were getting married in two days and that technically he had not proposed.

So he did.

“Will you marry me?”

“Yeah, I’ll marry you.”

See? Complete Romantics.

wedding photo

I love the story! So very romantic, Mad! Thanks for letting me share your story here…and I still want to hear that other story that you told me about in the email 😉

Also…if you or anybody that you know is looking to sell a ticket to the Evo Conference in July, please contact me! Thanks!



  1. You are hilarious and cool all mixed together Mad Woman or Mad Mom or whatever.
  2. I guess at least you got a ring... But I agree, it's time for an upgrade.
  3. That is an awesome story. AWESOME. And hell yeah, it's time for an ring upgrade!
  4. You should get an upgrade....but there is something really special about your spur-if-the-moment ring.
  5. Spontaneity is the spice of life. Those rings are priceless just because.
  6. Now that´s cute... but I still wouldn´t upgrade :) My husband proposed to me while we were on our bikes, and we had to stop for a traffic light, and we got married four weeks later. So, I think I can relate :)
  7. He's so freaking TALL. Sorry. It's a great story-and exactly what I expect from my beloved Mad Woman. I'm like the opposite, and while I wouldn't change the proposal, the ring, the man, or the wedding? The 19 month engagement I could have done without.
  8. That story is amazing! I love it.
  9. I love this story! We also got our wedding rings at Walmart 2 days before we got married. And we got our marriage license the following day.
  10. That? Best story of marriage I ever heard. Even better than mine...shhhhh...don't tell my husband.
  11. he is VERY TALL!!! I should write about mine, but yours, OMG BEST ENGAGEMENT STORY EVER!!! and you made a truly gorgeous bride!!!!!! :)
  12. You are gorgeous. He is tall. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE eccentric. Cheers to spontaneity. To joy. To not needing bells and whistles. Just a margarita/pina colada machine. XOXO
  13. I had a very low-key wedding, as far as weddings go, but this really beats the snot out of what I did. Though, I did get the pleasure of buying, basically, a liquor store's worth of booze as part of my nuptials. And I ended up with a PA system. I think we all love the level of organization you demonstrate, momma :-)
  14. Now I know why you call him Adonis.
  15. That's a great story! I think you need an upgrade in ring and in store. No more rings from WalMart for you!
  16. Love it. I'm so traditional it hurts, but I just love hearing stories like this. Makes me want to be spontaneous. But I'm already married so I'll have to find something else to be spontaneous about!
  17. I love this story! I'm very traditional but I love stories like this! So sweet!
  18. Thanks Natalie for having me and WOW thank you commenters....I've never been called sweet before. I'll have to show this to Adonis and say "See, they think I'm sweet!" Seriously Natalie, reading the comments makes me think I'm not as crazy as I sound in my own head. THANK YOU!
  19. You know I won't call you sweet, cuz that's a total lie (not really). I love your laid back style and that you proposed to his parents. Like "why not?" That's how it works out best, I say. Also, you know this - but I'm 5'2", Mr. Kiss is 6'4" - this causes much tall / short jokes. And did I see somewhere about forehead kisses? My FAVE ever.
  20. ADONIS. Absolutely.
  21. I love me some Mad Woman! And love this story...this is one the kiddos will love hearing when they get older.