The Craziness That Is My Life (And The Crazy Hasn’t Even Started Yet!)

I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks or so. Why? Well other than the kids being out of school (they go next week…YAY!) we decided that remodeling the kitchen would be a good idea.

We’d been considering it for 2 years or so. We did lots of research. We have been living on Houzz. We got bids and quotes and spent hours at Home Depot and Lowe’s and design centers.

It was all supposed to be coming together. But now we are on hold until the cabinets (which should have been here weeks ago) are finished and ready to be installed. And then we have to be put on the shcedule, which could mean another couple of weeks of waiting.

So this is how we’ve been living because we kind of jumped the gun on getting ready for the install…

Half of my kitchen is now in my office, the microwave is sitting on the counter, and I have no upper cabinets which it turns out is a real pain.

Not only did we decide to remodel our kitchen, we also decided that we needed to repaint downstairs, get new flooring, and new kitchen appliances.


Here’s my new kitchen…it’s sitting in my formal living room and has been for a couple of months.


And since entirely remodeling a kitchen and most of downstairs, why not throw a bathroom in the mix? The bathroom’s covered with marker marks where we want certain things to be. There’s also a ton of tile and decorative tile samples laying around. Potential new paint colors are hiding behind the door.

paintSo now let’s talk paint. See these pictures? Almost every wall downstairs, and a lot of the ceiling, is covered in 50 shades of gray. Well, probably more like 5 or 6 shades, but still. That’s after purchasing 10 plus samples of paint and then covering up the ones we hated. Not to mention the million paint chips (really not much of an exaggeration) that were hanging everywhere.

Since we are getting white kitchen cabinets we are having all of the dark-stained crown molding and our entertainment center restained to white. Lots of white. So we though we’d go with a darker, neutral paint color for the walls, and Jason really wants the ceiling painted too. We decided on gray.

Now you might think it would be easy to walk into the paint store and say, “Hey, give me gray paint please.” Turns out, that’s not even close to how it goes. There are blue grays and brown grays and white grays and green grays. The only thing you can’t find is gray grays.

And because we have varying amounts of light coming differently in every room in the house, we had to paint in each room to make sure the color looked good in different lights. Surprisingly, a color we liked in one room we hated in another. Or a color that looked gray in one room looked brownish or bluish another. Gray is a nightmare.

Knocking on wood, I think we finally found the colors we plan to paint with. We finally found a really, really dark gray that we loved and had the paint store make the color 75% lighter and then 88% lighter than the too-dark color. And to make sure the colors were right, we went so far as to spray paint our crown molding to make sure that the grays we liked actually looked good next to white.

Yesterday I was complaining to Jason white a pain in the ass it is to have the kitchen ripped apart and how remodeling sucks. He reminded me that the remodel hadn’t even really started yet, and wait until they start ripping out the rest of the cabinets and can’t use the kitchen for 3 weeks.

So while I think living this way is crazy, the craziness hasn’t even started yet. Please send wine.


  1. We've only had small doses of crazy remodel here and there...but enough to know I don't envy you the process. Hang in there! It will be worth it in the end!!! MandyE recently posted..Somewhere Deep in Bear CountryMy Profile