The CleverDuo Takes On The Evo Conference!

By this time next week, I’ll be packing and prepping to take off to the Evo Conference in Park City, Utah. It will be the first time I’ve ever left the kids this long (3 nights, 4 days), and believe me, I’m looking forward to it!

Eating without having to share my meal. Having a conversation…with other grown-ups!…without constant “Mom, mom, mom” interruptions. Sleeping in. Okay, that last one? Is not gonna happen – from what I understand, you don’t get a whole lot of sleep at these conferences because of all the fun you are too busy having. I will be having FUN, people!

By now, you probably know that Gigi from Kludgy Mom are representin’ Clever Girls Collective at Evo, and that we had a few surprises up our sleeves. Maybe you have seen our #CleverDuo tweets or remember me talking about it in my post about how Clever Girls Collective has given me the opportunity to work with some AMAZING brands, and get paid to do it.So let me tell you the details of what the Clever Duo has in store for everybody attending Evo…

Saturday morning, Gigi and I will be manning a table at the Evo ’11 Meet and Greet Breakfast.This will give us a chance to talk to attendees about Clever Girls and why both of us love being a member of the Clever Network so much that we actually begged pitched them to let us represent them at Evo!

We are also going to collect business cards of attendees interested in becoming a Clever Girl, take some video clips of what being a Clever Girl means to them or why they want to become a Clever girl, and oh yeah, did I mention we were gonna giveaway an iPad2 after the conference?

No? I didn’t already mention the iPad2? Well, guess what…if you’re going to Evo, you could win an iPad2!!!

So, how do you win? Simple. If you are at Evo, find the Clever Duo (remember, that’s me and Gigi!), introduce yourself, hand over your business card, and let us film you telling us what makes a good Clever Girl. That’s it! That’s all you have to do!

And after the conference, the iPad2 winner will be selected randomly a week or so after we get back from Evo.

Cool, right?!

If you are attending Evo, we will be looking forward to meeting all of you current and potential Clever Girls! If you aren’t attending the conference, you know I’ll be tweeting all about it like crazy!

Disclosure: Yep, Clever Girls is sponsoring my trip to the Evo Conference, but you know that all opinions expressed are completely my own. I honestly LOVE being a Clever Girl myself, and am both proud and honored to have been selected to represent them at Evo!


  1. This is awesome!!! So wish I was going! Have a blast!!! The #CleverDuo is going to ROCK IT!!
  2. Excellent idea! Hope you girls have a brilliant time and meet lots of fabulous bloggers. Wish I could be there!
  3. Paul Butler says:
    Natalie, That is why you are such a wonderful mother. I feel you. This is the very reason why all parents have to take time for themselves.
  4. Hope you have a wonderfully fun time Natalie!
  5. As soon as I found out you and Gigi were going to be at this conference, I checked to see the price. I figured Utah is closer than San Diego, so the plane fare would be cheaper. No luck though. Waiting list AND $400 conference fee because I'm too last minute. I swear one day I will meet you ladies!
  6. You guys are going to have so much fun! (She says, wishing she could go and meet you there). Enjoy! Can't wait to keep up on Twitter!
  7. Tim@sogeshirts says:
    I hope you and Gigi have a wonderful time at the Evo conference. I'm sure lots of wonderful ladies will want to share what it is to be a clever girl, the chance for an ipad 2 doesn't hurt either.
  8. I recently signed my contract with Clever Girls and will be seeing you at EVO.
  9. You and Gigi are going to be fabulous!!!! Clever Girls is lucky to have you representing them!
  10. I wish I could go to the conference!!!! I have to work and get ready to go on vacation to Cape May, NJ! Have lots of fun and wish I could be there. I found your blog recently and I thought it was funny that your twins are the ones referred to as your monsters. I call my twin boys "my monsters" and our daughter is a princess.
  11. Sounds fun, I'm sure you will have a great time. I will just live through your stories. :)
  12. Sounds amazing! Congratulations and have a fantastic time!
  13. I have every faith in the world that the #CleverDuo is going to take Utah by storm. Have a blast!


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