The Brazil Butt Lift Workout: Three Weeks Down, 1 More To Go!

Let me just say that I have NEVER stuck to a exercise/diet program for an entire month. Ever. So to know that I have committed – and actually followed through – with the Brazil Butt Lift for a month really says something about the program!

I’m still having fun, I’m still enjoying the workouts, and I’m still sore…AFTER FOUR WEEKS! Because I’m really pushing myself because I want my body to look different.

I have only missed one day of working out according to the plan. It was on Monday, and we were getting new carpet installed upstairs. My excuse is that I didn’t have anywhere to do it (I won’t do it anywhere Jason might potentially see me.) As I’ve said before, these workouts require coordination and rhythm that I do not possess. The last thing I need is someone laughing at me! Not that he would, but still, why run the risk?

Anyways, I could have done it on Monday night, but after moving furniture in and out of bedrooms all day, I figured I got some good cardio in. That has to count for something.

Yep, I am still cheating when it comes to food and booze. BUT…I am doing the cheating in moderation. So instead of eating an entire bag of potato chips, I have a handful. Instead of eating the entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s, I savor a few spoonfuls.

And the inches continue to come off – I’m more than satisfied with these results because it has been a definite challenge, but a fun one that I haven’t minded doing and making part of my routine. On Tuesday, I was tired from that damn bird that has been keeping me up at night, but I made myself do the workouts and felt 100 times better after doing it.

So here are the results so far:

Over 8 inches lost in just 3 weeks (well, 3 weeks of the program plus a week of the Supermodel Slim Down)! And almost 6 pounds…just imagine how good I’d be doing if I wasn’t cheating!

Next week is the big Before & After pictures reveal…stay tuned!


  1. Awesome job! I bet your pic are way sexier than the french maid holding your site while it was jacked! Poppy recently posted..Boozed and Infused: An InvitationMy Profile
  2. You are a ROCK STAR. And the blog...lovin' it. I seriously want a makeover.
  3. That is awesome! Denise recently posted..Time Moves Pretty FastMy Profile
  4. Way to go! OMG, I really need to try this!!! Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: This Is My HomeMy Profile
  5. So, wait. If I push myself to work out, like really work out, I can still have chips and booze. I might be willing to give something like this a shot! Seriously, though. Good for you. I find I have a one week attention span for working out, which isn't very effective. Krista recently posted..TonightMy Profile


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