The Brazil Butt Lift: Does It Really Work?

Results of The Brazil Butt Lift after one month. Includes measurements and before and after pictures. Includes week-to-week results as well as final results.

Everybody wants to know: Does the Brazil Butt Lift really work? Just a month ago, I made a promise to myself to lose weight. It hasn’t been easy and I’m still not sure how long I will stick to it, but I promised I would try it for a month, and I did it! I’ve really got to give a huge thanks to my new favorite workout, the Brazil Butt Lift.

I also promised that after one month, I’d post before and after pictures (gulp), and now it’s time to do it. I’ve also posted my weight and measurements every week since I started.

During the first week, I lost 4 inches and almost five pounds…I’m pretty sure most of it was bloating, water weight, and my belly was just going back to it’s normal-not-over-extended size.

The second week I lost a few more inches, but no more weight. I think then is when I decided that cheating was going to have to happen for me to succeed this month long adventure and so I started eating and drinking in moderation.

Then during the third week, I lost another pound and a couple of inches. I was feeling good and still very much enjoying the workouts. It has now become habit and is just part of my routine. I look forward to the burn.

So far I have learned that eating and drinking isn’t worth all the extra work that it takes to get rid of the fat and calories. And while I did and will continue to cheat and eat and drink things I know wouldn’t be included in a “clean eating” menu, one thing I won’t cheat myself out of is working out. I enjoy it. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I need it for my sanity and for my overall self happiness. I know that now.

But you all want to see the pictures, don’t you? You want to know if the Brazil Butt Lift infomercial is real – if a bum like that can be obtained. I still cannot believe I’m posting these. Let me first say that my body is nowhere near where I want it to be. There have been some significant improvements in how my body looks, but what has been even more important to me is how my body feels and how I feel overall. I’m taking care of myself more, being more mindful of what I’m putting into my body, and setting a good example for my kids.

Does The Brazil Butt Lift Work?

So here they are…please don’t pay attention to my uneven tan lines, sunburn in the after pics, or all the bruises. Even though I’m treating my body better, I still am bruising like a peach anytime I bump up against anything.







And final measurements… brazil_butt_lift_before_and_after

Weight loss? I wish it was more. But it’s my fault for cheating so much! And like Jason keeps telling me, muscle weighs more than fat. But honestly, if I don’t lose another pound but keep losing inches I will be ecstatically happy!

And please don’t get me wrong, I swear I’m not an idiot. I knew when I started the Brazil Butt Lift that I would never look like this in just a month:


Let’s be honest: that girl lives and breathes health, taking care of her body, and eating right…not to mention she’s probably in her early 20s and has never had kids.

I wasn’t expecting miracles in a month, but I am extremely happy with the results. My muscles feel tighter and more toned, my stomach is getting some definition, and the cellulite is starting to be less noticeable. I am happy enough with these results that I’m going to stick to it for another month! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

I am doing more now than just the Butt Lift. I have been walking three times a week with my mom (with both live in hilly neighborhoods so it’s more than just walking, it feels like a workout!) and I have started to do some yoga (though to be honest, the Brazil Butt Lift uses many of the exact same moves). I might whip out some of the other exercise DVDs I have just for variety, but I really REALLY love the Brazil Butt Lift High and Tight and Sculpt workouts. Those I will stick with for sure!

If you are trying to get back into shape, head over to Pinterest and follow my Getting My Sexy Back board for motivation, tips, exercises and more!

Are you trying to get back in shape? I know a lot of you are…how is it going for you?



  1. You look GREAT!! You can see the difference in your waist and behind. Great job!!
  2. Irene took my first sentence: you look GREAT! I want to do something at home but man, I cannot motivate myself. It's suckful. I know I need to work out to feel better but it's so hard to do when it's just you and the kid. Keep up the good work! And, I hear you about bruising. I swear half the time I feel like I have to explain it to people so they don't think I'm being abused ;-). Sili recently posted..It’s My SITS Day!My Profile
  3. So awesome! Sounds like you have discovered how to keep your sanity and get healthy. Such an inspiration. Denise recently posted..Proud to be working with The SITS GirlsMy Profile
  4. First of all - Holy Cow are you brave! Seriously you are my new hero. Second of all you all look great - definitely can notice the differences. I am determined to stick with my 4x a week 5am runs. Sometimes it is so hard, though!!!
  5. Wow, go you. Love that you've found something you like and are sticking to it and you are so brave for posting pics, I could never do it. You look amazing. Jessica recently posted..Running AheadMy Profile
  6. Keep up the hard work! Ali recently posted..WTF Wednesday - The "She Could Have Just Said Toothpaste" EditionMy Profile
  7. What a great inspiration.. I just hope a lot of people get motivation from this post.. Thank you for the help here! Jenny recently posted..Language LearningMy Profile
  8. Agree with the sentiments above. You look GREAT! And so brave and inspiring to share your journey with us all. :) Cindi recently posted..Happy Mother's Day!My Profile
  9. You look awesome! I do boot camp style workouts 2x/week and am now trying to run 2x/week. My diet remains the same. But because of the exercise I'm starting to see improvements . . . slowly but surely. Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Memories Captured.My Profile
  10. Good for you! You look fantastic and you are taking care of yourself, which is the most important thing! Also oh my goodness I might have to get that tape! Brittany recently posted..DIY Pottery Barn Store-It Corner UnitMy Profile
  11. You look GREAT Natalie! And I'm so glad you found something you actually like doing :) That makes it a little easier to stick with it! angela recently posted..Goodnight Sweetheart, GoodnightMy Profile
  12. That's fantastic!! It's amazing how fast you get results in a month...I could believe my P90X Day 0 & Day 30 pictures. Just think if you made this much improvement in one month, what will it be like in 2 months?? And you can just keep on going! Congrats on your success! Samantha recently posted..You Have Stolen My Heart...My Profile
  13. You should be very proud of yourself. I am! And bravo for posing in your bikini! Tonya recently posted..This Is MotherhoodMy Profile
  14. Girl, I love ya. You look like you're standing taller, your boobs look higher, your tummy tighter, your butt is definitely lifted. You are a ROCK STAR! And yes, I AM checking you out. I had the fun discovery of belly fat for the first time after I stopped nursing The Dude. It just added to the insult of my completely deflated boobs. So I'm up for the challenge of getting back into shape, getting toned and yes, returning to the sanity I have when I've got a regular workout. Those endorphins are addictive! I'm doing squats, curls, overhead press and whatever other exercises I can do at my desk while on hold or between projects. And running. sweet running.
  15. You look fab! I can't believe the difference. Where do I get this workout? I'm desperate, and it's clear that getting time to go to the gym isn't going to happen. gigi recently posted..DecisionmakingMy Profile
  16. I have to say, in the blogging world right now, this series you are doing with your Brazillian Butt Lift and your weight loss goals are my favourite! I am so proud of you for doing this, for writing about it, and for posting pictures! So many people will be motivated by your success, and success it is, because it is a significant loss. You look gorgeous! So proud...I already said that, right? Well, I mean it! I look forward to more of these posts. Sandra recently posted..A lesson learned…My Profile
  17. You forgot one thing about the girl in that picture: Photoshop is her best friend. I'm sure of this. You look terrific! Definitely seeing a difference. Great job! Mrs. Jen B recently posted..Attitude of GratitudeMy Profile
    • Me, just me says:
      hi, I've to agree and disagree too. I have a friend (2 kids) and she has a butt lie that girl in the video. It takes hard work. There's no such thing as lying down and eating without exercise to get that body. Photoshop helps those who lack in definition, it's wrong, but that body is achievable. Cut the carbs, increase protein intake, cardio, strength, and the willingness to be a better version of yourself and a healthier one is what it takes
      • I totally agree! But I am happy just looking better and feeling healthy....the rest is too much work (just kidding of course!) I just started the program again and hope to see even more results since I'm going to give it 60 days instead of 30...and I might actually stick to it since I now know how fast the results will disappear if I don't.
  18. You are my hero - I am still showering in the dark ;) By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..Content Brew, more fun than meds!My Profile
  19. Dude. I still can't believe how brave you are. Seriously. And I love that you're inspiring everyone. With your honesty, your pictures, your hot camo bikini. (Which I am coveting, by the way. Someone needs to swimsuit shop...and by someone I mean me.) Anyway, you go, lady. You and your lifted butt. Cheers! julie gardner recently posted..Then and NowMy Profile
  20. You look fabulous! Keep up the great work! I have been exercising at Fitness Together for a few months and it's working, slowly, but it's working. Slowly because of meds I'm on which inhibit weight loss and because I am not dieting. But I feel better mentally, too, that's for sure! Congrats on your accomplishment!!! JD @ Honest Mom recently posted..“Mommy, I’m Sad and I Don’t Know Why”My Profile
  21. I think we really need this.. As we grow old, we gain weight and I think we should start making a move to lose weight and stay healthy.. Gisele recently posted..Relieving GoutMy Profile
  22. I don't see any balls in that bikini, but damn girl, yours are steel! Good for you! Exercise makes such a difference, you totally look tighter :) I wish I could get my act together with the food. Ok, the drink :) Poppy recently posted..It’s A Real PisserMy Profile
  23. You go Natalie! Your bravery and dedication is an inspiration. Which I could boast both in my "Mommy Body Transformation Project" but ... I have however come to enjoy exercise, too. Keep up the good work!!! Kelly recently posted..Guest post: I ate my points in chocolateMy Profile
  24. Nat - I think you look amazing in both pictures. Truly. But getting more fit, and you feel good? That's more important - go you! I haven't been able to be very active at all. Long hours at work, my lunch time (if I get one) is running errands. Nights, can't go anywhere w/ Mr. Kiss gone. It's been a rough 9ish months. He'll be home soon, though, and I'll be back to my nightly walking and hopefully better sleep, too. Again - you look awesome, way to go girl! MommaKiss recently posted..Just a Mom?My Profile
  25. Mrs. Wonder says:
    You look great! I am horrible at working out o dvds... Mrs. Wonder recently posted..Mother’s Day started a little lateMy Profile
  26. Woo HOO! You look fabulous. Good job on sticking with it. I'm seriously impressed and now I'm more motivated. You did AWESOME and I can see a real difference. I have to say though, the only way my butt will ever look like that chick's butt on the cover is with the use of a heavy duty forklift and some industrial strength duct tape. Haha! Delilah recently posted..Sponsor Spotlight: MayMy Profile
  27. Congratulations!! You look great! Keep up the hard work and soon enough you will be exactly where you want to be. Jackie recently posted..Wordful Wednesday ~ Where has the time gone?My Profile
  28. Natalie! You are gorgeous, with or without losing pounds and inches, but the confidence and enthusiasm in this post is really fantastic, and for me the really inspiring part of it. And you totally can tell you've been working out in all the "after" shots. Totally. Well done, woman. Cameron recently posted..DriftwoodMy Profile
  29. wow! That is fascinating and so brave! the waist reduction is huge! Very cool. Elizabeth Newlin recently posted..BlogHer12: Is it possible to die of anxiety?My Profile
  30. Jessica says:
    You look great! It is so awesome to see someone who has had real results from this workout and who has had kids! I just bought it so I hope my results are as great as yours! Keep up the good work!
  31. If anyone is interested they can enhance their results with Visalus. This product melts the pounds and inches away and it also tastes like cake!!! There is so much variety. I am getting started with the Brazilian but lift DVDS to enhance results that I have already achieved. Getting healthy and fit is just an over all good feeling. In 2.5 months I lost 29 pounds and many inches. Unfortunately I didn't keep good track of the inches but on my website you can see the results with my before and after photo.. The transformation is amazing!!!
  32. Tiffany says:
    Not sure how old this is but GREAT WORK!!I i just order my bbl today hope i don't loose my booty but make it more fuller rounder lifted and pooking out
  33. Shoshanna says:
    Those are fantastic first month look fantastic!
  34. Great review! my friend is wanting to try this so bad--I'll tell her that you like(d) it :) @noel_rocs recently posted..Favorite: Llama Llama Red Pajama App in iTunesMy Profile
  35. Jelly23 says:
    First let me tell you thank you for sharing, you are extremely brave and everyone here is very prou of you. Now let me just tell you, you look great in just 1 month my goodness. I just purchase the bbl will start as hopefully by next wk. You have seriously are an motivation, keep at it!!
  36. Great job! I love how you were able to get it into your morning routine. That's what I'm doing (or trying to do) with my gym routine. My 4 year old loves the kids club so it's her social time while I get my exercise in. I have 2 kids (ages 10 and 4) and my body has not been the same since! Good luck and keep it up! Thanks for sharing. :-) MaryAnne recently posted..Preparing for the road trip. Lists & kisses. #HerhighwayMy Profile
  37. Good for you! Thanks for look great! Keep it up!!!
  38. Great Job hone, you have some great tips on here. I used to try this Brazilian butt lift too, but now what I do is just throw on a Booty Wow underneath my clothing and it lifts and make my buttocks twice the size. This thing is amazing, I have actually started wearing it now while doing the Brazilian butt lift exercises. Booty wow is great for someone who just needs a quick fix back there instantly, but overtime it makes a huge difference with and without out it on.
  39. You look great!! If you want to shed a few lbs try Insanity its awesome. I am going to start Brazilian Butt and use it in conjunction with Insanity-cause I LOVE it!
  40. I think you looked fantastic in your before pictures too!!!
  41. I have seen this info commercial so many times and wanted to order it. Apparently it really does work. I just haven't wanted to spend the money. Keep up the hard work Natalie!
  42. you look amazing!!!!!! I'm on week 3 of the flat program since I'm flat :/ and I'm slowly seeing results. And I'm even more excited after seeing your results!!! Much respect and encouragement!!! Keep it up, u look gorgeous! I hope I will too! :-)
  43. I've had my BBL DVD's for about a year and I would start them and find a reason to quit. I then would start them and the universe would give me a reason to quit (hurt my ankle extremely bad and then got ill with the flu). I've healed and Monday I have got back to my work outs. I'm on day 5 of the Brazil Butt Lift and I am so determined to finish! Seeing your before and after pictures helps me look forward to the final workout day! Thanks for posting!!! P.S. I've started eating "clean food" about 2 weeks ago and love it! I can tell how much better I feel all over already!!! Nikki Da Lovely recently posted..Kitchen project hasn't advanced and I'm working outMy Profile
  44. You look great! Those are awesome results for a month and for not totally depriving yourself. I find clean eating all the time to be difficult but I try to do do between 85-90% of the time. But I have noticed that a lot of the foods and drinks I used to love aren't so loved by my body anymore. Anyway, keep up with the good work along your journey, and thank you for sharing!
  45. I definitely see a difference!! You go girl! I don't usually do this, but I have to leave you this link. This is how my Brazil Butt Lift went. (not as brave to share pics, but then again there wasn't much to share-LOL) Adrienne recently posted..Featured Blogger-JDaniel4′s MomMy Profile
  46. this exercise did some work for your stomach, but the real improvement was the upper thigh and butt. It really performs it's uses(butt exercises).
  47. Kimberly says:
    Thank you very much for this reveiw! I am going to place an order. Keep up the good work, I can see the difference!
  48. Brazilian butt lifts are really becoming a very popular procedure these days. Definitely incorporate different workout routines specific to increasing and lifting this area of the body as that wont hurt, but sometimes to get the true look you are trying to achieve cannot be done with exercise alone. You can check out my site for more information and photos. Leonard Grossman recently posted..Chin and Nose Surgery Produces ResultsMy Profile
  49. Awesome! Just got my BBL yesterday and after just taking a peek at the first dvd I was sweating buckets and then googled BL before and afters for some motivation. Nice to get an idea of what's in store for me. Thank you! You're looking good! Will you do a 60 day picture?
  50. Just realized how old this post is so my 60 day request would be long gone. Whoops!
  51. Congrats on jumping in and doing any workout at all. It doesn't matter if you do BBL or Tae-Bo...or Jazzercise for that matter (THeyre all just marketing hype)...the point is that you took the first steps and stuck with it. I get prospective clients coming to me all the time telling me they did this and that....bottom line...if you want to see results, stop being scared and lift some weight. Heavy metal. You won't look like a bodybuilder, but you will "tone and sculpt" (as people are so fond of saying) your muscles and youll see amazing results. So, for your next round, skip the Brazilian butt lift marketing crap and just go to a gym and do some heavy squats and lunges. Your body will shape me. I do this for my clients all the time. Never fails. Best of luck to you. NYC Personal Trainer recently posted..Hello world!My Profile
  52. Jessica says:
    Just happened to see this post and wanted to offer you kind words - you go girl! After one month that is pretty fantastic and it will only get better!! In regards to the weight loss - Just a comment from my own eating lifestyle - I am vegan, and while I do not assume that you would be willing to go that direction I will tell you it completely changes your body and eliminated a lot of the excess weight I carried around for years. Also, I stopped drinking alcohol almost 2 years ago (sheesh time flies!) now and I immediately dropped 10 lbs of excess weight just from cutting out the booze (and I didn't drink THAT much)! I would recommend checking out: Sending you positive energy from afar!!!
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  57. i started insanity a few days ago but i think of stopping it and start brazilian butt lift as i have a pear shape but i still confused as i have 10 kilo to lose and i am worried that butt left won't make me lose weight as insanity but i want to get rid of my pear shape so what do u recommend for me
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